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About Us

Jason Guerrettaz

Founder and Marketing Strategist
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Ron Matheson

Co-Founder and Experienced Broker
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Why Website Closers?

The experience that the professional business brokers at Website Closers bring to each transaction have made us the world’s Largest Tech & Internet Business Brokerage, and our reputation continues growing because our team of highly trained brokers bring tremendous skills and talent to the negotiating table.

Today, Website Closers is known for its massive volume of deal flow and for its high-quality listings and skilled brokers. Our clients recognize that as well and have provided thousands of customer reviews and testimonials praising our work. If you’re ready to sell your business, take advantage of that track record. We run transactions as small as $1 Million all the way up to $1 Billion, and our brokers can handle all digital business types, regardless of industry or size. Now is a great time to learn more about us.

Our Mission

At Website Closers LLC, we recognize how exciting it can be to sell the Online Business you worked so hard to build. We also understand that selling a business in the Digital Space can be high-pressure and very stressful. The best way to reduce that stress and guarantee the best results is to get representation from the best brokerage. A less experienced broker than the ones at Website Closers can be risky to your success. Just check out the testimonials from our satisfied clients who came to us after less experienced brokers failed to meet their expectations.

Our mission, and our process when selling a business in the digital space, is 100% Success Based, meaning we run the entire sales process from start to finish. While our brokers act as the negotiators for your sale, we don’t take a fee until we’ve Closed your Transaction.

Keep in mind that we have a close rate that exceeds 90%, which is why we’re so confident in our ability to close a transaction for you as well.

Our History

Our team has been working on digital business transactions since the earliest days of the Internet. Our story begins in 1998, when our Founders and team members began honing our skills in M&A, and built, purchased, and sold a lengthy number of Technology & Internet companies. The operational and transactional experience we have today has made us the most tech-focused business brokerage anywhere. We are now fully recognized as a Global Franchise.

Our Services

As the definition of a Digital Company continues evolving, it’s important to note that our team has represented the owners of every conceivable type of Digital Business, including eCommerce, Amazon, SaaS, Digital Marketing, websites, eLearning, Affiliates and so many more.  Website Closers represents virtually any type of company worldwide as long as it touches the digital space in some way.

If you’re ready to sell your Technology, Internet or Digital Business with the World’s Best, our team of highly trained, skilled brokers are ready to serve you as they have successfully served so many other Digital Business Models. We will work with you every step of the way to ensure you get the best deal multiple possible.

If you’re looking to buy a business in the Technology, Internet, or Digital Space, our site WebsiteClosers has the largest selection of companies in this space compared to all other brokerages across the globe. If you’re eager to find the right Digital Business for your future, we can walk you through the entire process, assist you with the lending process, and most of all, work to ensure you’re successful at finding the company of your dreams. Our goal is to make this as smooth and efficient a process as possible.  So, take a look at our active listings and get on our email list on our website.