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Client Testimonials

We were referred to Ron and Jason at WebsiteClosers and told that when the time comes, they were the guys to use. They were right. We worked with them for a number of months until we were ready – they helped us prepare from start to finish until launch day. Once we went live, we found the right buyer and they helped through the entire process, from due diligence to the lending process and the Amazon transfer process … everything went smoothly. We highly recommend Ron and Jason.

Selin & Sanjan

This is my first time selling an online business so I didn’t know what to expect. In the beginning, I talked to 4 other online business brokers but didn’t feel comfortable proceeding with them. However, after talking to Oren from WebsiteClosers for the first time, I knew right way he was the one! He was honest, friendly and truly cared about my needs. Did I mention that Oren also priced my ecommerce business at highest price compared to other 4 brokers? We are all in this to make most amount of money. So of course I decided to work with Oren as he had all the components I was looking for in a broker.

Oren found me 6 interested buyers within 1.5 weeks. What set Oren apart from other brokers is that he really took care of me throughout the whole process. Due to his long experience in this business, he also has TONS of knowledge, even more so than my lawyer! Whoever I had questions or issues, I consulted with Oren firstly due to his knowledge so I really appreciated it. I would say I relied on Oren more than anybody during the selling of my ecommerce business.

Not to mention – Oren can be reached anytime anywhere. He usually replies to my emails within 5-10 minutes. And I can call him any time of the day and he will call me right back. Where can you find a broker like that?

In the end, I ended up selling my business successfully and plan on working with Oren again in the near future. We actually became really good friends, I trust him very much. I am confident that he is one of the best brokers out there and wouldn’t use anybody else.


Oren is one of the most responsive people I have worked with in the past thirteen years of practicing law.  The speed at which he responds to emails is very impressive.  The text of his emails may be short but they are always on topic and always responsive to the issue at hand.  Other than sleeping – and I am not sure when he does – Oren was always available.

I have now worked with Oren on three different asset buy/sell deals.  One of three deals could not have been any smoother and easier.  I cannot say the same of the other two deals.  One deal, in particular, took months of negotiations and the deal consistently looked like it would fall apart.  Oren worked tirelessly with the Buyer of the business to broker the deal and protect the interest of our client, the Seller.  He is extremely pragmatic and persuasive in brokering the deal. The most recent closing was particularly challenging.  We were dealing with an Israeli company with many points of contact.  Oren handled much of the continuing negotiation and saw the deal through to the end.  I think he was pretty confident that the deal would close.  The client and I were more skeptical about it.  Oren saw it through to the finish line.  It was impressive.

Oren no doubt represents his client first and foremost but he is very practical and works well with the other party and their representatives.  While it would be very easy for Oren to list a business and hope that the attorneys or parties figure out how to get the deal done, Oren marshals the deal through from start to finish.

Oren earns his commissions.  He is extremely detail oriented and follows up well as a deal is nearing closing.  He is utterly committed to seeing a deal through to the close.

Thank you Oren.  Well done.


Oren is a truly professional broker, he did all the hard work for both buyer and seller to close the deal in no time. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who wants get an online business deal professionally completed. I will let you know if I have any friends want to sell their digital company in the future


First of all I want to say that I truly enjoyed and trusted Oren and Website Closers with the sale of my website. The first minute that I Skype called with Oren, I knew that they would be the right fit. He was serious, professional and I could see he truly cared about getting the best price for me and making the selling process a breeze. He was on my side while remaining goal oriented: selling ASAP + getting the best price. I can say without hesitation that I am a very satisfied customer. It was totally worth it. Also, their evaluation was 66% higher than the ones I received from empireflippers.com (let’s not even talk about flippa…) so yes their commission was bigger but the selling price was also twice as high. If I was in your shoes, I wouldn’t hesitate one second to trust your baby (website) with the guys from Website Closers. Looking forward to sell my second website with you guys very soon!



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Client Testimonials

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