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When selling your business you have 2 goals:

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    Branded eCommerce Retailer in Baby, Nutritional & Home Goods Verticals Asking Price$710,000 Cash Flow$260,364

    This opportunity is a BRANDED, 5-Star Ranked Amazon and eCommerce retailer situated neatly in diversified, complimentary and year-round-profitable segments including baby products, kitchen goods and nutritional supplements. Currently featuring a ...

  • Sold
    Evolving Consumer Electronics Ecommerce Business-Multiple Storefronts Asking Price$485,000 Cash Flow$179,000

    This constantly expanding eCommerce company is a fast-moving, bleeding-edge opportunity in the world of broad-spectrum, low-to-medium ticket impulse purchases in the consumer electronics portability segment. This company is growing at a clip of 400% ...

  • Sold
    Accelerated Growth, Branded Internet Retailer - Skin Care & Essential Oils Asking Price$55,000,000 Cash Flow$10,507,182

    This Beauty & Essential Oils Internet Company has mastered the Art of Brand Development in the eCommerce space. Both through Social Media Engagement, as well as Search Engine Rankings on the Amazon.com platform, the recipe created by this highly ...

  • Sold
    8-Year Branded and Established Pet Retailer, YOY Growth Asking Price$900,000 Cash Flow$240,000

    Available here is a branded, 200% high-growth Amazon and eCommerce Retailer in the highly viable, high growth PET RETAIL AND GOODS segment, focusing on food & wellness products as well as related cross sells, such as toys – featuring a primarily ...

  • Sold
    13 Year Established Hair Fashions & Accessory eCommerce Company Asking Price$129,000 Cash Flow$44,000

    Available here is an established, organically ranked e-commerce Internet Company in the niche female wigs and accessories fashion segment, targeting a broad demographic in terms of lifetime value and age range alike. This online company has a ...

  • Sold
    eCommerce Retailer in Men\'s Fashionable Watch Segment Asking Price$250,000 Cash Flow$116,912

    This high value opportunity is a streamlined, organically-ranked eCommerce retailer that’s well established in the online men’s fashionable watch space. They have been in business since January 2016. Featuring a comprehensive lineup of watches ...

  • Sold
    Online Retailer in Multiple Sectors Asking Price$75,000 Cash Flow$26,297

    The target is a growing portfolio eCommerce business, smartly diversified within the highly profitable and always growing consumer impulse-buy accessories segment – everything from home goods in the kitchen all the way to mobile electronics ...

  • Sold
    Amazon eCommerce Retailer - Clothing and Accessories Asking Price$499,000 Cash Flow$167,539

    The target is a diversified 5-star Amazon FBA Seller Central Account, specializing in casual footwear, luggage, handbags, clothing and related accessories. Featuring a streamlined, perfectly-targeted array of hundreds of fast-moving SKUs that ...

  • Sold
    Video-Based SaaS eCommerce Company, Proprietary IP Asking Price$1,800,000 Cash Flow$570,000

    The target here is a growing SaaS business in the video software space specializes in video personalization & offers a cloud-based video creation, editing & socially accessible platform. The company has recently launched an enterprise level solution ...

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We connect our Sale Side Clients with the right Buyers to ensure a quick sale and to maximize ...


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