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    Branded Amazon Business in the Female Skincare & Weight Loss Sector Asking Price$100,000 Cash Flow$45,309

    The target is a well-branded, proprietary consumer product line in the Health & Beauty vertical – focused on the female demographic. The company has achieved solid growth in 2016 and is on track to do great things in 2017. This eCommerce ...

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    Vitamins & Supplements eCommerce Retailer - Amazon\'s Choice! Asking Price$2,250,000 Cash Flow$584,240

    The target is an exciting Internet Company that has achieved over $2M in Gross Revenue and just under $600k in cash flow in the last twelve months - all while operating on a 60% Gross Margin. The business is growing and has established itself as a ...

  • Sold
    Branded Baby Products Company - Solid Position on Amazon Asking Price$2,450,000 Cash Flow$613,200

    The target here is a Branded eCommerce retailer in the trending and evergreen BABY PRODUCTS segment – featuring 29% Year-Over-Year Growth since inception, this Internet Company represents a near perfect entry point into an established brand ...

  • Sold
    Beauty & Baby Consumer Product Internet Company - Amazon FBA Asking Price$650,000 Cash Flow$152,848

    This high-value acquisition is a highly diversified & successful 5-star Amazon FBA business playing in two of the most exciting and growing retail segments across all markets – beauty and baby. Featuring a streamlined, perfectly-targeted array ...

  • Sold
    Trending, Gift-able eCommerce Brand in the Fair Trade Space Asking Price$115,000 Cash Flow$50,691

    This is an opportunity to own a unique opportunity in the trending Fair Trade & Green eCommerce retail space that specializes in innovative apparel, jewelry, home décor and animal-themed, gift-able items as the inspiration and the theme of the ...

  • Sold
    Amazon Best Seller in the Nutrition Supplements Space Asking Price$17,000,000 Cash Flow$4,351,792

    This exciting, branded Internet Company is a Unicorn business in the Vitamin & Nutritional Supplements space. The amazing consumer brand developed by this Internet Company has quickly become one of the largest sellers in the Supplements Category ...

  • Sold
    Fast Growth Jewish News Company Asking Price$4,000,000 Cash Flow$735,000

    High Traffic News Service Focused on the Jewish Community Executive Summary • News publication with over 1.2 Million active Facebook followers • 8,000,000- 12,000,000 website visitors per month, and growing • Focuses ...

  • Sold
    Industry Leading SaaS Company in the Cyber-Security Segment - YOY Growth Asking Price$1,960,000 Cash Flow$502,200

    The target here is a highly sought after SaaS model in the multi-billion-dollar, burgeoning Cyber Security market. In addition to the company’s growing cash flow, it has developed Intellectual Property, including code for its web application and ...

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    Growing E-Commerce Website in the Consumer Electronics Segment Asking Price$75,000 Cash Flow$30,881

    This business represents a highly profitable opportunity to step into a uniquely positioned and firmly established dot com retailer in the hugely competitive Consumer Electronics Market. The company has achieved over 30% YOY growth at its dot com ...

  • Sold
    Branded Lineup - 5-Star Amazon Baby Segment Retailer Asking Price$125,000 Cash Flow$36,519

    For sale is a branded, 5-star Amazon FBA eCommerce Company in the evergreen and trendy baby products and accessories segment. This turn-key, fully automated Amazon business has seen success through 100% organic Amazon marketing and minimal time ...

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We connect our Sale Side Clients with the right Buyers to ensure a quick sale and to maximize ...


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