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Trust a Qualified Internet Business Broker for Selling Online Sites

Posted by Vance Baker in Articles


Generally, one wouldn’t put their home up for sale themselves without first consulting a number of real estate agents and researching the vast intricacies on how to sell a home. The same is true when it comes to selling online sites. Although not a physical, brick and mortar property, digital properties are held to the same standard, and fare much better in the hands of a qualified and experienced internet business broker.

Finding the right internet business broker doesn’t have to be difficult. It’s important that the firm has at least a couple of decades of experience, especially seeing as how the internet (as we know it today) is now a couple of decades old. The company should have an impressive list of sites sold and an admirable history of selling online sites that amounts to dozens of millions of dollars. Selling online sites is both an art and a science because it involves not just matters of hard fact but also of personal negotiations between two separate parties.

To find the right internet business broker, one should also take into account the sheer number and quality of client testimonials available on the site. Are previous clients happy with their results? Would they use the internet business broker again, or recommend them to a friend? If other people are happy with their own results, chances are, the next entrepreneurs to follow will be happy with their as well. is a trusted internet business broker with nearly two decades of experience in buying, operating and selling online sites. They have sold $70 million in web and tech companies to date, and show no signs of slowing down. The leaders of the companies are internet serial entrepreneurs, which means they eat and breathe selling online sites and know all of the obstacles, nuances and caveats of the industry.

Business owners who are interested in selling online sites should contact internet business broker, today for a free consultation and website valuation. They are a boutique brokerage that works on a commission basis, so they don’t take a dime of commission until their client’s website has been sold.