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Looking to buy an online company with a proven track record? Maybe you don’t know where to start, or which company is the best fit for you. Maybe you’re a serial entrepreneur who just needs someone to streamline the sale.

Our team has you covered with all your business brokerage needs.

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Why Website Closers

Our Brokerage is focused in the Tech, Internet & Digital Space, representing companies from $1 Million to $2 Billion in Revenue in various industries around the globe, including eCommerce, Amazon, SaaS, Digital Marketing, IoT, Tech Enabled, MSP/IT, Mobile Apps, Web Security, eLearning, AI, Robotics, Ed Tech, Fin Tech, Med Tech, Ag Tech, Manufacturing, Affiliates & Networks, Influencers, Masterminds, ISPs, Hosts, and many other varieties of digital companies.

While we do not represent publicly traded companies, since we operate in the SMB, Lower Middle and Middle Markets, we have millions of companies available as target clients. These clients oftentimes come to us first when they are ready to explore the exit process since we are the clear leader in this space.

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Steps To Buying A Tech Or Internet Company

Whether you’re already operating in this space, an entrepreneur, or looking to become an entrepreneur, we likely have a business that matches your criteria. To this end, we offer some steps we think will be helpful to you in your journey to buying a business from us:


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Get In Touch With A Broker.

If you’re serious about buying a business in the next 1-2 months, then one of our brokers can help you in your journey. We can give you the inside scoop on deals, help you get prepared to buy a business, and also help with the financing piece.


Get Pre-Approved For Financing.

Just like when buying a house, having a pre-approval letter from a bank, lending partner and/or investors will help make you much more attractive as a buyer. You certainly will have our attention!

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Be Prepared.

Buying a business is a serious matter. Before you start signing NDAs, collecting confidential information on a business, and connecting with people involved in the deal process, we ask that you be mentally and financially prepared to see it through to closing. Additionally, be prepared to purchase the right sized business – don’t overshoot your capabilities – have enough of a personal cash float in place in case something goes wrong down the road.

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