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Business Valuations

Your Reference Guide to Business Valuation

At Website Closers, we have represented thousands of clients in the sale of their businesses. This extensive experience, as well as our operational background as owners of tech companies, gives us a leg up in the process of evaluating and preparing Digital, Tech & Internet Companies for a Merger or Acquisition event. Were in a unique position to be highly successful when taking a business to market at its highest possible Enterprise Value. And with this vast experience comes a treasure trove of creative ideas and experience to maximize value and prepare for any issues that could pop up during diligence. Our value proposition to our clients includes an ability to search every nook and cranny of a business to squeeze every bit of value out of it during the exit process, not just in the company’s economics, but also in the value brought forth in the brand, IP and goodwill of a company.

How Do I Determine What My Tech, Internet, or Digital Business is Worth?

Our recommendation is to start early. In fact, it is never too early to begin thinking about the exit process. And if you’re not just looking for help in pegging a value range for your business, but more importantly, finding ways to maximize value BEFORE you sell your business, then you’ve found the right partners in Website Closers. Like our brand shows – our deal intermediaries put on their helmets every day to battle for our clients – we are not just looking to peg a valuation to a company to sell it quickly; we want to max out that company’s value and sell it for top Enterprise Value.

We understand how confusing (and daunting) it can be to approach this process, especially given the fact that you are a digital company – far different from old school Brick and Mortar companies. Using our team’s experience, and an in-depth analysis to help gather the right valuation drivers, and to apply the appropriate formulas when the process is complete, our clients better understand why their particular company’s valuation is very personal to that particular company – no two companies are ever alike.

How Does A Proper Business Valuation Impact Selling Your Company?

Your business valuation is a key indicator of whether it is time to sell your company. And the best way to get started is to contact us as early as possible – we can be more than just the firm that does your Business Valuation; we can also be your Coach to help you build value over time until such time as it is time to sell, and then our expertise in maxing Enterprise Values for Tech, Internet and Digital Companies kicks in.

There is no bigger, no better and no more dedicated M&A Firm in the world that focuses on the Tech, Internet & Digital Space – we are not just your go-to company for valuations, we are here to maximize your company’s value during the exit process.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with the process of selling your business from valuation to closing.

What is Your Company Worth?

At Website Closers, we work with a large variety of tech, internet and digital businesses that use a variety of monetization strategies across numerous verticals. We have an in-depth awareness of earnings multiples and how these apply to internet businesses, as well as how to increase earnings multiples by making changes throughout a business.

From experience drawn from hundreds of transactions, we are constantly evaluating and refining our strategy to become the best possible service provider to our clients. Far too many businesses are confronted by the challenges of a poor use of valuation techniques, gathering and including the wrong information in an analysis, and oversight of important factors that can help influence the underlying business valuation.

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What Makes Website Closers Valuations Different?

Our experience within the Tech, Internet, and Digital industry is one of the primary factors that sets us apart from the competition. Not only do we buy and sell tech and internet companies, not only are we attorneys, accountants, consultants and serial entrepreneurs, but most importantly, we have sold close to a BILLION dollars worth of Tech and Internet companies through the years. Few others have the combination of background, experience and volume that our team has.  We have sold a wide array of properties from small to large, from $500,000 to $200,000,000 including software companies, Amazon and eCommerce businesses, Websites and Domains, Technology and IP Companies, Business Services, Internet Businesses, MSP and IT Solutions, Web, App & Software Development, Advertising and Marketing Services, and more. Our experience also includes selling non-traditional online businesses such as Daily Deals websites, Flash Sales sites, wholesalers, distributors, fulfillment centers, drop shippers, marketing agencies, SEO firms, and more.

We are also owners and business professionals ourselves, which provides a great deal of knowledge that is crucial to help sell your business for the most value. Because were also Tech, Digital and Internet business owners, at Website Closers, we understand the nuances and intricacies of Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Optimization, running AdWords and AdCenter accounts, selling on Amazon, the importance of API integration, and creating data feeds. This experience is helpful to this process not just because we fully understand how our clients businesses work from the inside out (because we do what most of our clients do every day as well), but also because many of the lenders, investors and suitors dont currently have a well-rounded understanding of th space. We can be that conduit that helps explain the operations of a tech company, and the excitement and value propositions behind it. How can somebody thats never operated a business in the tech space properly represent you? We all know the answer to that.

The insights and understanding we have developed in over two decades of buying and selling internet businesses, make us the perfect choice to be your business broker. But dont just take it from us, we welcome you to view our Video Testimonials from our actual clients – and to see what they have to say about us in written testimonials as well. Our clients love us – and so will you.

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“Website Closers could tell this was something important and they jumped right on it, So I knew that’s the kind of company I want to work with.”

– Nick Losciuto, Refresh