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Bill Gustin Business Broker


Bill started his career in finance, holding positions in investment banking and restructuring. In 2010, Bill left the corporate world to pursue his entrepreneurial passion and together with his partners, built a multi-brand eCommerce business that grew to over 50 employees. During this time, Bill has served many roles including a brief stint as interim CEO of a women’s shoe company.

In 2018 he and his team sold the business to a large brick-and-mortar chain and since this time Bill worked as a consultant, assisting private equity firms with diligence and operational consulting. Bill worked on transactions from venture funding to global brands including the carveout of Magento from eBay. Bill enjoys time with his family, especially outdoors, and is frequently seen walking in Hyde Park, Tampa with his wife and two dogs. Bill graduated from Florida State University with a BS in Finance and Multinational Business Operations.

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