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Need an Accurate Website Appraisal? Contact a Qualified Business Broker

Posted by Nate Lind in Articles


When a website business owner is ready to sell their business, the first question that comes to mind is, “How much is my internet business worth?” The answer is not a direct formula, but rather a combination of many subtle concepts along with hard figures that are best defined by a business broker with years, if not decades, of website appraisal experience.

To locate such a business broker, it’s best to do an online search and weed through the ones that occupy the highest ranks. From there, check to see how long that particular business broker has been working (and flourishing!) in the industry, how much they have sold in internet businesses, whether they not just sell but also buy an internet business, and the leaders’ financial background experience.

Website appraisals are composed of so many different concepts and numbers that each business broker may not even come up with the same value. That’s why it’s important to locate a qualified business broker that satisfies a list of qualifications so that the entrepreneur who is selling the business knows they are in good hands. Some of these qualifications include:

  • Over $150,000,000 in websites successfully sold
  • Working in the industry for nearly two decades
  • Doesn’t take a commission until the client’s website has sold
  • Leaders have enormous financial and website buying/selling experience
  • Enlist a team of professionals such as CPA’s, Evaluations Companies, Due Diligence Experts and Banks and other Financial Institutions
  • Sell all types of internet businesses including those that sell on, and, etc.
  • Know and completely understand the nuances of social media optimization, CMS and IMS platforms, working with affiliate marketers, enhancing brand awareness via social networks, etc. is an experienced business broker with two decades of experience in the industry. They have sold upwards of $200,000,000 in website businesses and sell businesses that are perched on all types of platforms. Their leaders have strong financial and internet business backgrounds, and they also don’t charge any commission until their client’s website has sold. Internet business owners who are looking for accurate website valuations should contact today for a free consultation.