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Lassiter Mason

Lassiter Mason joined the Website Closers team in 2015 after a 25-year career in various other financial roles across such diverse industries as utilities, agriculture, airlines, turn-around consulting, and real estate development. It is this spanning financial background that gives him a special eye to just what needs to be done to successfully get his clients happily across the finish line.  According to Lassiter, every deal “breaks” three or four times during the sales process. The key to success is being able to repair each connection in such a way that everyone comes out stronger.

Upfront preparation is paramount when bringing a business to market for sale.  Having the financials in order and having a deep understanding of the company at hand are key aspects of Lassiter’s process.  Years of experience have allowed him to impactfully predict, resolve, and answer many of the questions that buyers commonly ask.  It is this invaluable expertise that regularly means the difference between a successful transaction and a lost sale.  This detailed preparation reflects positively on the Seller and gives comfort to buyers that the company is both organized and trustworthy.

When not at work, Lassiter’s favorite thing is simply spending time with his wife and three kids.  Living in Florida, he has a wealth of activities to choose from and loves to take advantage of this as much as possible.

Lassiter 's Available Listings

Body Armor System Brand – American Made – 2 DTC eCommerce Sales Channels – Proprietary & Unique Designs – 34% Net Margins
Website Closers® presents an American Made Brand devoted to quality, innovation, and protection within the Body Armor Segment. Many of...
Asking Price: $ 2,500,000
Cash Flow: $ 645,936
Amazon FBA Nutritional Supplements Brand – Strong Growth in Subscribe & Save Customers – Gummies, Capsules, Liquids & Powders – 2X+ Growth Trend for 2022 over Last Year
Website Closers® presents an Amazon FBA Brand in the Nutritional Supplements vertical that has shown extraordinary profitability that is increasing...
Asking Price: $ 3,000,000
Cash Flow: $ 723,218
25 Year Medical, Health & Wellness eCommerce Brand – Exclusivity Agreements in Place – eBay, Amazon, Walmart & Branded Website Channels
Website Closers® presents an eCommerce Company that has been in business for 25 years. They originally started out as a...
Asking Price: $ 2,800,000
Cash Flow: $ 646,220
eCommerce Brand in the Performance Automotive Parts & Accessories Vertical – No SKU Concentration Risk – Drop Ship Model (Low OPEX)
Website Closers® presents an eCommerce business in the Auto Parts & Tools vertical focused on the Performance Modification of Cars...
Asking Price: $ 1,850,000
Cash Flow: $ 534,052
20 Year Old B2B eCommerce Brand in the Outdoor Home & Adventure Markets – 30% YOY Sales Growth over the Last 4 Years
Website Closers® presents a flourishing eCommerce Business that has been in business for 20 years offering outdoor home and lifestyle...
Asking Price: $ 7,800,000
Cash Flow: $ 1,947,939
Subscription Based At-Home Health & Fitness Brand offering Fitness Products & Services via an eCommerce Subscription Model – 2 Shopify Websites – 82% of Revenue is Recurring
Website Closers® presents a Health & Wellness company that offers quality fitness accessories, an online fitness club (subscription-based) with diet...
Asking Price: $ 310,000
Cash Flow: $ 103,828
Female Health & Wellness eCommerce Brand – Custom Formulas for Supplements, Oils & More – 81,000 Instagram Followers – $71 AOV – Only Selling on Website
Website Closers® presents an eCommerce company with an exclusive line of natural, hormone-free products in the Female Health and Wellness...
Asking Price: $ 1,000,000
Cash Flow: $ 252,394
35 Year, SBA Pre-Qualified eCommerce Brand offering Nostalgic Cast Iron Home Decor across 5 Sales Channels – Strong Amazon Presence – Highly Defensible Niche Products
Website Closers® presents an eCommerce Brand that has successfully carved out a unique position in the field of home décor...
Asking Price: $ 985,000
Cash Flow: $ 247,567
Amazon FBA Nutritional Supplements eCommerce Brand – 30% YOY Growth – 26% Net Margins – $25 AOV
Website Closers® presents an eCommerce Brand in the Nutritional Supplements category. The company offers a variety of products to tackle...
Asking Price: $ 2,000,000
Cash Flow: $ 479,585
40 Year Established Digital Marketing Firm for the Jewelry Sector – 85% Customer Retention Rate – Customers Average 7+ Years with the Firm
Website Closers® presents a flashy B2B Marketing Firm with decades of experience providing Marketing & Advertising Services for the Jewelry...
Asking Price: $ 1,575,000
Cash Flow: $ 425,278
SBA Eligible – Growing Personalized Gifts eCommerce Business – Sales Mix on, and
Website Closers® presents an exuberant eCommerce business in the niche field of personalized and custom gifts. Offering entirely exclusive SKUs...
Asking Price: $ 450,000
Cash Flow: $ 105,555
Maternity Products eCommerce Brand – 30% YOY Growth Rate – Strong Ranking on Amazon – 3 Years in Business
Website Closers® presents a heartwarming eCommerce Business that sells Health & Wellness products for Pregnant Women. Operating within a high...
Asking Price: $ 435,000
Cash Flow: $ 100,818

Lassiter 's Closed Deals

23 Year Online Games, Solvers & Puzzles Website Business – Monetized via Programmatic Display Ads on 17+ Networks – All Organic Traffic – 78M Pageviews, 19M Monthly Sessions & 5M Uniques
Website Closers® presents an online business that has spent 23 years entertaining people who share the founder’s passion for puzzles...
Asking Price: $ 31,000,000
Cash Flow: $ 5,291,808
Online Psychic Services Website, App and Telecommunication Platform that Connects Users to 230 Psychic Advisors – 17,000 Current Active User Accounts
Website Closers® is pleased to present an exceptionally unique offering. The opportunity is a state of the art telecommunications platform...
Asking Price: $ 5,400,000
Cash Flow: $ 1,262,657
Automotive Performance Modification Parts & Tools eCommerce Retailer – Primarily Amazon Sales – Dropship Inventory Model
Website Closers® presents an eCommerce business in the Auto Parts & Tools vertical focused on the Performance Modification of Cars...
Asking Price: $ 2,250,000
Cash Flow: $ 539,949
Industry Leader in the Person Search Industry - 5x Growth Potential From Suite of Newly Developed Products - 30 Million Visitors Per Year
Website Closers® presents a dominant player in the Person Search sector via Reverse Phone Number Lookups.  This dynamic offering has...
Asking Price: $ 18,000,000
Cash Flow: $ 3,576,128
High Growth Film & Entertainment Content Site – Daily Source for Entertainment News for Lifestyle, TV, Celebrity, Hobby, Learning & More
Website Closers® presents an in-demand, dynamic website with astounding, high volume repeat traffic. This dynamic news and entertainment website has...
Asking Price: $ 8,250,000
Cash Flow: $ 2,407,853
14 Year Established Online Lab Testing Service – 39% Net Margins – 650 Tests Available – No Medical License Required
Website Closers® presents a seasoned industry leader of online lab testing services.  The offering of two sister-company websites provides an...
Asking Price: $ 5,600,000
Cash Flow: $ 1,349,961
Personalized and In-House Designed Jewelry & Gifts eCommerce Brand – Amazon FBA – Large Collection of Best Seller Tags – Full Executive Team in Place
Website Closers® presents a super exciting company that was founded in 2007 with the mission of creating one-of-a-kind custom jewelry...
Asking Price: $ 12,225,000
Cash Flow: $ 2,777,233

Lassiter 's Testimonials

Feedback From Our Clients

The best decision I made through this process was to hire Lassiter. Lassiter is incredibly knowledgeable and a pleasure to deal with. Without his experience, this closing may not have happened. I cannot recommend a broker more.

- Eric B.

Jason and Ron, What an amazingly positive experience from start to finish. Having you boys in our corner made us feel secure and confident. You provided us with an unbelievable amount of priceless value through this entire process. We had private offers and were considering going direct. But you made us feel comfortable and safe. We wanted to have your expertise to help guide us through the process and take some of the stress and workload off our hands. You did exactly that and produced over and above your promises.

You boys are on the next level. We are forever grateful for sticking with us from the start!

– Jeff P

Lassiter certainly earned his commission on this one! I had calls with a couple brokers before signing with Website Closers. I wanted to make sure I felt like I was working with someone that understood the business and could get the job done, but also someone that I wanted to work with on a friendly level. Lassiter hit the mark perfectly in all areas. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Website Closers again.

– Sam U

Working with the websiteclosers team and my broker Grier Holliday was a great experience. Very prompt response times and extremely helpful in assisting a first time seller like myself get through the process effortlessly. I really felt like they were looking out for my interests above all else….

– Jason Tanner

Website Closers is a go-to brokerage for all things ecommerce consumer products. They have great deal flow and their brokers know the market and how to get deals done. I work most closely with Tom Howard. Tom is a pleasure to work with. He has a talent for facilitating transactions effectively. I strongly recommend Tom and Website Closers.

– Boris Katsnelson

As a first time seller of a business, I had a ton of questions and challenges but I was lucky enough to connect up with Jeff Hanson of Website Closers, who was so much help and made the process as transparent and easy as possible.

We had multiple buyers lined up right away and thankfully, Jeff was there to lean on during my decision process of selecting the best buyer for my business.

Jeff always made time for me and walked me through each step along the way. I felt like I had a friend looking out for my best interests and helping me get through the process.

Thanks to Jeff Hanson and Website Closers!

– H Gomes

As a business owner preparing for my exit, I could not have been more fortunate to have worked with Tom Howard as my business broker. What was most important to me, Tom delivered. He quickly understood our business structure, set and met a sale price commensurate with my expectations and corporate financials, and introduced appropriate buyers. Tom is a seasoned broker who is highly capable and determined to meet the many challenges of a business sale. The process was both structured and transparent. At each stage, Tom offered advice and a suite of contacts which resulted in access to skilled financial advisers, bankers, and qualified buyers. I would not hesitate to work with Tom on a future sale.

– Roseanne Lowe

I worked with Tom Howard on the acquisition of Gorilla Shipper in 2019. Tom was very timely and professional. In addition he was able to bring independent advisors into the due diligence process that helped make the decision making process very simple. I would not only use his services again but would highly recommend him to anyone looking to get into the e-commerce space.

– Kirk Mellecker

This is a review about my experience selling two internet companies with Website Closers in 2015. The companies sold for over 350,000 USD. Grier Holiday was my broker for these sales, and will continue to be in the future as I move forward. He and his team had both of my companies sold within 3 months….

– Corey Chiappiazzi

Grier from did a great job of facilitating our transaction from start to finish. He had a great feel for the key parts of the deal and made us feel very comfortable. His recommendation for a consultant for post-sale outsourcing was excellent. We wouldn’t hesitate to work with him again.

– Will Shaw

Working with Tom was effortless and efficient – professional and thorough. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for an e-commerce business broker. A pleasure throughout the experience.

– Gail GranowitzMD, Director of Anesthesia at NJ Spine Institute

What can I say! My experience with Website Closers & Alex as my broker has been more than amazing. Alex promised my store would sell and the guarantee was kept! On top of that, Alex kept me updated regularly about the process of my store, lets you know if you have any offer, any recommendations to add to your listening, and overall keeps you constantly updated on what’s going on, a lot better than other website brokers who disappear after weeks and leaves you in the dark. If you’re thinking of selling your business, then I can’t stress enough that Website Closers is the best place to go. I really appreciate all the hard work and dedication Alex put into everything he does, 10/10!

– Miguel C.

Tom was the utmost professional. The information he provided was very timely and complete. As the buyer of the website company, I felt our relationship was very consultative. He was candid, straightforward, provide full disclosure and was genuinely concerned for it being the “right deal” for both the buyer and seller.

– Randall Schultz, PhDCEO at JMJK Sports Collectibles

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