About The Buyer’s Club

Become a Trusted Buyer with Top Priority!

We set you up for success with the industry’s first business Buyer’s Club! This is an essential resource for entrepreneurs looking to buy a business. Our team of experts will give you every tool you need to buy a business and will guide you through the entire process, and as an accredited Certified Business Buyer, you will gain access to extensive resources and tools you need, including our large community of buyers, one-on-one broker servicing, continuing education courses, priority access to deals, and much more!

Receive priority VIP treatment when communicating with sellers, interacting with brokers, receiving information about deals, and consulting with our lending partners.

When you sign up to our Buyer’s Club, you will receive…

✔ A Comprehensive on-boarding journey with our team of experts giving you every tool you need to succeed.

✔ Exclusive club member benefits such as early access to deals, one-time blanket NDAs, Certified Buyer chatrooms and community support, on-demand Concierge and broker assistance, continuing education with masterminds and round table discussions by industry experts, unlimited legal documents and templates, access to our Partnership and R&O services, and more!

✔ Your Certified Business Buyer eBadge accreditation recognized by top M&A professionals that shows you are officially certified as a trusted, preferred buyer with high priority status!

✔ VIP access and priority over other buyers and be the first to connect with brokers, interact with sellers, consult with lending partners, and receive information about deals.

✔ FREE Membership in the club when you sign up for our First Time Buyer Training Program!




We believe that buying a business should be accessible to everyone, and our mission is to give the power back to aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners by offering affordable and equitable resources and tools YOU can use to succeed!



Step 1: Complete Your Buyer Onboarding

When you sign up for our Buyer’s Club, you will receive proprietary on-boarding that gives you every single tool you need to succeed as a business buyer, including:

1 Financing Assistance

Creating a Personal Financial Statement for lenders and sellers and Applying for an SBA Loan Pre-Approval


2 Buyer Profile Page

We create a professional one-page “executive summary” of you so you can market yourself and stand out to sellers, increasing your chances of finding your perfect business.


3 Buyer Reputation Analysis

Our marketing specialist helps you create and polish your Linkedin and other social media profiles to ensure you look your best while searching for businesses and communicating with industry professionals.


4 Incorporate an LLC

When buying a business, you must have an LLC and a business bank account to facilitate the transaction, and we will help you through this!


5 Blanket NDA

As a Business Buyer’s Club member, you have the advantage of only needing to sign a one-time comprehensive NDA that applies to all of our deals! No more signing one NDA per business


6 Receive your Business Buyer Certification and eBadge

To show to industry professionals that you are a preferred buyer!

NOTE: Institutional investment firms may opt-out of the on-boarding process.

Step 2: Utilize Your Business Buying Resources!

Certification & Membership

Certification & Membership

Become a Buyer’s Club member and receive a highly customized onboarding experience, then earn your Certified Business Buyer badge and take advantage of all of your Buyer’s Club benefits!
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  • Comprehensive Onboarding
  • Early Looks at Deals
  • “One-Time Sign” Blanket NDA
  • Priority Access to Sellers & Lenders
  • VIP Concierge & Broker Service
  • Buyer Resources


Gain access to member’s-only professional development add-on programs that progress you along your acquisition journey and help take your business buying to the next level!
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  • Representation & Outreach Program
  • Partnership Program
  • First Time Buyer Course
Continuing Education

Continuing Education

  • eLearning & Educational Videos
  • Masterminds with Expert Brokers
  • Industry Talks with Industry Professionals
  • Newsroom Articles
  • Competitions & Challenges


  • Networking with Club Members
  • Happy Hours with Buyers
  • Buyer of the Month Showcase

Step 3: Begin Your Acquisition Journey!

Now you are ready to begin working with our brokers to acquire your perfect business!

Take advantage of our Representation & Outreach Program if you do not want to search for businesses and navigate the deal process yourself.

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