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14 Year Seasoned Recurring Revenue Website & Hosting Platform


The target represents an enviable, one of a kind opportunity in the difficult to penetrate web hosting & site building marketplace. Featuring YOY growth and a solid 14-year track record with over 90% recurring subscription revenue, it is not only a well-established and proven profitable model – it also operates with extremely low-overhead and has become multi-faceted in its approach to both earning its customers’ business in the space, but also monetizing them as well.

This company offers a truly unique platform – build a full and complete website in less than ten minutes. Not just a façade or bare bones sitemap – but a real, fully fleshed out and functional site populated with actual content desirable within the selected vertical. At zero cost to the customer up front, all rights-managed content is available for their use on their website. This model has been perfected over the course of nearly two decades in the website building business, and represents an opportunity to truly own a subscribing base of customers from top to bottom – they needn’t shop elsewhere for literally any single component of their website once it is built upon Website Masters LLC’s unique framework.

Fully automated as a 100% turnkey operation and build upon in-house and proprietary Cold Fusion-based software, with incredibly low OPEX and no employees on payroll, this opportunity is a shoe-in for even the most inexperienced tech entrepreneur – the only limit to scale with this business is your willingness to pursue aggressive advertising campaigns and build upon an already profitable and growing organic traffic flow.

Business Listed by:
Technology & Internet Business Brokers

Asking Price
$ 440,000
Cash Flow
$ 111,200
Gross Income
$ 168,000
Year Established

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