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When selling your business you have 2 goals:

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We effectuate both.

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    Branded Vitamins & Supplement Amazon Company & Website Asking Price$895,000 Cash Flow$180,000

    This Amazon Company is a Fast Growth Internet Company with a core competency of manufacturing and supplying a proprietary blend of vitamins and supplements to multiple Internet Channels, including (primarily) Amazon.com as well as on its own ...

  • Sold
    5-Star Amazon eCommerce Retailer – Camping and Fitness Segments Asking Price$279,000 Cash Flow$93,000

    The 5-Star Amazon ranked acquisition in question is a young, branded, and rapidly growing internet company with a healthy revenue stream from core products in the camping and fitness sectors, as well as supplemental product lines in the household ...

  • Sold
    Organic Skincare eCommerce Company in the Baby Vertical Asking Price$2,100,000 Cash Flow$492,277

    The target is a 10-year established, BRANDED Amazon and eCommerce retailer operating in the rapidly growing Health & Beauty Categories, particularly the pre-natal and post-natal baby skincare vertical – offering a branded line of 100% organic and ...

  • Sold
    Leading, Branded 5-star Amazon Shooting Supplies Company Asking Price$1,200,000 Cash Flow$344,536

    This listing represents is a fully branded and differentiated target shooting consumables retailer offering a proprietary line of paper targets and adhesive target markup accessories to the domestic US market through its top ranked, 100% FBA 5-Star ...

  • Sold
    Innovative e-Commerce Business in the Online Personal Training Sector Asking Price$50,000 Cash Flow$25,000

    For sale is a thriving e-Commerce business in the nascent online personal training market - with technology constantly evolving, consumers in literally every market are eventually turning to online and digital mobile delivery options for anything ...

  • Sold
    Top-Ranked, Internet Women\'s Clothing Boutique Asking Price$85,000 Cash Flow$45,556

    For sale is an established, organically ranked eCommerce Internet Company in the fashionable FEMALE casual apparel segment, targeting mothers in specifically in that demographic. The company has been able to reap massive margins pursuant to its ...

  • Sold
    Amazon FBA Business in the Audio Accessories Segment Asking Price$250,000 Cash Flow$124,000

    The target is a fast-moving, privately-labeled & branded, 100% FBA opportunity in the world of broad-spectrum, low-ticket impulse purchases in the consumer electronics audio accessories segment – earplugs for high-end use by audio professionals ...

  • Sold
    Branded Home and Baby Goods Retailer, Amazon Best Seller Asking Price$2,200,000 Cash Flow$554,500

    For sale is a fully branded, 5-Star Amazon eCommerce business in the home goods, kitchen, and baby segments. With proven 33% year-over-year growth since inception and on-pace for 110% Month-over-Month growth for the past six months and continuing ...

  • Sold
    Highly Ranked Wordpress Plugin and Software Company Asking Price$265,000 Cash Flow$124,400

    For Sale is a leader in the WordPress plugin development and software segment, ranked #33 out of over 35,000 plugin developers in the WordPress universe. This software enables users to quickly and easily create stunning, full-featured and mobile ...

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We connect our Sale Side Clients with the right Buyers to ensure a quick sale and to maximize ...


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There is nothing easy about selling a business. We own dozens of E-Commerce sites and decided to create wealth by selling one of them. Our goal was a cash, or mostly cash, deal. Anything less was not of interest. We first listed with a Broker who did…
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