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    Amazon and eCommerce Retailer in Pipes and Pipe Tobacco Segments Asking Price$1,700,000 Cash Flow$365,000

    Featured here is a niche e-Commerce Internet retailer in the tobacco pipe, accessories and pipe tobacco category – one that makes for an excellent gift giving opportunity for just about any holiday or birthday for him. Thanks to social and ...

  • Sold
    Branded Amazon Target Shooting Supplies Retailer - Industry Leader Asking Price$1,200,000 Cash Flow$344,536

    This choice listing is a BRANDED and specialized target shooting consumables retailer offering a fully branded line of paper targets and adhesive target markup accessories to the domestic US market by way of a top ranked, 100% FBA 5-Star Amazon ...

  • Sold
    Unique, Branded Custom Engraved Wood Products eCommerce Company Asking Price$499 Cash Flow$220,000

    The target here is a trendy, eco-friendly consumer products eCommerce retailer with a FULLY BRANDED line selling across multiple categories and sales channels, including Amazon, Etsy and other marketplace websites. This amazing eCommerce company ...

  • Sold
    Natural & Organic Consumer Dry Goods eCommerce Company Asking Price$2,950,000 Cash Flow$722,809

    This amazing high growth Internet Company is a rare opportunity in the Natural and Organic Consumer Dry Goods and Products sector. This Internet Company is fully branded and scaling, with over 150 SKUs in a broad swath of categories, including Super ...

  • Sold
    Female Apparel e-Commerce Company – 2 Product Brands Asking Price$795,000 Cash Flow$333,857

    The target represents 2 strong consumer product brands in the Female Apparel category. This streamlined and highly-automated company is America\'s largest and most respected brand of luxury petticoats, tutus, petti-skirts, petti-pants, crinolines, ...

  • Sold
    Holistic Female Health Products & Literature Brand Asking Price$400,000 Cash Flow$129,000

    This business is a BRANDED digital membership-based, recurring revenue health platform providing education and information in the female holistic health and wellness sector. This provider offers 11 different products, user-specific, personalized ...

  • Sold
    Branded, Fair Trade e-Commerce Company - Animal Themed Gifts Asking Price$145,000 Cash Flow$50,691

    This is an opportunity to own a unique opportunity in the trending Fair Trade & Green eCommerce retail space that specializes in innovative apparel, jewelry, home décor and animal-themed, gift-able items as the inspiration and the theme of the ...

  • Sold
    FOREX News and Training Subscription eCommerce Business Asking Price$597,000 Cash Flow$103,920

    The target is an explosive growth company, creating $10,000+ USD per month in net profit at the end of its second year, and a ratio of $2.50 for every $1 of advertising spend with a high of $5:$1 in April 2017. This growing e-commerce subscription ...

  • Sold
    Scaling eCommerce Portfolio Retailer - Multiple Segments Asking Price$75,000 Cash Flow$26,297

    This is a growing portfolio eCommerce retailer, smartly diversified within the highly lucrative and always growing consumer impulse-buy accessories segment – everything from home goods in the kitchen all the way to mobile electronics fashion and ...

  • Sold
    Health News Media Company - 6 Million Online Visitors Monthly Asking Price$355,000 Cash Flow$161,822

    The target here is a rare and exceptional - true-to-form, turn-key, no-overhead monetized content delivery network that offers complete control while simultaneously eliminating the need for management of in-house resources, office space, and other ...

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We connect our Sale Side Clients with the right Buyers to ensure a quick sale and to maximize ...


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I want to thank Tom Howard.  Appreciate all the help with selling the site. Working with you and the leadership of Website Closers was a good experience. I’ll be sure to be in touch when I’m ready to sell another.
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