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Al Sciola

Al began his career in business as a real estate broker in Boston, MA while he was still in college. He quickly identified several niche opportunities in the market that paved the way for him to grow a 7-figure direct marketing firm in the real estate and legal service industry. With an in-depth knowledge of distressed asset disposition, Al has handled hundreds of transactions involving complex legal and real estate matters throughout New England. Al’s one of the few preferred brokers to U.S. Bankruptcy Court trustees, Probate Court conservators, and numerous private estates. Al has more than 15 years of experience and $500M+ in total closed deal volume since 2007.

As a business advisor and operator, Al has helped start, build, and sell several companies throughout his career in both the brick-and-mortar and the online space. With an emphasis on efficiency and automation, Al is a catalyst for establishing new and improved systems and SOPs within every business that he’s a part of. Since selling several businesses of his own including online companies, Al is an active investor and full-time advisor for business owners seeking guidance on selling their companies.

Helping business owners capitalize on their hard work through the selling process has become Al’s passion in his role as a professional intermediary. Al’s extensive business experience allows his clients to benefit from the perspectives and insights that he’s gained after being involved in as many deals throughout his career. His clients are able to confidently navigate the selling process with Al’s ability to address and overcome any issues that arise. Al prides himself in being extremely reliable, responsive, and accountable and makes sure that all of his clients are always taken care of every step of the way through closing.

In his spare time, Al is an avid reader, mentor, and family man who spends his summers at his lakehouse in NH where he enjoys boating, hiking, and grilling with his family.

Al's Available Listings

18 Year Beauty Products eCommerce Brand – Amazon FBA & Website Sales – One of Amazon’s first Beauty Product Sellers
Website Closers® presents an 18-year-old eCommerce business that has a long history of selling beauty products on its Website and...
Asking Price: $ 500,000
Cash Flow: $ 136,758
SBA Approved Watch Bands & Bracelets eCommerce Brand – 80% Profit Margins – 700+ SKUs – Handcrafted Designs – 25% Repeat Customer Rate
Website Closers® presents a Handcrafted Watch Bracelet & Band eCommerce Business that has tapped into the consumers’ desire to look...
Asking Price: $ 899,000
Cash Flow: $ 240,638
eCommerce Apparel Brand in the Outdoor Hunting & Fishing Verticals – Branded Website Sales – 10% Donated to Charity – In-House Team of Designers
Website Closers® presents an eCommerce Company of Branded Apparel that focuses on the profitable outdoor verticals of Hunting & Fishing....
Asking Price: $ 3,900,000
Cash Flow: $ 798,824
OmniChannel Consumer Electronics Company Offering 4 Brands of CE Products – Primarily Amazon FBA – Also Sold on Target, BestBuy, Walmart & More
Website Closers® presents an eCommerce Company operating multiple in-house brands that started out selling high-demand portable electronic devices and has...
Asking Price: $ 13,500,000
Cash Flow: $ 2,682,367
Highly Ranked Full Service Reputation Management & Digital Agency – 9 Years in Business – SBA Pre-Approved
Website Closers® presents one of the World’s Largest Online Reputation Management and Full-Service Digital Agencies. Carrying more than 9 solid...
Asking Price: $ 2,950,000
Cash Flow: $ 759,726
Subscription Based At-Home Health & Fitness Brand offering Fitness Products & Services via an eCommerce Subscription Model – 2 Shopify Websites – 82% of Revenue is Recurring
Website Closers® presents a Health & Wellness company that offers quality fitness accessories, an online fitness club (subscription-based) with diet...
Asking Price: $ 310,000
Cash Flow: $ 103,828
Online Psychic Services Website, App and Telecommunication Platform that Connects Users to 230 Psychic Advisors – 17,000 Current Active User Accounts
Website Closers® is pleased to present an exceptionally unique offering. The opportunity is a state of the art telecommunications platform...
Asking Price: $ 5,400,000
Cash Flow: $ 1,262,657
eCommerce Brand in the Patriotic Apparel Sector with a Strong Social Following – 5 Years in Business – Strong YOY Growth – Shopify & Amazon Sales (close to 50/50)
Website Closers® presents an eCommerce business that has successfully mixed apparel with patriotism and developed a fast-growing customer base. Effectively...
Asking Price: $ 6,700,000
Cash Flow: $ 1,486,808
Leading Chatbot Software Provider to Enterprise Level Companies – Team of 45 AI Trained Engineers – Fortune 500 Clients – Super High Growth Platform
Website Closers® presents a highly successful AI software provider that helps Enterprise Level Companies create and manage their chatbot solutions...
Asking Price: $ 6,000,000
Cash Flow: $ 846,333
Scaling, DTC Bohemian Style Female Apparel Brand – 38% Repeat Customer Rate – 800,000 Facebook Followers – 11 Years in Business – 32% YOY Growth
Website Closers® presents a powerful 11-year-old eCommerce offering that’s found its niche in the field of women’s apparel. They specialize...
Asking Price: $ 7,000,000
Cash Flow: $ 1,733,994
13 Year eCommerce Brand in a Niche Outdoor Furniture Vertical – 80% Shopify & 20% Amazon – Fully Branded with Proprietary Manufacturing in Place
Website Closers® presents an eco-friendly eCommerce Brand that has spent the past decade establishing itself as a leading online retailer...
Asking Price: $ 31,000,000
Cash Flow: $ 5,720,270
Virtual Coaching & Nutrition Planning Internet Company – 6 Years in Business – US & UK Markets
Website Closers® presents an innovative offering in the booming Diet and Weight Loss Sector. This Internet Company specializes in Direct-to-Consumer...
Asking Price: $ 670,000
Cash Flow: $ 179,303

Al's Closed Deals

eCommerce Retailer in the Streetwear Vertical – All Sales on Branded Website – 300% YOY Sales Growth
Website Closers® presents a highly profitable and fast growing 3-year old eCommerce fashion brand that sells affordable, trendy streetwear apparel...
Asking Price: $ 600,000
Cash Flow: $ 201,446
Amazon FBA Business in Pet, Sports, Yoga and In-Home Storage Verticals
Website Closers® presents a dynamic Amazon FBA Company that sells highly ranked products across 4 high demand categories, including Pet...
Asking Price: $ 1,400,000
Cash Flow: $ 351,209
Scaling eCommerce Brand in the High Growth Crystals, Polished Rocks & Geodes Sector – an Etsy Best Seller
Website Closers® presents an Etsy Best Seller, this brand sells polished rocks, raw crystals, geodes, and crystal jewelry that has...
Asking Price: $ 783,000
Cash Flow: $ 240,999
eCommerce Brand that Outfits Vehicles for Off-Road Travel & Camping in the Overlanding Vertical – DTC eCommerce Retailer – 100% Dropship Model
Website Closers® presents a well-established eCommerce brand leader in the Camping and Roof Top Tents vertical. Selling roof racks, car-top...
Asking Price: $ 675,000
Cash Flow: $ 201,845
SBA Qualified 17 Year Seasoned Pet Safety & Protection Company – 3 Brands – eCommerce Sales Channels across 4 Shopify Websites and – 27% Repeat Order Rate – Multiple Patents in Place
Website Closers® presents a thriving, SBA pre-qualified eCommerce business that’s developed a special place in the highly lucrative field of...
Asking Price: $ 6,000,000
Cash Flow: $ 1,441,302
22 Year Established Fine Jewelry eCommerce Retailer – 2 In House Brands – Mixed Sales Channels
Website Closers® presents a Fine Jewelry eCommerce Retailer operating under multiple brands that has a focus on Sterling Silver, 14...
Asking Price: $ 13,500,000
Cash Flow: $ 2,546,815
SBA Qualified eCommerce Swimwear Brand with a Large Social Media Presence – 23% Repeat Order Rate – In House Designs
Website Closers® presents an exciting eCommerce company that produces and sells a specific kind of Swimwear for Men and Women,...
Asking Price: $ 850,000
Cash Flow: $ 217,684
23 Year eCommerce Veteran in the sale of Model Airplanes & Accessories – 50% Repeat Order Rate – 10,450+ SKUS
Website Closers® presents an eCommerce Business that focuses on the sale of Model Airplanes & Accessories to Aviation Enthusiasts. Established...
Asking Price: $ 1,130,000
Cash Flow: $ 251,153
Nutritional Supplements & Black Gold Jewelry eCommerce Retailer – 2 Brands – 40% YOY Profit Growth – 14 Years in Business – Seller Financing Available!
Website Closers® presents a dynamic mix of 2 brands that represents a unique opportunity for an entrepreneur to purchase 2...
Asking Price: $ 488,775
Cash Flow: $ 139,651
Scaling eCommerce Brand and Manufacturing Plant in the Adjustable Bed, Mattress & Bedding Accessories Vertical
Website Closers® presents an enormously, super high growth Bed and Bedding eCommerce business that has grown so quickly over the...
Asking Price: $ 40,000,000
Cash Flow: $ 5,415,717
SBA Prequalified 17 Year Website Development & Maintenance Company – Strong Recurring Revenues – Growing Customer Base
Website Closers® presents an innovative, SBA prequalified business that successfully provides one of the most in-demand services today: website development...
Asking Price: $ 2,200,000
Cash Flow: $ 627,130
Amazon FBA Dental Care eCommerce Brand – 50% YOY Growth – 5 Star Ratings on Amazon
Website Closers® presents an eCommerce company that’s experiencing tremendous growth in the niche field of oral care products, a rapidly...
Asking Price: $ 431,056
Cash Flow: $ 107,764

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