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Justin Harris Business Broker


Prior to Website Closers, Justin worked as a VP of operations in a nearly half-billion-dollar company, but as with many, got the entrepreneurial itch. He then co-founded two startups, one of which was a SaaS company. He helped build those organizations over a seven-year period as the COO and then exited.

He’s also purchased and helped run multiple e-commerce brands. In looking to acquire those brands, Justin was exposed to Website Closers for the first time. After being involved with building, exiting and purchasing, joining the Website Closers team made perfect sense.

He and his wife, Aimee (with two “e’s”), have three kids: Caed, Vivian, and Verity.

When he’s not working, he enjoys watching his kids play sports, going on a date with his wife, working out, cheering on the Georgia Bulldogs, reading the next great leadership book, watching a superhero movie, or taking his dog Buddy out to potty – it’s his job to do that early in the morning and at night.

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