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Business brokers are not required to have licenses or specific accreditations. However, reading more about your prospective online business broker could be your first opportunity to decide whether or not to work with this person for the sale of your business. Most knowledgeable business brokers have been involved in this industry for some time and can point to numerous successful deals and overcome challenges as a way to give you further information about the process.

A business broker’s public reputation usually refers to what’s available online. Living in a digital age, we turn to reviews about companies to make important decisions about who to work with. The same is true when selecting an online business broker. A business broker can advise you about what to anticipate during the process and how the business valuation will occur.

This has important implications for how you move forward with your company and can help to put your mind at ease when selecting someone who will be so personally involved in helping you structure your company and list it for sale.

Pay close attention to the reviews and testimonials published online about your potential business broker firm. They can tell you a lot about the past experience that other people have had in working specifically with that company and can alert you to common red flags or bad experiences that other people dealt with. The best predictor of future behavior for an online business broker is past behavior and in fact, a business broker’s reputation should be one of the most important ones that you evaluate.

Ask anyone who might have previously worked with a business brokerage about their individual experience. Get on the phone if you can where there is a better chance that they’ll be upfront about what it was really like to work with the firm. Be aware that practically everyone in the online business broker industry will claim that they have the best negotiators, the most sophisticated selling strategies, and the most comprehensive process. Before you sign a listing agreement, however, you’ve got to do your own due diligence and figure out whether or not this is accurate. Asking for recommendations for past clients shouldn’t throw up any red flags at the business broker’s office. In fact, they should welcome it and easily point you in the right direction of past clients you can communicate with about the overall experiences.

One of the biggest disparities between different business brokerage firms is the emphasis and value they place on marketing your business. Some might simply place an advertisement on their website and call it a day, whereas, others will develop comprehensive marketing strategies. No matter which method your firm takes, you deserve to know this information upfront so that you can decide whether or not to work with them. Contact us today for a thorough review of how our online business brokers take your business seriously and get help throughout the whole process.


There are too many mistakes that can be easily made if you don’t have the support of an online business broker to help you navigate the process of a sale. You might only get one shot at being able to list your online business for sale and to begin to network with prospective buyers. Trying to handle things on your own could mean that small mistakes made early on in the process could block you from being able to effectively get the most money for your purchase. Getting the valuation wrong can have significant consequences.

What’s the Big Problem with Getting the Valuation Wrong?

Many people who are thinking about selling their business have a primary concern of under-valuing the company. Under-valuing the business and leaving money on the table is a top concern for plenty of people, but entrepreneurs who over-value their business because they haven’t done a proper business valuation could be in just as much trouble.

Allowing emotions to affect your ability to arrive at a more reasonable business valuation backed by logical factors such as comparable sales, industry averages, financial performance, and the insight of an online business broker can impede your ability to list the company for a fair price and to draw in the right kind of buyers.

While it is good to be passionate about your business, and your emotions have probably helped your company be as successful as it is, of course, you still want to work towards a highest possible valuation. However, buyers will want to know that you have the details and data to back this up.

This will all be uncovered during the due diligence process, so it’s important that your business valuation reflect the true reality of the company. A valuation should always be grounded in reality and it can help to remove yourself from the process slightly by using an online business broker who is familiar with selling companies like yours in industries like yours and carrying out the business valuation process. A website broker is far more likely to capture details that could be important in valuing your online company. Your business broker will sit down with you at the outset of the sale to discuss your multiple. The multiple will start with your annual net income and then varying factors will apply to increase this.

If you arrive at a valuation that is far beyond a standard multiple range, it is likely that your business has been over-valued or that it appeals to strategic buyers. Figuring out which one of these applies could be difficult on your own, but when you have a knowledgeable business broker at your side to help you, you’re much more likely to be successful.

What Is A Strategic Buyer?

Strategic buyers are those investors who acquire companies in order to build them into an existing venture. Those strategic buyers see some benefit in adding to the existing venture and will be more comfortable with valuing the business much higher than the underlying value. This is because the acquisition is viewed as bringing substantially more value to their existing company. These strategic buyers don’t look at just the value of your business alone. You can speak directly with your business broker about whether or not something like this might apply in your case and how to prepare for it effectively.


What Do I Need to Know Before Conducting A Business Valuation? 

As the seller of a website, e-commerce company or other online business, you recognize the potential that a valuation has to influence prospective buyers and to reaching out to your business broker for more information. Identifying an appropriate valuation is the key before listing your company for sale. In fact, it’s a process you should be very familiar with after consulting directly with your business broker.

There are several things that you need to consider before conducting a business valuation. If you have been successfully running a company for a long period of time, there are probably systems, processes, and tips you have in place that lead you to believe that your company is indeed valuable enough to be listed for sale.

Doing your own due diligence and gathering financial information can help you to prepare for your initial conversation with a website broker. Your website broker will then explain his or her steps of the process to you so that you know what to anticipate from the moment that your business is valued all the way through to the point at which it is receiving offers to purchase and prospective buyers are engaged in the due diligence process. The more work you do prior to listing your company for sale or even getting an official business valuation, the easier it will be to list your company for sale at a high multiple. First of all, remember that value is relative. Your business is unique and this means that your value and the structure of the company are too. If your earnings are below industry average, but your cash flow is strong, you need to be aware of how this could impact your valuation. There are other potential unique aspects of your online company such as whether or not you have intellectual property ownership of patents, a loyal customer base or other valuable and tangible assets. The process of incorporating these into a business valuation is complicated because it is influenced by factors that a seller doesn’t have control over, like the economy or industry forecast. The second thing to remember before conducting a business valuation that it is to your benefit to get started earlier rather than later. A business valuation should ideally be conducted years before a sale, especially if you are getting a valuation for the purposes of trying to improve your cash flow or earnings. Both of these concepts will help you to raise the asking price of your company, so therefore, a business valuation does not always mean that you are immediately interested in making a sale. You might get a business valuation now to learn more about what you can improve to make your business more appealing to buyers and then another one closer to the time of sale.

A prospective buyer will want to see at least the last three years of financial statements before moving forward with the sale, so it’s a good idea to consider a business valuation up to four years before a sale if you have the goal of improving value prior to listing it.

Finally, make sure to do your homework in regard to valuation. Different methods may be preferred in different industries and your business broker should be helpful in explaining to you what’s required and what you can anticipate. Make sure that you employ professionals, such as business valuation specialists before moving forward with any sale.

An appraiser who is highly experienced in the field should be used to make sure that you have avoided many of the most common mistakes people make in the business selling process.

As part of the process of achieving a business valuation, you will need to explore all the current assets and inventory in your business. It is likely expected that after you complete the business valuation, due diligence and official sale of your e-commerce business that you will transfer any remaining inventory over to the new buyer.

The new buyer might request specifics about the inventory you already have in place, and having the structure and logistics already planned out prior to listing the company for sale can make it easy for you when you make this transition. Valuing your inventory can be complex if you do not retain the services of someone who is familiar with the business sale and inventory valuation process.

Basics of Inventory

There’s no doubt that inventory is required to run your business and the new buyer might be expecting a certain amount of inventory when you pass the business along. Having a certain amount of inventory in your possession already might have been the first clue that you wanted to sell your e-commerce business to begin with, but the question of “how do I value my inventory” might still be at the top of your priority list before listing your company for sale.

What is Normal Inventory?

A normal inventory level is usually included in the purchase price of a business, so that the new owner can sustain current revenues that are already being generated by the business. Failing to include an appropriate amount of inventory could cause the new owner to suffer a gap in the cashflow of the company.

Everything over an amount of the standard inventory level needs to be valued so that the new buyer can review this amount for purchase purposes above and beyond the traditional business valuation. The following generally occurs when asking the question of “How do I value my inventory?”:

  • Before closing up your business and handing over the sale, an inventory account is achieved, and the sale price is adjusted down or up based on the amount that was included in the sale price.
  • Inventory will be valued at cost. It must be determined how to negotiate a price over this level if the inventory is significantly higher than the normal level, such as whether or not this will be sold off in the transition period or passed on to the new buyer.
  • The decision must be made about whether or not the inventory cost will be determined at a percentage of retail price, based on the original invoice or through the services of a professional inventory firm.
  • Broken, obsolete or aged inventory should not be included in the overall inventory listing at the same price. This is because not all inventory is created equal. A discounting through the portion of the inventory might be one option to pursue, but this process can also be achieved through the seller financing a portion of the inventory and a buyer only paying for it when that section of the inventory sells.

Due to the complexities involved in valuing an inventory, it is strongly recommended that you schedule a consultation with an experienced and knowledgeable business broker.


Some people have gone through the process of creating their first product on Amazon and then also launching a niche site in the same space.  When the niche site begins to grow, you can also use direct links on that page to sell on Amazon associates.

This skill of building niche sites could help you rank your company more effectively in Google.  And then also tap into the power of that tool to grow your Amazon FBA business even more effectively.

Referring a high volume of outside traffic can help to grow your Amazon FBA business. Most of the sales of your products should come directly from the traffic on Amazon in order to be effective.  The niche site, however, definitely should send additional traffic and help you to grow the business.

This additional aspect of your company can be instrumental when it comes time to sell your business because this is a bonus selling point to potential buyers showing that you have already established a site that has powerful search engine optimization tools and is already driving traffic to the Amazon FBA business indicates that you have significant knowledge and a tool that can easily be passed on to the other buyers.

After running this business for several years, you might decide that you would wish to invest your money in other ventures. Furthermore, the particular products that might have inspired your Amazon FBA business and development of a niche site might no longer be your key area of interest.

Many business owners identify that where they are most passionate at that point in time, things will tend to be most successful.  While this isn’t a rule of thumb that every single person should follow all of the time, it’s a good idea to pick products and businesses that you’re passionate about.  This will be reflected in the overall development of your business and your ability to sell it in the future.  The support of online business brokers can be extremely helpful in developing a plan to address how to sell your business sooner rather than later.

The support of a business broker helps you to understand business valuation, tools and tips that you can put into place now that will help sell your business more effectively, the power of the business listing and the value of working directly with a company that already has established buyers who are interested in purchasing your product.

The more work you have done on the back end to make your company as competitive as possible, such as establishing a niche site, will make your company more appealing when it comes time to list it for sale.

Discussing your options with a business broker prior to deciding to move forward can help you identify whether or not now is the right time to sell your Amazon FBA business and all of the related collateral, such as your niche site.  The sooner that you can identify a broker who has plenty of experience and talent in the field, the easier it will be for you to sell your company.

Understanding seller discretionary earnings is extremely important when you are listing a website or an e-commerce business for sale.

Here at Website Closers, we have extensive experience helping you to determine the most appropriate valuation methodology so that you can charge the maximum multiple and receive a high profit from selling your company.  Many e-commerce business valuations will look at historical earnings of the business.  This is known as the net profit of the company for a minimum of the previous 12 months.  From that point, once the number is obtained, a multiplier is applied.  Some calculations can put the multiplier as high as five to determine the company’s valuation.  

Who Determines the Multiple?

At Website Closers, we sit down with you to explain how the valuation process works, as well as what you can anticipate when we help you to sell your company.  We believe that you should be kept informed about proper valuation methodologies.

Some companies or online business brokers might only charge a multiple of between 1.5 and 3.5, minimizing the possible opportunity for a return.  How your multiplier is determined is based on several different elements that buyers, sellers, and brokers will all agree are relevant.

A few of the most important factors to be aware of in advance before deciding to sell your business can help you to figure out what you can anticipate with the business valuation process.

Some of these factors include consistency, scalability, revenue growth in the business, and the amount of work required to operate that business.  The more pre-work you have done in advanced to remove yourself from the company and to enable other people to stop in and manage it can be extremely helpful.  The more favorable the factors that are presented, the higher the multiplier you will be able to achieve, and therefore the higher your valuation.  In these circumstances, it pays to have the experience of a knowledgeable online business broker who has been working in the field for many different years.

There are so many different valuation factors that go into determining an e-commerce business.  One of the most important of these is traffic because this is the heart of your online company.  You wouldn’t be able to make any sales if you didn’t have consistent traffic.

Putting some work into developing your traffic sources in advance is very beneficial.  Operations and other financial details can be helpful for illustrating the true value of the company, like supplier agreements, the underlying cost structure, product concentration, licenses and trademark, payroll, assets, liabilities, and future commitment.

Understanding how all of these different factors can contribute to the amount of money you charge when selling your business is extremely helpful and can give you a lot of peace of mind.  Our online business brokers work hard from the moment you contact us to help explain to you what you can anticipate so that you can make an informed decision about what to do next.


There is no doubt that as a seller of an online company, you will want to have an efficient and effective transaction. Listing your online business for sale with the help of experienced brokers like those working at Website Closers is one of the best ways to ensure that from end to end, you have considered everything involved in selling your online business quickly for the best possible price. Buyers are only willing to pay a premium on proven business models.

Organizing Your Valuation Materials Effectively

The way that you conduct your valuation and present your company as available for sale can have a tremendous impact on your opportunity to recover a maximum sale price sooner rather than later. Businesses that provide a lower risk overall obtain higher premiums on the open market, whereas a risky business that has low profit margins already will have a lower chance of getting scooped up. These may be harder to sell and may take much longer.

Having a proven method that has been tested over several years and a compelling business valuation can help to sweeten the deal for a prospective buyer. In order to enhance the maximum price received for your business, there is plenty of work you can do well in advance. It’s worth having a conversation with an online business broker when you are getting ready to list your company for sale to figure out whether or not the timing is right.

Some things that you can do to focus on in your business to get maximum sale value include; driving new sales to the business predictably, diversifying traffic sources and showing how the growth has continued, giving a long history of traffic statistics, positioning branding in the market, showing that the business has a valuable legal history, indicating how many of the percentage of visitors come from repeat customers, and establishing documented processes and systems.

The sooner that you begin to remove yourself from the process of running the day to day operations of the business, the easier it will be to convince a prospective buyer that they will be able to step in and take over effectively. If you are not sure whether now is the right time to list your company for sale, the good news is that you can have a consultation with a business broker about what factors might impede your success.

Doing all of your due diligence first and having ample documentation can dramatically increase your chances of success and can make you feel more confident and at peace as you hand over the reins of your sales process to your online business brokers. Here at Website Closers, we rely on the information you provide and help to explain the process to you so that there is no confusion.

At Website Closers, we know what each stage of the process looks like and what you can expect as you go through it. Because of how long we’ve been in business and how well we know the landscape, you can get peace of mind working with a team.


If you’ve been attempting to understand how to value an internet business or a website, you may need the support of an online business broker. The valuation process is one of the most important steps in selling your online business and it is one you should be aware of well before you list the company for sale.

While having physical assets associated with your internet business can make things more difficult, it is often hard for people who operate an internet business to understand just how crucial the business valuation is and how this will influence their appealing nature to buyers.

At Website Closers, we have extensive experience in brokering and valuing the sale of internet businesses with a number of different types of monetization strategies, including ecommerce businesses, Amazon FBA businesses, and more.

We have also sold businesses with high earnings multiples, ensuring that the seller of the company gets as much as possible out of the selling process. There are several different challenges presented to deriving a fair business valuation online. The first of these is the poor use of valuation techniques or the misunderstanding of valuation techniques.

The second of these is using or gathering the wrong information for inclusion in an analysis; and the third is overlooking extraneous factors or the bigger picture that could influence the valuation of the company in a positive or negative way.

There are several different ways that a business can be valued and at Website Closers we discuss this with you in our initial consultation so that you can have a better perception of how the business valuation will influence your bottom line. A discounted cash flow analysis is one option but these prerequisites are rarely satisfied with consistent or established internet businesses.

Precedent acquisitions is another approach to benchmarking an online business valuation. With this method, you are looking for comparable metrics including multiples of revenue or earnings. The primary prerequisite for an accurate precedent transactions analysis is access to any transaction data. This can be very difficult if this information is privately kept.

The most common method through which online businesses are valued today is known as earnings multiple. The robustness and simplicity of this methodology in the face of very rare or a lack of comparable data is extremely important and this is why many website brokers turn to this process to ensure that the seller and the buyer alike understand the methodology being used and its overall benefits. When determining that it is time to sell your business, it is valuable to have a conversation with an online business broker before deciding to move forward.

The right online business broker can have a significant impact on how easily you understand the sale and how confident you feel about your company being listed online. Schedule a consultation directly with an experienced online business broker at Website Closers today to get a better perception of what you can anticipate over the duration of the process 


The typical process of selling an Amazon business usually begins with a valuation of the company. Having clean financials is essential for the right valuation. Your valuation will dictate many different aspects of your Amazon business sale. It is impossible to begin the free business valuation process offered by many online business brokers however, if you do not have clean financials.

Selling Amazon Businesses 101

For many entrepreneurs, their Amazon business starts out as a hobby and quickly grows into something that becomes profitable and ripe for sale. The idea of managing the different financial aspects of this business such as credit cards, a separate bank account and a distinct corporation, might seem like too much of an effort.

But for many people who have already turned this hobby into a very successful business, that has now evolved into a sellable asset, these clean financials are critical for getting the best possible value.

Anyone who makes use of the software program that already captures a great deal of their financial information will have an easier time pulling together the necessary details when approaching the free business valuation process. You must be able to clearly identify trends, revenues, expenses and gross profits.

Finally, the most important element when selling an Amazon business in terms of your financials is the determination of the seller’s discretionary earnings. This is a crucial factor when selling your Amazon business. You want to be able to show strong and healthy profits and your online business broker will work with you to develop what is known as a seller’s discretionary earnings.

These will come in the form of an add back schedule. Add back examples might often include, auto expenses, travel, the owner’s salary, personal entertainment and meals, mobile phones, services that you no longer use which have no impact on sales, charitable contributions, and more. These are typically associated with expenses that do not move forward to the new owner during the process of an Amazon business sale.

You will want to look at your profit and loss sheet with the add back schedule included. Your online business broker can help you with this and ensure that you understand how your financials will influence the business valuation process. The selection of the right online business broker makes it much easier when selling your Amazon business. To sell Amazon business, you must be prepared well in advance with a valuation.

Many people are curious whether they can even sell Amazon business. However, finding a broker who can assist you with how to sell Amazon business tips will allow you to be guided through the process effectively. Finding the right online business broker before you make the official decision to sell your Amazon business is strongly recommended as he or she will be able to tell you what things you may need to focus on in order to enhance the overall value of the company and increase your chances of success.