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Remy Belanger Business Broker


Remy Belanger is a leading E-commerce M&A advisor passionate about exceeding his clients’ expectations. With more than 20+ years of experience in finance and e-commerce, Remy has structured deals across the globe as both a buyer and a seller, raising more than $4M in capital for his own businesses and generating upwards of $22M in sales.

“By analyzing market trends and aligning them with a business’ core processes, strengths, and weaknesses, I offer a full 360 analysis with subsequent recommendations to implement strategies that capture key buyers, ensuring my clients receive all their business is worth and more.”


Remy started his career as a Commercial Lender for the Development Bank of Canada and was recognized as a top performer in his field. His professional journey continued to advance, leading him to own and manage businesses in manufacturing, automation, and e-commerce, where he developed an Amazon private label business which sold in the seven figures across several countries.

Remy holds a bachelor’s degree in finance and Business Administration from the University of Sherbrooke, Canada. His background spans financial analysis and reporting, cash flow and accounting, operations management, enterprise transformations, and team leadership (115+). Through accurate projections, ERP implementations, and performance optimization, Remy has consistently maximized growth and revenue, resulting in millions of dollars in returns.

“As someone who has achieved great success buying, selling, and managing businesses globally, I am uniquely positioned to structure deals that serve as a win for all. My client-centric approach allows me to focus my efforts on the business goals of those I represent and work fervently with their interests in mind.”

When Remy is not structuring international sales, you can find him enjoying life in the beautiful Eastern Townships with his beloved family. An avid outdoorsman, Remy is well set up to enjoy his many favorite activities:  boating, fishing, and skiing (both alpine and waterskiing). He also enjoys entertaining his closest friends and family with impeccable home-cooked meals and fine wines.

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