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    Branded, Personalized Jewelry Retailer - Currently Scaling Asking Price$350,000 Cash Flow$101,164

    The target is a growing eCommerce Internet company that has successfully used the power of Etsy [NASDAQ], a peer-to-peer e-commerce website focused on handmade or vintage items and supplies, as well as unique factory-manufactured items, to create a ...

  • Sold
    Branded Auto Accessories Internet Company - Amazon Seller Asking Price$1,200,000 Cash Flow$385,000

    The target is a high-growth, branded consumer product line offering an industry-leading vehicle sunshade solution. With over 118,000 units sold in just over two years, and with no signs of slowing, this Internet Company has nothing but addition ...

  • Sold
    Subscription Revenue Ed-Tech Internet Company Asking Price$699,000 Cash Flow$220,000

    For sale is a branded educational games developer and publisher in an evergreen ed tech niche within its own market, currently enjoying massive year-over-year growth in subscription revenue – this Internet business focuses on the single most ...

  • Sold
    Amazon eCommerce Retailer - High End Sporting Goods & Accessory Segment Asking Price$129,000 Cash Flow$50,000

    This mature and stable Internet Company is securely positioned in the ever-growing specialty sporting goods sector (mountain adventure). Founded in 2006, the business is an authorized retailer of a wide selection of premium brands of technical ...

  • Sold
    Branded LED Lighting eCommerce Company - Huge Scale Asking Price$1,750,000 Cash Flow$536,300

    The target is a fully branded LED Lighting company with its primary sales channel as an eCommerce Internet Retailer. The company’s products are niche and centered squarely on consumer LED products, specifically universally applicable SKUs such as ...

  • Sold
    Video Personalization SaaS Business with Valuable IP Asking Price$2,565,000 Cash Flow$570,000

    This high-growth SaaS business in the video software space specializes in video personalization & offers a cloud-based video creation, editing & social personalization platform. The company has recently launched an enterprise level solution & has ...

  • Sold
    Branded Tactical & Firearm Gear eCommerce Company Asking Price$525,000 Cash Flow$149,000

    For sale is a BRANDED and specialized Internet Company in the tactical equipment, camouflage clothing, firearm and tactical accessories segments. Featuring a niche market of over 1,000 perfectly-targeted, fast-moving SKUs, this Internet Company has ...

  • Sold
    Branded Amazon Business in the Female Skincare & Weight Loss Sector Asking Price$100,000 Cash Flow$45,309

    The target is a well-branded, proprietary consumer product line in the Health & Beauty vertical – focused on the female demographic. The company has achieved solid growth in 2016 and is on track to do great things in 2017. This eCommerce ...

  • Sold
    Vitamins & Supplements eCommerce Retailer - Amazon\'s Choice! Asking Price$2,250,000 Cash Flow$584,240

    The target is an exciting Internet Company that has achieved over $2M in Gross Revenue and just under $600k in cash flow in the last twelve months - all while operating on a 60% Gross Margin. The business is growing and has established itself as a ...

  • Sold
    Branded Baby Products Company - Solid Position on Amazon Asking Price$2,450,000 Cash Flow$613,200

    The target here is a Branded eCommerce retailer in the trending and evergreen BABY PRODUCTS segment – featuring 29% Year-Over-Year Growth since inception, this Internet Company represents a near perfect entry point into an established brand ...

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We connect our Sale Side Clients with the right Buyers to ensure a quick sale and to maximize ...


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