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Exploring the Affiliate & Influencer Referral Program

A guide to Earning Money in This Program

We offer those that act as affiliates, brand ambassadors, and influencers of our brand the opportunity to earn a healthy percentage of the commission we earn on deals that they refer to us. This iniative allows you to earn money from your business owner and founder networks and connections by simply introducing us to your network.

This introduction process can happen in many ways, including by placing us on high traffic pages you own, communicating about us on podcasts, videos or other media, or working with us in person at events. As a full service sell-side business brokerage that solely focuses in the Tech & Internet sector, upon receipt of a referral from a partner, we manage the entire process from there. Other than the initial intro – no other work of any kind is necessary.

Many of our Affiliate and Influencer partners earn well over $100k per year for very little work. 7 figure fees are well within range for highly followed influencers. Continue reading below for more information about how our program works and the potential it unlocks for you – our new highly networked referral partner.


Refer a Business Owner to a Tech-Focused Advisor that you can Trust!

Earn Massive Commissions. All you have to do is make an introduction – we handle the rest.

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    How the Affiliate & Influencer Program Works

    Working with us is a dream. Simply introduce a business and its ownership team to our firm and our team of expert professionals will take care of everything from there. We manage our Affiliate & Influencer referrals using only our most proven brokers.

    We are a full service firm and 100% performance based – meaning we do not get paid until the deal closes, thereby incentivizing us to do everything we can to close a deal. And once we facilitate the sale of that business and it closes, you are paid a healthy piece of our commission.

    This collaboration not only brings fruitful results for the business owner, but also rewards you with a referral fee that will incentivize you to want to refer more and more people. Win Win for everybody. To offer a perspective on the financial gains possible with this program, envisage a scenario where we broker a deal to the tune of $50,000,000. In this instance, if the commission on the deal was $2.5M and your fee 10%, you would earn $250k on the day of closing. Just for an introduction – easiest Quarter Million you have ever earned.

    Worried about the complexities involved post-referral? Rest easy! Your role culminates with the referral, leaving us to manage the intricacies of the transaction, without any requisite involvement from your end. We’re the brokers in this partnership – it’s our job to close!

    Step One

    Fill out the Form on this page and a member of our staff will reach out to gain more information on you and how best we can work with you to maximize the opportunity for referrals


    Step Two

    We provide you with a unique affiliate link that you can share with anybody, anywhere. You can broadcast to your audience or send to a close colleague


    Step Three

    We do all the hard work and you receive a beautiful affiliate fee when the deal you referred to us closes


    Who is Business Broker Affiliate Programs for?

    Industry Leaders with Engaged Followers
    Craft content geared towards the digital, ecommerce, or technology sectors. Feel empowered to integrate hyperlinks directly into your content, establishing a rich resource for your readership and potentially driving further engagement and traffic. We are happy to help craft and/or edit any content you would to use with your followers.

    Entrepreneurial Networks
    Are you nurturing a group of like-minded Tech & Internet business enthusiasts? It’s time to take a step further by offering your community invaluable recommendations that can significantly enhance their journey in the business landscape and pay you handsomely for the referrals.

    Consulting Agencies
    Work closely with clients eyeing an exit strategy? Play a pivotal role in their success stories by guiding them to lucrative exit opportunities, and enjoy a share of the benefits as their ventures reach a fruitful culmination. Work with us hand in hand to help guide them on that journey (which can sometimes take a number of years to fulfill).

    Industry Experts and Service Suppliers
    Offering a remarkable tool or service in the fast-paced tech industry? Take the initiative to enlighten your clientele on the prospects of selling their business effectively, teaming up with us to provide a roadmap to a successful exit.

    Digital Influencers
    Command a respectable following on platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Instagram or others? Amplify your influence by incorporating our firm into your video description, have a webinar and include our team in it, connect with followers via podcast, or host any number of events that helps foster the opportunity for your followers to engage with our teams for the exit process … all while enhancing your brand and content’s value.

    E-Learning Platforms
    In the realm of online courses, integration is key. Seamlessly weave content into your educational modules, equipping your learners with the knowledge and tools to craft a business that stands robust, ready for a successful exit when the time is right. Our teams can supply much of that content form you – after all – we are your partner!


    Do you know someone seeking an exit?
    We will pay you to introduce them to us!

    Connect with Us
    How Does it Work?

    If you refer a business and its ownership to our firm and we become their business broker, when we sell that business, you will receive a referral fee of the commission we receive at closing. For example, if we sell a business and receive a commission of $50,000,000 at closing, and you brought us the deal, your referral fee would be $250,000 if your fee was at 10%. Those funds would be wired to an account of your choice on the day of closing.

    As we will have assumed the role of business brokers for the transaction, you will not need to be involved at any stage. Just the referral alone earns you the referral fee once the sale closes. Please note, we do not pay referral fees for buyers that are referred to us, only business owners who are selling their business.

    What is Your Acceptance Criteria?

    Our acceptance criteria are flexible; however, the business must be digital. As a business broker, we have sold almost every type of business model found within the digital space. Generally, we accept leads for any profitable Website, Amazon Company, Internet Company, Digital Media Company, and Software or Technology Company.

    As business brokers, our focus is 100% on digital businesses. We also generally require that the business is cash flow positive.

    Earning Potential?

    There is no limit to the amount of money which you can make from referring business to Website Closers. The more deals you refer, the more money we will all make.


    Any business referred to us is subject to approval by our review team. We will not reach out to any businesses which have been referred to us until we have agreed to accept the referral from you. Once approved by our team, we will eSign a one-page Referral Agreement between you and us which formally details the terms and conditions of the referred business.

    Once the Referral Agreement has been fully executed, we will take the next steps to reach out to the client and begin the process of selling their company. Payment of commission is subject to the actual closing of the business.

    Should you have any questions, or should you prefer to discuss this directly with one of our partners, please feel free to contact us at any time at [email protected] or by phone at 800-251-1559

      Should you have any
      questions, or should
      you prefer to discuss
      this directly with one
      of our partners

      Please feel free to contact us
      at [email protected]
      or by phone: (800) 251-1559