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Madhur Dayal Business Broker


Madhur Dayal is an experienced finance professional who has worked across various industries in the capacity of a Portfolio Manager, CFO, and a C-level executive. His past roles include executive positions at multiple investment banks. He has also been a founding team member at a hedge fund where he co-managed investment funds of over $200 million. Over the course of his career, he has deployed over $1bn in investor capital. An entrepreneur at heart, Madhur has founded two companies (both acquired), one of which acted as the CFO, accounting and finance department for over 100 businesses. He helped raise Series A and B financing rounds for multiple tech and e-commerce startups.

His passion for helping businesses of all sizes, from startups and growth companies seeking venture or private equity capital to companies seeking an exit strategy, naturally led him to his current role as an M&A consultant.

Madhur’s past experience is critical to his success in getting transactions across the finish line. His deep insight into the investment process and criteria of buyers allows him to evaluate every transaction from an investor’s perspective. His process starts with understanding the seller’s business, evaluating their financials and making suggestions to have investor/buyer-ready financials. To bring the best buyer for his sellers, he leverages his extensive network of investors, private equity funds, and the firm database of over 1.3 million buyers.

For buyers, he starts with understanding their goals, risk tolerance, financial capacity, skill sets and purchase criteria. Based on this, he helps match them up with a business that meets their needs and helps them structure terms that work for both parties.

At the core of every transaction is a commitment to a partnership with his clients. Madhur is committed to strengthening that partnership through trust, integrity and transparency at each interaction. Transactions have critical make-or-break moments. Madhur prides himself in understanding the key elements of any transaction, foreseeing potential issues and coming up with creative structures so that transactions do not break, but get across the finish line with happy buyers and sellers.

Madhur has a Master’s in Engineering from the Ohio State University, an MBA in finance from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management, Northwestern University, and is a Certified Valuation Analyst (inactive). In his spare time, he can be found on the tennis court or traveling the world with his family.

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