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The business listings provided below are those listings currently being offered for sale by WebsiteClosers.com and/or its partners. We offer a number of search filters that can be tailored specific to a particular business. Should you have any questions about any of these listings, please give us a call.

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    Garage Cabinets, Organization & Storage eCommerce Website Asking Price$ 165,000 Cash Flow$46,218

    The target is a Premium Domain in the Low Competition, Heavy Logistics Category of Garage Storage, Organization and related Accessories. This eCommerce Website has been in business since 2013 and continues to generate sales, with over $840,000 in ...

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    Water Filter & Air Filtration Consumer Products eCommerce Brand Asking Price$ 1,950,000 Cash Flow$548,766

    The target is every Internet Entrepreneur’s dream – a highly profitable, fully branded and trademarked eCommerce Business with sales channel diversity and plenty of runway ahead. This consumer products retailer sells a broad line of water and ...

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    Amazon #1 Best Seller Retailer in Kitchen & Garden Verticals Asking Price$ 525,000 Cash Flow$149,958

    This is a Branded Amazon #1 Best Seller Retailer in the Kitchen & Gardening Good Verticals.  Currently yielding $18 an average ticket and 35% YOY growth, this eCommerce Company is head and shoulders above its competitors in ...

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I want to thank Tom Howard.  Appreciate all the help with selling the site. Working with you and the leadership of Website Closers was a good experience. I’ll be sure to be in touch when I’m ready to sell another.
Tim Jacobsen

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