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David Lylis

I began my business career as a small business owner in the custom cabinet and specialty woodworking field and have been involved in business management and operations my entire adult life.
Following my career as a Director with a multinational Fortune 500 company, specializing in marketing and sales and managing a $40 million division, I changed life direction with an invitation to join a business brokerage franchise where I refined my chops in the main street business community. I found my niche. I started closing mid-market deals almost immediately and was invited to represent the same clients in the sale of multiple businesses. As the tides changed toward eCommerce I gained a specialty in online and eCommerce businesses and found my home as a successful eCommerce intermediary, which I have enjoyed for the past seven years.
My business motto is “Clients First” and operate my business with that rule in mind, that my client’s needs come before all else. This view of my business has brought many friends onto my life, who started as clients but because I place their needs first and reach or exceed their goals, become my friends. “Treat your clients so you can look them in the eye after the sale and know you have done the right thing”.

It is important to be straight forward with your clients and properly manage expectations. Tell them the way it is, as you see it, not what you think they want to hear. Tell them what to expect and why. Be straight about market conditions, funding, and the time needed to a successful transaction. Properly vet the buyers to know that they have the necessary funding, skills and experience to take the client’s “baby” and treat it as the client would do themselves if they were to continue to operate the business. Select buyers who have the ability to grow the business and assure the client that future payments beyond the close, should there be, are secure and certain to be paid. Discuss the sales strategy with the clients so they understand the process by which the transaction will be successful. Never assume that the client knows the sale process and be certain that they are comfortable with the direction you are taking with their business.

In my spare time at home I enjoy interior decorating and have the builder’s skills to do much of my own work. I love to travel, listen to music, read, but most of all, play my Fender Stratocaster guitar. I am an aspiring Blues Man. My original home is New England so living in Florida makes for a pleasant day, every day.

David's Available Listings

21 Year Veteran eCommerce Brand in the Kitchenware & Small Appliance Space – Strong Amazon & DTC Website Presence
Website Closers® presents an eCommerce company that has over two decades of experience as the premiere online location for the...
Asking Price: $ 5,900,000
Cash Flow: $ 1,239,628
11 Year Patio & Hearth eCommerce Brand – 100% Amazon Sales – 70% Growth
Website Closers® presents a fantastic opportunity to enter the Outdoor Products vertical through the acquisition of this 11-year-old eCommerce business...
Asking Price: $ 2,450,000
Cash Flow: $ 494,988
25 Year Liquid Supplements eCommerce Brand – 50% Repeat Customer Rate – Owner is also the Manufacturer – Massive Upside Potential
Website Closers® presents a high growth CPG Brand in the Liquid Vitamins & Supplements Vertical. The brand has had an...
Asking Price: $ 50,000,000
Cash Flow: $ 10,865,748
9 Year eCommerce & Wholesale Brand that provides Professional Gear for Working Dogs (ESA, Service & Therapy Dogs) – 83% Amazon & 16% Chewy Sales
Website Closers® presents an eCommerce Pet Brand that has, over the last nine years, been leaps and bounds ahead of the...
Asking Price: $ 1,775,000
Cash Flow: $ 508,574
eCommerce Jewelry Brand Inspired by the Ocean – 73% YOY Profit Growth – No Inventory to Manage – Super Easy to Run – Strong Social Following
Website Closers® presents a thriving eCommerce business that provides unique and trendy ocean-inspired jewelry. This young business has amassed so...
Asking Price: $ 1,200,000
Cash Flow: $ 371,635
High Growth eCommerce Brand – Huge Social Media Following & 23% Repeat Order Rate – Cutting Edge Bongs, Pipes and Smoke Accessories
Website Closers® presents a niche and rapidly growing opportunity, this innovative eCommerce Company sells cutting edge bongs, pipes, and smoke...
Asking Price: $ 3,750,000
Cash Flow: $ 830,301
12 Year Old Cruelty Free Mens, Womens & Kids Apparel Brand – DTC eCommerce, Wholesale & Retail Sales Channels – Very Strong Social Following
Website Closers® presents a flourishing Brand in the Outerwear & Apparel Vertical, with a niche focus on Vegan and Cruelty-Free...
Asking Price: $ 19,800,000
Cash Flow: $ 3,177,394
Scaling eCommerce Brand offering Cryptocurrency Password Protection Devices – 85 Percent Organic Traffic – Website & Amazon Sales
Website Closers® presents a cutting-edge eCommerce company offering exclusive cryptocurrency private key security products via its Branded Website as well...
Asking Price: $ 2,800,000
Cash Flow: $ 823,180
Virtual Employee Screening Firm with Long Term Commercial, Healthcare & Government Contracts in Place – 97% Repeat Customer Rate
Website Closers® presents an established, twelve-year-old Employee Screening firm. The Company utilizes effective advanced software tools and a comprehensive network...
Asking Price: $ 375,000
Cash Flow: $ 89,544
Affiliate Marketing Network – 1,000+ Affiliates – 130 Advertising Partners – Multiple Verticals & Markets – 31% Net Profit Margin
Website Closers® presents a flourishing Affiliate Network that helps website owners, bloggers, social media influencers, content creators, email marketers, and...
Asking Price: $ 2,000,000
Cash Flow: $ 585,110
22 Year Online Booking Platform for Local Entertainers – Over 1,000 Local Entertainers in Place around the US – Strong Organic Traffic – 80%+ Net Margins
Website Closers® presents a well-known brand in its category. For over 20 years, they have developed a thriving brand and...
Asking Price: $ 765,000
Cash Flow: $ 254,591
Amazon FBA Brand selling Maternity Belts for Expectant Mothers – 4,200+ Reviews on Amazon
Website Closers® presents an eCommerce business that has grown quickly in three years targeting a loyal and committed customer base:...
Asking Price: $ 375,000
Cash Flow: $ 88,749

David's Closed Deals

B2B eCommerce Business in the Automotive Equipment Vertical – 30 Years in Business – Private Label Brand – $4,000 AOV – Customers are Primarily Mechanics & Auto Shops
Website Closers® presents a B2B eCommerce Brand in the Automotive Service Equipment Space, selling via its Exact Match Domain Website...
Asking Price: $ 425,000
Cash Flow: $ 151,438
Patented Pedicure Product Line for DTC (45%) and Wholesale Customers (55%) – Strong Amazon eCommerce Sales
Website Closers® presents an innovative company that developed an at home, Fully Patented Pedicure product along with an accompanying Professional...
Asking Price: $ 750,000
Cash Flow: $ 183,520
Amazon FBA eCommerce Retailer in the DVD Movies & TV Shows Vertical – Strong Year over Year Growth
Website Closers® presents a flourishing eCommerce business that sells popular DVDs and Blu Ray discs. Successfully tapping into the public’s...
Asking Price: $ 2,000,000
Cash Flow: $ 504,107
20 Year eCommerce Company in the Home Goods Vertical – 21,000 SKUs – Largely Organic Traffic
Website Closers® presents an astonishing opportunity to acquire a multichannel eCommerce Giant with two thriving and successful brands. Both brands...
Asking Price: $ 7,500,000
Cash Flow: $ 1,900,141
5 Year Personalized Engraved Gifts and Goods eCommerce Company – 3 Brands – Wedding, Groomsmen & Corporate Gifts Verticals
Website Closers® presents a highly targeted eCommerce Business that has expanded phenomenally over the past 5 years. Growing from 1...
Asking Price: $ 500,000
Cash Flow: $ 117,523
Diabetes Management Health & Wellness eCommerce Retailer – 85% YOY Growth – 23% Repeat Order Rate – SBA Approved
Website Closers® presents an eCommerce medical supply retailer that boasts impressive Amazon growth, reliable revenue, and strong customer retention. Offering...
Asking Price: $ 2,549,000
Cash Flow: $ 749,414
14 Year Digital Marketing Agency with Annual Contracts and a Focus on Web Design, Development, SEM & SMO
Website Closers® presents a 14-year established Digital Marketing Agency with a focus on Website Design & Development, Marketing Strategy Creation...
Asking Price: $ 600,000
Cash Flow: $ 143,535
Flag & Flagpole eCommerce Company – Country, State, Military & Historical Flags and Flagpoles – Website & Amazon Sales Mix
Website Closers® presents a highly unique provider of niche products. This patriotically driven eCommerce seller provides flags and flagpole products...
Asking Price: $ 440,000
Cash Flow: $ 110,420
Hockey Training Equipment & Accessories Brand – eCommerce & Retail – 41% Repeat Order Rate – Channel Mix
Website Closers® presents the world’s largest and premier supplier of hockey training equipment and accessories. As a 7-year developed company,...
Asking Price: $ 2,500,000
Cash Flow: $ 454,578
23 Year B2B eCommerce Business in the Custom Promotional Products Vertical – 80% Repeat Order Rate – Strong Supplier Relationships – Easy to Run From Home
Website Closers® presents a well-established brand leader in the Custom Promotional Products Vertical. 23 years of laser-focused, industry-specific experience in...
Asking Price: $ 492,000
Cash Flow: $ 123,760
The target is an eCommerce Retailer primarily operating in the Hat, Headbands and Headwear space - also selling in the...
Asking Price: $ 5,700,000
Cash Flow: $ 1,277,573
Subscription Based eCommerce Brand with Accessories, Apparel, Essential Oils, Health Products and More – 80% of Sales are from Subscriptions – 4,500+ Active Members
Website Closers® presents a subscription-based eCommerce business that has found its niche among the Bohemian and Wellness markets. Young and...
Asking Price: $ 890,000
Cash Flow: $ 261,360

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