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Are You Tired
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“I’ve always wanted to run my own business.”

“I am an expert in my field and I want to work for myself.”

​”I am an entrepreneur looking for another stream of income.”

“I want to start my own company, but I don’t have the resources or want to take the risk.”

“I am interested in buying a business but don’t know where to start.”

“I need help with my financing options and acquiring an SBA loan to buy my first business.”

Take Care of Business – ​With Our Business Buyer’s Club!

We set you up for success when you become a member of the industry’s premiere Business Buyer’s Club! This is an essential resource for both current and future entrepreneurs who are interested in buying a business, but could use some help getting there.

When you sign up for the Buyer’s Club, you receive a personalized and comprehensive onboarding experience. The team includes senior M&A experts that guide the overall development of the Club and its staff, a concierge desk that works with you throughout your entire Club Experience, and a team of brokers that are ready to help you close a deal. The team will work in tandem to understand your personal capabilities and craft a custom solution for your needs, including pre-qualification with lenders, certification as a pre-qualified, pre-vetted buyer, a concierge team member to help you in your search and find process, and a personalized experience with a business broker to guide you in closing a deal.

Upon completion of the Certification Process, you will be awarded your Certified Business Buyer Badge, and as an accredited Certified Buyer, you will receive priority VIP treatment when communicating with sellers, interacting with brokers, receiving information about deals, and consulting with our lending partners. More importantly, you will stand out both in front of our Sell-Side Clients as well as the Brokers representing those clients. And as an official Buyer’s Club member, you gain access to our buyer dashboard that has all of the essential resources you need to succeed, including our large community of buyers, one-on-one broker servicing, continuing education sessions, priority access to deals, the opportunity to partner up on a transaction with another buyer, and much more!



This is the Ultimate First Step to Becoming Your Own Boss!

90% of startup businesses fail.

Don’t take the risk, buy a business instead.

The Buyer’s Club is your first step to business ownership!


The Buyer’s Club Perks & Programs

The Buyer’s Club is essential to helping you buy your business!
By joining our Buyer’s Club, you will receive a wide range of special features, customized services, recognized accreditation, and exclusive access to buyer development programs that are only available to club members! When you sign up for the Buyer’s Club, you will complete the Buyer Onboarding and receive your Certified Business Buyer Badge, then you will gain access to your personalized password-protected dashboard where you can take advantage of all of our amazing benefits listed below!

Everything You Receive As A Buyer’s Club Member:

Certification & Membership

Certification & Membership

Become a Buyer’s Club member and receive a highly customized onboarding experience, then earn your Certified Business Buyer badge and take advantage of all of your Buyer’s Club benefits!
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  • Comprehensive Onboarding
  • Early Looks at Deals
  • “One-Time Sign” Blanket NDA
  • Priority Access to Sellers & Lenders
  • VIP Concierge & Broker Service
  • Buyer Resources


Gain access to member’s-only professional development add-on programs that progress you along your acquisition journey and help take your business buying to the next level!
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  • Representation & Outreach Program
  • Partnership Program
  • Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition Course
Continuing Education

Continuing Education

  • eLearning & Educational Videos
  • Masterminds with Expert Brokers
  • Industry Talks with Industry Professionals
  • Newsroom Articles
  • Competitions & Challenges


  • Networking with Club Members
  • Happy Hours with Buyers
  • Buyer of the Month Showcase

This Is The Most Comprehensive And Competitive Business Buyer Program On The Market!

We believe every entrepreneur should have access to the resources and opportunities necessary to buy a business, which is why we are offering all of these highly personalized services at an affordable monthly price! Competitors sell online business acquisition classes that cost between $1000-$5000, but those programs don’t provide you with every tool you need to actually buy a business.

90% of all people that look at buying a business never do – don’t be a statistic – join our Buyers Club and get more comfortable with business ownership. While it might be comfortable to work 9 to 5 and pull in a check every 2 weeks, what if you owned the company and those checks were 100X larger? And what if you could sell that company one day to build wealth? These are things that comfy employment cannot offer.

And as a new buyer, consider becoming a business partner with another Club Member – it can make the entire process more rewarding, reduce risk, and a partner can offer a ton of capital and experience that you may lack.

Our goal is to make business buying more accessible and equitable. We want our Club Members to ALL buy a company because every aspiring entrepreneur should have the chance to be their own boss, build their own business, and create the future they deserve!

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Our World-Class Buyer's Club Is Worth Bragging About

When you enroll in our Buyer’s Club and become a Certified Business Buyer, you gain access to an exclusive VIP experience and receive highly-regarded credentials recognized by top sellers, brokers, lending partners, and M&A specialists across the nation.


What Our Buyers Are Saying

Hit the mid-life crisis wall and wanted something more than sales. Had some money in the bank – but where to start? I looked around for a consultant, but they were ridiculously priced and from a few conversations it seemed obvious they couldnt really help. I found this program and gave it a shot. I do recommend this for those that havent purchased a business before – it gave me the fundamentals I was looking for + consulting, all for a small monthly payment of $50. Cant really beat that.


Todd F

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I had wanted to buy a business for years. But I had kids, growing responsibilities and couldnt conceive of leaving my job (even though I really wanted to). I worked with their team on a custom acquisition plan specific to me and it turned out that i would be better served starting with a small company, learning how to run that, and then buy additional companies. Ive purchased 2 companies now and quit my job 6 months ago – making more cash flow than what my job could bring and now I have something to sell one day. Will be buying more for sure and this club makes that process much easier.


Steven P

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To my knowledge, nothing like this exists anywhere else; you can tell website closers is inventing the wheel on this, but doing a pretty good job overall. I gave their representation outreach program a shot and they actually found me a ton of companies that it would have taken me hours to find. They just send them to my inbox from other firms and handle the whole nda process. Good price and good service.


Peter B

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Nothing but great things to say here – once I earned my badge – everybody took me more serious. And a lot of people asked me about it, wondering what it meant. Recommend website closers do more marketing to make people aware of this as everybody should join to learn what they need to before buying a company.


Larry B

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The club has really helped me out where books and blogs could not. I plan to remain a member even after my first acquisition closes – scheduled for next Friday!


Joe P

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I was hesitant at first on joining this club, but man am I glad I did this. I found a partner, and now good friend, through this process and have learned the ins and outs of mergers and acquisitions like I never did before.


Cydni L

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Really cool program. because of it, Im under contract to buy a small amazon business. itt will be one of many as this program has opened my eyes to how to achieve an roi, how to cash flow and what to look for. highly recommend this for those that are new to this process.



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Happy I joined. I mostly like this for the sneak peaks and not needing to sign an nda every time I want to see a company. A lot of perks for $50.


Barry T

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I joined the club, got a badge and work with a concierge. Havent found a company yet, but not for a lack of trying. The way I see it – if youre serious about buying a company, you need a service like this to keep pushing you until you finally pull the trigger.


Gene S

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Good program with a lot more content and services than I originally expected. I am fully intending to attend their next partnership mastermind, hoping to find somebody with the same passion as I do to buy a company.


Phillis P

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