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17 Year eCommerce Brand in the Equestrian & Farm Markets – 60% Repeat Customer Rate – $1100 AOV – Custom Designed Products


Website Closers® presents a unique eCommerce Brand that is focused in the Equestrian Vertical, serving consumers that enjoy horseback riding and competitions with products that meet their needs. The brand is well-known in the space, having been in the marketplace for nearly 20 years. The market for these products is growing, fueled by women who are becoming horse owners and have an interest in horseback riding.

The company’s products include accessories and supplies for horse owners, farms, and competitive riders. Since the competition for these products is not as fierce as in many eCommerce categories – the brand has developed a strong reputation
among their buyers resulting in a stunning 60% Repeat Customer Rate. This kind of customer loyalty is very difficult to achieve and is an endorsement of the brand’s effectiveness in the market and the quality of the products it offers.

With a committed customer base and a limited number of eCommerce businesses operating in the niche Equestrian and horse show space, a buyer has an ideal opportunity to take the reigns of a business with strong recurring revenue, the
the loyalty of their existing buyers, and some impressive methods for scale and translate all of that into a significantly larger operation.

The equestrian industry has traditionally focused on products ranging from feed to jackets and boots for riders, but these products are becoming more specialized as a growing number of younger people show an interest in horseback riding and
in activities such as racing and horse competitions. Many of them, are looking for online shops that can not only offer an impressive array of products but also knowledge.

To many of these newcomers, an online shop such as this one can offer a lifetime of horse knowledge they can tap into before settling on the products they need.

The customer base continues expanding as equestrians, farm and barn owners, competitors and teams bring a lot of income to their goal of winning in equestrian events or looking for other ways to demonstrate the pride of their ownership.
Besides serving their needs for 17 years, this brand has been on a mission to deliver high-quality products, excellent customer service, and to meet all the needs of avid horseback riders.

Their success is highlighted in multiple ways, including:

  • Unique SKUs
  • Unique approach to marketing
  • Committed customer service
  • Stable business for 17 Years
  • Vendors in Business for over 35 Years
  • Niche Customer Base that is Highly Loyal
  • LESS than 1% Refunds for processing

Launched in 2005, the company provides high-quality tack trunks and show drapes to help set equestrian barns apart from others participating in horse shows and competitions. These show display items are popular, and this is a huge market. There are so many different types of horse competitions across the world that there is no exact count, although we know these competitions can be segmented into rodeo events, racing, showmanship, trail riding, cross-country endurance, jumping, polo, and various mounted games. This is a huge and growing customer base.

With an Average Order Value of $1,100, the company has grown to 350 SKUs, and they are increasingly diverse and include awning tents, barn signs, horse show blankets, bridle racks, elite lockers, horse grooming boxes, and horse logos. This team has become experts at designing and making their practical and appealing tack trunks, stall drapes, and other products that make a strong visual impression at these competitions.

Their products are notable for giving their customers an image of being a winner at these competitions, which is why the company is now a recognizable brand within the equestrian circuit.

They have the added advantage of seeing sales spike during horse show season, which runs from October through February. But they also enjoy regular sales throughout the rest of the year as the interest in horses, both in rural and urban areas, continues to get stronger.

There is also an increased interest in equestrian-related trade shows and horse competitions and related events, giving a buyer a major growth opportunity to take these products directly to those event participants and display their products
for sale. That’s a surefire way to find a larger audience, including newcomers who may not be familiar with their brand.

The company is effectively using PPC ads on Google to direct their target audience to their website, but they also have creative means of getting solid organic traffic as well.

Referrals are a major source of marketing for them. Within the often tight-knit equestrian world, the company has a strong reputation that is driving excellent word-of-mouth recommendations for not just their products but also their customer service, care and attention to the needs of their customers, and fast deliveries. The company drop shops products directly from the manufacturer and all products are made to the customer’s specifications.

A third leg of their marketing is their SEO program, which employs keyword research and use of popular search terms on their website and in the product descriptions, which has been highly effective at expanding their customer base.

There are multiple ways to drive sales higher by expanding their digital footprint. The equestrian market has a fast-growing presence on social media and this company could easily expand rapidly by joining or launching private Facebook Groups devoted to people who share an interest in horses and horse competitions. In addition, the company could further demonstrate its authority on this subject by establishing an educational and informative blog on their website.

The current ownership puts a high premium on responding in a timely manner to customer service inquiries, as well as designing new tack boxes and stall drapes that can become upsells and cross-sells to their existing base. Most of their customers are horse show enthusiasts and they buy tack boxes and horse show setups every one to four years. The company’s reputation keeps them coming back.

This is the perfect acquisition for anyone with familiarity about the equestrian industry, horse shows, and the horse show circuits, although the owner is available to provide guidance and assistance after the sale. That includes how to design tack boxes and show drapes from templates, how to grow an e-business through trade shows, what kind of new products could be added, and how to scale the business by attending the horse show circuit.

The owner has offered to remain available for six months after the purchase to assist in these areas.

This Company is Represented by:

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WC 2885

Asking Price
$ 350,000
Cash Flow
$ 77,296
Gross Income
$ 272,296
Year Established