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Women’s Fashion & Apparel Brand – High Repeat Orders – Massive Social Presence – 6 Years in Business


Website Closers® presents a leading eCommerce retailer of women’s fashion and apparel items. Having created a stylish, sporty clothing and accessories line, this target has leveraged an expansive social media presence that has helped propel its success through the years. The company is currently based in Dallas but can be operated from anywhere. The married co-founders that built this business have truly capitalized on the power of social media and they’ve generated a massive following with over 485,000 Facebook followers, 229,000 Instagram followers, and over 270,000 opt-in email subscribers.

By leveraging their incredibly dedicated following, and a strategic SEM approach focused on targeting American women, this acquisition has seen solid profit margins and holds great potential for launching new product offerings.

With a library of thousands of design options, this business has nearly 400 active designs available on their website and is the perfect buy for a prospective purchaser that desires an established presence and brand. With only a fraction of their existing products currently available on their site, the existing ownership has thousands of additional designs in their product library that are anxiously waiting to hit the shelves.

The majority of the designs were created in-house by the owner, with a few hundred having been purchased from a graphic designer overseas. With a library of high-quality designs, and some historical top-sellers in retirement, it’s hard to imagine why the current ownership wouldn’t be actively using them all, however, with its limited manpower and space, along with a batch-order inventory model, the company is constrained to about 400 SKUs at any given time.

To increase revenue, new ownership could easily make a small additional investment in working capital and revitalize the existing product offering by launching the full library by modernizing from batch-orders to on-demand manufacturing. The existing library, worth over $40,000, presents a unique opportunity for instant profit potential and could save new ownership from investing thousands of hours in creative work.

Additionally, this asset could aid an interested buyer, without graphic design experience, in directing the brand to fit their own personalized tastes. If the existing designs aren’t to the new owner’s liking, there is an overseas resource available to take the product line in a new direction or a US-based designer could easily be brought on to provide creative support.

Closing out 2020 with $4.96 million in gross sales, the company saw actual earnings of nearly $2 million. In fact, the business saw so much success last year that their 2019-2020 YOY sales growth was an astounding 372%. Ownership has attributed much of this success to the implementation of Octane AI, a Facebook Messenger app, which led to such a significant rise in revenue.  Additionally, the company also added their dedicated customers to a SMS text message platform, employed email marketing campaigns, and utilized push notifications to further engage product purchasers.

Uniquely, this acquisition also saw increased revenue throughout the pandemic, specifically in April and May of 2020, with the launch of their specialty designer masks. In an effort to maintain complete transparency, current ownership has not included that unusual surge in the overall value of the target. As a result, the valuation is based on TTM earnings forecasted through July 2021 to account for the removal of profits generated in the outlying months of April and May 2020. However, the influx of mask purchasers did bring in a significant number of new customers which have been added to the company’s overall database and a number of those customers have returned as repeat buyers.

 The company has seen steady growth as is, yet many opportunities remain for further profit acquisition. By working through expanded selling channels, engaging in paid advertising, activating SEO, and developing influencer relationships, new ownership could see an even larger return on their investment. Currently, this business’ product offering is only available through their in-house website so moving into the Amazon space or partnering with a large retailer like Target, could easily make this offering even more lucrative.

With such an expansive product collection, the company could also easily Segway into wholesale distribution. The current owners are open to staying on-board in some capacity for a period of time after the sale to ensure that this brand becomes a fully-fledged enterprise-level fashion business and as such, a prospective buyer would not only be purchasing the existing business but also the skills and expertise of the founders.

Perfectly poised in both the fashion and sports lifestyle verticals, this company offers a loyal following, a high repeat customer rate, and a high-margin product to a niche demographic. Having built this business from the ground up, the owners recognize that it’s time to pass this lucrative company to someone with the skill set and bench depth to take it to the end zone. The ball is in your court, don’t let this perfect opportunity pass you by!

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Asking Price
$ 2,800,000
Cash Flow
$ 651,121
Gross Income
$ 2,151,401
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