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Most people trudge through their day – the usual 9 – 5 with minimal passion, and minimal excitement. We all know that to live, we have to make money, and so it feels like sometimes, our jobs keep us prisoner. If you’re feeling the workday blues, maybe it’s time to ask yourself some important questions. Many of us have passions and goals that we’d like to accomplish in our lifetime. Whether they involve traveling the world, owning a yacht, helping the needy, or earning a degree, regardless of the goal, you must first ask yourself some questions if you are feeling “stuck.”

1)      “Where am I right now?”

Are you where you want to be? Are you living up to your fullest potential? This isn’t a one-time question; you should be asking it of yourself on a continual basis, to make sure that your goals are still in site. So many people become complacent and even comfortable with their current conditions that they lose sight of what they believe will really make them happy – or a pre-determined goal. Don’t let this happen to you. Be honest with yourself about where you are falling short.

2)      “Where is it that I want to be?”

This is where your goals come into play. And, this question can have many different answers based on whether you are talking about your personal life, your professional life, your academic life, etc. Are you as healthy as you’d like to be? Ask yourself these questions which will lead you right into question number three.

3)      “What do I have to do to get there?

This is the action question. It requires a great deal of work, passion, and even possible, hardship. But goals are goals for a reason, they’re not meant to come easy. Whether it is changing careers, going back to school, starting a family, etc., figuring out what your life goals are, and then how you will accomplish them just might be the most important thing you do today – and into the future.

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Productivity isn’t something we are born with – it isn’t necessarily genetic, and sometimes, it’s not even something we can learn. Being productive, for most of us is an uphill battle every single day, and it’s one that can, in fact, get easier if we put a little brain power behind it. The key though (like with everything) is to be consistent. You aren’t going to turn from a somewhat sluggish, semi-productive individual to an outstandingly productive person overnight. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will be your productive mind. The problem with being productive is that we tend to tell ourselves that we can be more productive than is actually true. Our morning brain screams at us to be productive, and at the end of the day, if we haven’t accomplished that, we feel stressed and actually become less productive on day two. Remember these tips:

1)      You have two brains. No, you’re not living in a Steve Martin movie! Your brain plays tricks on you every day. It takes into account your past and your beliefs, and tells you things that aren’t necessarily true. The trick to being productive is to stop listening to the part of your brain that is trying to tricking you into believing you can accomplish more than is humanly possible. Pick three things you truly know you can accomplish that day and be happy with it. Otherwise, if you fail at accomplishing everything you thought you could, you run the risk of feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and grossly unproductive.

2)      Say no once in a while. We are all; most of us anyway, people pleasers. We hesitate saying no to colleagues and associates because we fear that we will either disappoint them or look incompetent. If you truly know that you cannot bring one more thing onto your plate, learn to say no. It will actually make you more productive and less stressed.

3)      Schedule time for distractions. Life is filled with them! Instead of rigidly scheduling your day with work, carve out room for various medical appointments, possible emergencies with parents or children, and even unexpected meetings. When you feel less stressed, you will be more productive.

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The commute, the long hours, feeling underappreciated and underpaid, all take their toll on the average American employee. You’re at your workplace for over 40 hours a week, which is a huge hunk of time, so why not take the steps to turn your attitude around?

First, Why Are People So Unhappy at Their Job?

The main reasons why people tend to be unhappy with their job is because they feel a lack of opportunity in moving forward and advancing their status and career, they also feel that the employer bogs them down with inflexible, long working hours that they cannot escape, and they feel that they are grossly underpaid. Commute time, on average, is 60-90 minutes in the United States, which lends to anxiety, depression, and feeling unfulfilled.

So, How Can you Choose to Be Happier at Work?

1)      Ask for a raise! If you truly deserve a raise, figure out before asking for one, what your worth is in the industry, and what you have accomplished for the company over the past six months.

2)      Increase productivity! Feeling overwhelmed is a big reason why people feel unhappy in their job. Figure out how you can cut down on the amount of time it takes to do certain tasks, so you have more breathing room.

3)      Figure out precise workplace expectations. Do you have a written list of your job role responsibilities? If not, ask for one. You might find you are doing more than what your job requires (if this is so, that will lend nicely toward your pitch for a pay raise), and it will also give you a great starting point to talk with your boss about how you can move forward within the company.

4)      Use your commute time wisely. An hour to an hour and a half is a long time. Don’t waste it! Use the ride in to work to gather your thoughts about the upcoming day, and manage your priorities. If there’s extra time, use it to connect with family and friends. On the way back, unwind from work, and reflect on good things that happened over the course of the day.

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Being successful in business doesn’t just mean working hard and being innovative, it’s also about successfully and personably interacting with the people who are working right along beside you. Lousy leadership means lower profits because employees are not inspired, and are often easily swayed to the competition. When you show great leadership skills, you have the attention and the adoration of your employees, as well as the envy of your competitors.

1)      Don’t ever doubt yourself. Being an entrepreneur is not for the meek, in fact, it’s something like being the proverbial lion in the jungle. Don’t ever give up on your idea, or yourself, and your employees and friends will always look at you as a positive leader.

2)      Find the best people you can find. When it comes to fulfilling your own dream, you need to put the best players in place and work hard to keep their loyalty.

3)      Be okay with failure. Although it might seem like your enemy, failure can be your friend in that has invaluable lessons for you to learn for future success.

4)      Don’t bite off… yes, more than you can chew. Although you’d like to rule the world, start with a small niche where you can be a big fish in a little pond.

5)      Let go of those who bring you down. There are bound to be people along the way that don’t hold up to your vision of excellence. Cut them loose before they drag you, and your vision down.

6)      Stay humble. Again, ruling the world (so to speak) can turn a reasonable entrepreneur into a greedy one. Don’t let this happen to you. Be mindful of how you share in the profits.

7)      Stay positive. The entrepreneurial path is loaded with bumps, cracks, and other obstacles. Knowing this, and circumventing, hurdling, or crafting your own way around them will keep the end game in sight.

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Everyone has heard that when you think positively, good things follow. Being optimistic is supposed to get us through the day, confident that “things will work out in the long run.” And there is a truth behind it all in some ways – positivity does lower blood pressure and it enhances mood. But, will it propel you to success? Likely not and here’s why.

Having blind faith that everything will turn out right (positive thinking) is overlooking the hard work that needs to be done to succeed. Are you starting a new business? Writing a book? Hoping to change careers? Positive thinking that it will just magically happen will – guess what – create a sense of complacency that leads to failure.

By fantasizing about our success, we lower our drive to achieve it because on some level, we already have. Even if it’s fantasy, our brains believe the success is there. It lowers the energy necessary to accomplish the dream itself.

Is there a better way to incorporate positive thinking into your life? There sure is, and, when used correctly, it can also help you achieve your goals.

  • Dream about it. What are your dreams for the future? What do you want to accomplish? What’s your definition of success?
  • The outcome. This is where you use your positive energy to imagine how it will feel when you attain your goal. You’re making lots of money, you’re on your yacht, you’re taking that dream vacation – envision the outcome of your success.
  • Identify the obstacles. Now you put in the dirty work – identify what obstacles are in your way of creating your success.
  • Plan. Once the obstacles have been identified, create a plan on how to overcome them.

This process allows for positive thinking (which is beneficial for the brain and the body) but it also mixes it with a bit of realism so that you can actually take the steps necessary to achieve your goals.

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Success is available to every single one of us. It’s there for the taking; we just have to know how to go about obtaining it. There are many obstacles to success, and one of the worst is procrastination. The most motivated individual in the world might be zapped of that motivation by debilitating chronic procrastination. Luckily, there are ways to overcome procrastination, to ward it off in a sense, just like you might take steps to ward off a cold.

1)      What’s the one thing you are dreading doing? Every day we wake up thinking about the one thing we definitely do not want to do that day. It consumes us and most people tend to put it off and put it off – pretending it even exists – and then before you know it the entire day is wasted trying to wish that one task away. Whatever that task is – do it immediately. Get it done right away and it will clear the board for all of the other (less dreadful) things you need to get done that day.

2)      Aside from the one most dreaded task, prioritize your list of tasks by how they will affect your life if they go undone. This might include scheduling a dentist’s appointment for a painful tooth, or paying the utility bill so your lights and heat don’t get turned off. These are of dire consequence to your overall health and well being, and should be priorities for the day.

3)      Finally, procrastinators have a “way” of thinking that keeps them from moving forward. Our brains rely on our thoughts to produce actions. If we are constantly telling ourselves that we don’t want to do something, that belief becomes stronger and stronger. However, if we simply say to ourselves, “Do it now.” Over and over again – when we don’t want to do something, it’ll change our way of thinking, and before you know it – those tasks that seem hard today will get easier and easier to accomplish, putting you on a path to success!

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Want to know one of the most powerful forces in your life? Your habits. Whether they are good or bad habits, they are borne of deep-seated beliefs and repetitive behavior and they shape who we are today. It’s been estimated that nearly half of everything we do every day is out of habit. Changing bad habits into good is as hard as it seems, it’s basically rewiring the brain to adjust to a “new” habit.

There are many habits that we can adopt that will shape our lives for the better. Following certain habits can lead to more financial security, and even an increase in overall health and quality of life. Consider incorporating some (or all) of the following habits into your life:

1)      Practice gratitude. People take many things for granted. It’s stopping to be grateful for those things that propels us toward a deeper life meaning, and being happier with who we are, our family and friends, and the world around us.

2)      Eat healthy at breakfast time. Think about what “breakfast” really means – you’re breaking the fast, so eating healthy at breakfast not only gives you energy, it’s also crucial to your productiveness throughout the day.

3)      Practice good time management. Have you ever been lazy and whiled away the day watching television and thought – wow, so much time has passed! It’s okay to veg out every now and again, but for the most part, effective time management means wringing the most out of everyday for both financial and mental health.

4)      Save your money, and invest. Most Americans have less than a grand in their bank account. Most emergencies will cost much more than that – start saving today, and every day, even if it’s small because before long you’ll realize you’ve amassed a good nest egg.

5)      Volunteer and contribute. It sounds strange if you don’t have the money to do it, but if you volunteer your time and contribute toward your favorite cause, you’ll feel better because you realize that it’s not all about the money, it’s about helping others, which is invaluable.

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Creative types and entrepreneurs have these moments often – they’re sitting in a meeting, or they’re on their way to work and they think, “If only I could be my own boss. I’d do things so much differently. I’d be so enthusiastic and pumped up in the morning.” And guess what, you can be. Even though many of these thoughts might revolve around the idea of starting your very own business, there are other ways you can start sooner and still be your own boss. After all, starting your own business takes time, effort, energy, money, research – and let’s face it, some of us are much too burned out to wait.

Buy a Franchise.

Yes, the idea of buying a franchise drums up the idea of investing a lot of money. And, most franchises can cost anywhere between tens of thousands to millions of dollars. However, there are some franchises that cost as little as $4,000, you just need to do the research and find out what interests you. Before you dive right into purchasing a franchise, it’s best to do some legwork first. You should read that particular company’s Franchise Disclosure Document, as well as talk with existing franchisees and talk with your own accountant and attorney.

Become a Consultant or a Freelancer.

There are many services that people need, and they don’t generally require a large company to acquire them. Are you interested in doing electrical work, plumbing, or maybe woodworking? You can earn a certificate or license (whatever is required within your state) and start your own business this way. Or (better yet) you may already hold these licenses. There is also a need for freelance writers, accountants, computer engineers, interior designers, etc.

When you follow your passion, it’s even easier to succeed. Be sure to look up all of the laws and regulations within your state and city so that you operate on a fully legal level.

Align with an Existing Brand.

There are many large, well-known brands out there that need representatives working for them. And what’s great about this is that you can generally be your own boss, work from home, and make your own hours. Think insurance agencies, real estate agencies, etc. You get trained on the product or service, and receive back end support and then take it from there. Your main goal will be to sell the product and to keep customers happy. It might take a few months up to a year before you’re able to start on your own, but it could be well worth it to you.

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In the past, people measured success by how well they raised their children, how kind they were to other people, and how hard they worked. These days, it seems more and more, that people are changing their measure of success to be how much money they make and how many “toys” they can buy. Before beginning any project, it’s important to know why you’re doing it, and where your own personal level of success lies. Financial success will come only after you’ve mastered these skills:

  1. Stabilize your emotions. That doesn’t mean become a robot, rather, get the stress in your life under control. Stress is the number one killer of dreams and people. Become emotionally healthy for future success.
  2. Make time for friends and family. They bring you joy, right? So carve some precious time out of your day to laugh with them, talk with them, and bond with them.
  3. Volunteer. This will help you feel grounded and you’ll remember what’s important in life.
  4. Exercise. Go ahead, make your day! Choose your activity – something you enjoy – and stick to it. Maybe grab a partner and double the fun.
  5. Learn to be resilient. Life is life; it’s filled with quirky ups and downs, and tragedy, as well as joys. Learn to ride through mentally prepared and strong, and you’ll be in a great mindset for being successful.
  6. Just say no to toxicity. You know who those people are. They drain the life out of you with their complaining and negativity. Don’t accept them into your life, surround yourself with people you respect and admire.
  7. Keep your eyes on the prize. When you set goals for yourself, it’s like a reminder as to why you slog through other parts of the day. Your goals should be within reach, but require a bit of effort. Don’t make them unrealistic; instead, know that when you reach them, you’ll feel an enormous sense of accomplishment.

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It turns out, you’re not just what you eat, you are your bad habits and your good habits combined. Unfortunately, bad habits seem to take over a little more easily than the good ones. And, do you know what those bad habits are? They might not be so obvious and they are likely diminishing your productivity. Good productivity means a higher quality of life and making more money. Who doesn’t want that?

Bad Habits You Should be Avoiding

  • Getting notified in a multitude of ways about the same item. Email comes in and ping, there goes your phone to notify you and ping, there goes your computer. Instead of jumping onto your phone or computer to see what email came in, create set times to look at emails. Once an hour, once every two – and your productivity will increase due to the limited notification distraction.
  • Don’t worry about the toxic people. Sometimes, it’s difficult to get someone’s negativity out of your brain. Something they said or did, and how it really irks you. When you spend valuable mental time and energy on these people, you are being less productive. Whenever you find yourself falling into this trap, instead, think of something you are grateful for in life.
  • Incessantly checking your phone. Especially if you are talking with someone else, commit to that conversation and forgot about all of the buzzing your phone is doing in your pocket. Resist the urge to check it because it will make the person you’re talking to feel less than appreciated.
  • Don’t use screens in bed. When you use your phone, laptop, or tablet in bed, you are exposing your brain to melatonin-halting blue light that keeps you from easily falling asleep. Keep the screens for the daytime when you want to be awake and productive. You’ll lose sleep over having screens in bed which will ultimately cause you to be less productive.

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