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Gwen Sylvester Business Broker


Gwen Sylvester is an experienced M&A professional who has overseen more than $200M in business acquisition transactions. Prior to her current role with Website Closers, Gwen was Senior Director of Acquisitions at Thrasio, where she closed more than 100 transactions of online and e-commerce businesses.

Gwen enjoys working with sellers of all sizes to prepare for an ideal exit. Her previous experience as a buyer gives her unique perspective on the preparation, marketing, and negotiations for each of her clients. Gwen’s role for sellers is to understand their business financials, their ideal structure for an exit, and the characteristics of their business that will create demand for buyers. Gwen consults with sellers on how to best position their businesses to be attractive to a buyer and diligently works to bring qualified and vetted buyers to the negotiation table.

When partnering with buyers looking for their next acquisition, Gwen is disciplined in understanding their desired criteria. Gwen specifically highlights brands that are relevant, rather than showing buyers everything on the market.

Gwen lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband, daughter, and Australian cattle dog. Gwen is a Pacific Northwest enthusiast and loves all things food, wine, and the outdoor adventures the region has to offer.

Gwen's Testimonials

Kristin and Molly, the founders of Fresh Headquarters, a specialized Amazon FBA business focused on providing high-quality and cost-conscious air filtration methods, had a clear goal from the outset: to build the business and eventually sell it. When the time... read more came to sell, they enlisted the expertise of Gwen Sylvester from Website Closers to navigate the complex sales process.
Gwen Sylvester played a pivotal role in facilitating a smooth and successful deal with the buyers, JP and Stacy Prinz. Kristin expressed her appreciation for Gwen’s extensive knowledge of the FBA space and the valuation she provided for Fresh Headquarters. Stacy, on the other hand, acknowledged that purchasing a company is not as easy as it may seem, emphasizing that it was Gwen’s guidance that made the process manageable and successful.
By working closely with Gwen Sylvester, Kristin and Molly were able to sell Fresh Headquarters and achieve their goal. Gwen’s expertise, particularly in the FBA industry, along with her guidance and valuation expertise, proved invaluable in ensuring a smooth and favorable outcome for all parties involved in the transaction.
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