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Eric Pittman Business Broker


Over the last 30 years, Eric has taken multiple companies from start-up to exit while serving in the roles of CFO and President.  This included executing on growth strategies through acquisition and subsequent integration management.  He has also done extensive consulting with companies across multiple industries, helping his clients find operational efficiencies, solve complex business problems and think strategically about how to grow their own enterprise value for maximum exit opportunity.

Eric came to know Website Closers when he and his wife Carol acquired an eCommerce business of their own.  His personal experience through that transaction, his love of M&A and the joy of helping business owners be successful led to Eric becoming a business broker for Website Closers.

Eric uses his extensive business experiences, deep knowledge of finance and hard-learned lessons to evaluate businesses and develop personalized strategies that deliver the best possible results for his clients.

Eric and Carol have a blended family with 2 adult children and 2 in college.  Eric’s interests outside of work include golf, mountaineering, music, cooking and great wine.

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