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Paul Volen Business Broker


Paul has had a successful 25 year career in corporate America, where he led and scaled large technology divisions at Fortune 1000 companies. Following these milestones, Paul spent 8 years as an entrepreneur, running, buying, and selling his own businesses. Finding a passion for the buying and selling process, he decided to help others succeed by becoming a business broker himself. Paul’s years of experience as both a business owner and a person selling their company allows him to effectively step into the shoes of the buyers and sellers that he represents. It’s this impactful empathy that helps him reach win-win scenarios more rapidly and effectively.  


On the sell side, Paul works to develop an advanced understanding of the businesses he represents – what makes the business unique, what is the value chain, where are the growth opportunities, how smooth are operations, how clean are the books. He first looks to optimize the value of each company through extensive upfront advisory and consulting work with the seller, this portion of the process is included in our services, and helps the business to sell swiftly by putting their best foot forward. Always. 


At a personal level, Paul loves spending time with his wife and two teenage boys, especially as the boys will be leaving home soon. A dedicated father, he spends much of his free time with his family. Outside of family time, he has a love for tennis and inventive cuisine – he’s always open to new restaurant recommendations!

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