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14 Year Old, Highly Sticky Digital Marketing Agency – 50 Active Clients – Strong Sales & Account Management Team in Place

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Website Closers® presents a digital marketing agency with 14 years of experience delivering world class Digital Marketing and Content Development Strategies. This agency has become renowned for its talented team of account managers who are experienced in campaign development and management … navigating challenges that may develop in a campaign and capitalizing on successes. The company prides itself in maintaining a high level of client communication to ensure continued growth and success (not a set it and leave it approach).

Clients do not sign long-term contracts. However, after 3 months of service, the client becomes very sticky … with most staying on for years thereafter. The LTV and client retention rate of this agency is strong. The company has maintained $1 million in sales each year for the past decade and continues to hum along nicely; it could use some new blood in the form of a buyer to take this beyond where it is today. Today the company benefits well from word-of-mouth and glowing referrals – both of which help attract new customers.

Digital marketing remains one of the most rapidly growing industries across the globe. The phenomenal shift of consumers doing shopping and searches on their laptops and smartphones has convinced the vast majority of businesses that they need a strong online presence that includes a contemporary content strategy targeting multiple devices. The global digital marketing market was valued at $340 billion in 2020 and has been growing at a rate of 12.8%.

The growing trends of remote working and online collaboration has shifted a lot of marketing campaigns to social media, search engines, blogs and PPC ad spends, creating significant advantages for digital marketing agencies with the kind of experience, industry knowledge and proven track record this agency has. Being able to document a clear picture of their Return on Investment (ROI) for clients can help ensure durability moving forward.

This agency focuses on driving traffic for clients. Launched in 2008, the agency offers a host of services that include Paid Search ads, Social Media ads, SEO and email marketing, which re-enforce messaging consistent with the client’s products and the customer needs. At the same time, they set up an account management team to directly connect with clients, maintain high levels of communication, and to provide quick answers and feedback at all times. Once a client is brought on, they are assigned to an account manager to facilitate their services. Clients have come to appreciate having direct contact with the person handling their account and maintaining intimate knowledge of the status of their marketing.

Their focus has also been on not just growing profits but scaling the client’s business in the weeks, months and years that follow. In many instances, clients will add on additional services or upgrade existing ones as their needs change. The agency is also adept at pitching alternative services to maintain strong relationships with their clients.

The agency’s target market has consisted of established businesses spending money on ad platforms who are looking for greater guidance. Their growing client base has included plenty of eCommerce companies, regional service suppliers, software companies, and SaaS providers.

Their sales team works efficiently to attract new clients. With 50 active clients, the company has an internal sales team that has brought on many of their existing businesses, and with so many long-term clients, the company has benefitted tremendously from their referral partner relationships. The clients pay for their services monthly, and all that is requested of those customers is that they provide a 30-day cancellation notice if they want to sever the business relationship. Most, however, have stayed with the company for years.

The company’s decision to put in place a system for strong referral relationships has also been a boost for the company. Their retention rate is much higher than at other agencies. The company has also excelled by refusing to offer cookie cutter strategies and instead have focused entirely on content plans customized for each client’s needs and future goals. Recently, the company developed programs designed for small businesses on tighter budgets, to provide DIY services and consulting that won’t bust their budget.

They have their own content plan to boost sales. A significant advantage to any digital marketing agency is understanding how to use their own expertise and strategies to market their own services, and this company does that well. They maintain a solid presence on social media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube, and have run some PPC retargeting ads on Facebook. The company also does its own email marketing to boost organic traffic. On their YouTube channel, which has received 15,000+ views, the company engages in video marketing to expand their audience. The company has also done outreach to see if other companies are looking to refer clients for a commission, with eCommerce companies or hosting companies being the likely referrals.

The agency’s experienced team has enabled the current ownership to spend just 20 hours per week operating the business, focusing on tasks that include making sales calls, consulting with prospective clients, and closing new business. The bottom line is that as long as there are businesses that need marketing strategies, agencies such as this one will continue to thrive, although this company’s track record and invaluable employees makes it one with a clear path to grow and become a leader in this niche space.

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Website Closers
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Asking Price
$ 980,000
Cash Flow
$ 245,022
Gross Income
$ 1,085,593
Year Established

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