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    Branded Amazon eCommerce Company in the Pet Products Space Asking Price$50,000 Cash Flow$35,000

    For sale is a fully branded Amazon business in the dog training supplies segment, offering dog training products - bark collars and call training related items, sold 100% FBA with minimal time and overhead required. This 5-star, 100% positive ...

  • Sold
    International Partner Visa Services Niche-Segment Website Asking Price$108,000 Cash Flow$62,000

    Targeted here is a highly-focused and emergent e-commerce business in the unique and highly profitable overseas personal matchmaking/immigration niche. Currently built upon a geographically specific regional market in this segment, this company ...

  • Sold
    Organic Skin Care, Health & Beauty Internet Company - Amazon FBA Asking Price$395,000 Cash Flow$98,800

    This consumer product company is focused in the high growth, Organic Health & Beauty category. 99% of all products are sold via the Amazon platform, and all shipments are managed by Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA). The company\'s books and records are ...

  • Sold
    Massively Growing, Branded Vitamins & Supplements eCommerce Company Asking Price$14,700,000 Cash Flow$3,690,637

    This Internet Company is a one of a kind business operating in the Supplement space. Having established itself with a wide variety of SKUs, and primarily selling everything via Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA), this branded consumer product company ...

  • Sold
    Private Label Aromatherapy Oils eCommerce Company Asking Price$504,000 Cash Flow$210,000

    For sale is a fully FBA, 5-Star ranked Amazon & eCommerce retailer in the hugely trendy Aromatherapy Oils segment – based out of the UK and currently selling in and around the Eurozone, The company has built up both a solid and recognized brand ...

  • Sold
    Branded Product Line Internet Company in the Cigar Accessories Segment Asking Price$99,000 Cash Flow$38,000

    We are proud to present a truly unique e-Commerce business and 5-Star Rated Amazon Storefront in the growing online retail Cigar Accessories segment. This company has established itself as a growing player in this space, including by launching its ...

  • Sold
    10 Year Seasoned Internet Company in the Sports Card & Memorabilia Sector Asking Price$175,000 Cash Flow$92,300

    The target is a thriving eCommerce business in the sports collectibles and sports cards industry with two well-established, highly reviewed online storefronts. This Internet Company represents a fantastic value for a new owner looking to continue to ...

  • Sold
    #1 Amazon Leader in the Pet Product Sector - 200% YOY Growth Asking Price$1,100,000 Cash Flow$268,300

    The target is a fully branded, 200% Year-Over-Year growth, #1 Best-Selling Amazon and eCommerce Retailer in the highly viable, massive growth PET RETAIL AND GOODS segment – featuring a Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) fulfillment model, a valuable ...

  • Sold
    Mid-Market Amazon Company - Unique SKUs - Worldwide Sales Asking Price$15,000,000 Cash Flow$3,323,587

    The target is every entrepreneur’s dream – a High Growth, International Enterprise operating within the Middle Market and selling on multiple Amazon Marketplaces, worldwide. With 100% positive customer feedback in all of the 8 International ...

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We connect our Sale Side Clients with the right Buyers to ensure a quick sale and to maximize ...


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