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18 Year Beauty Products eCommerce Brand – Amazon FBA & Website Sales – One of Amazon’s first Beauty Product Sellers


Website Closers® presents an 18-year-old eCommerce business that has a long history of selling beauty products on its Website and Amazon. Breaking into the beauty industry is a difficult endeavor for most, so the idea of purchasing a company that has succeeded in the vertical for over 18 years is not only interesting – but a smart business practice … why re-create the wheel? For a business to thrive in the beauty industry, it must prioritize establishing trust with its customer base, offering quality products that they will want to buy over and over again, and bringing a diverse array of products to the market – this brand has it all.

Packed with over 2,800+ active SKUs, this business offers beauty products to both men and women. Nearly 60% of sales come through its Amazon store, which has a 4.8-Star Store Rating and multiple #1 Best Sellers. It also carries the unique privilege of being one of Amazon’s earliest beauty stores selling on the platform – that kind of digital real estate (and historical ranking superiority) is super hard to find. Total revenues consistently exceed $2 million year after year. The company has strong relationships with all its U.S. based suppliers and has 44 SKUs that are private labeled. Their Average Order Value is high for the industry at $94.37. This company has strong supplier relationships, consistent sales figures, and many growth opportunities to cement a prosperous future for its new owner.

Because the business has such a great standing with, the new owner will gain a significant advantage over the competition. New companies have a hard time gaining ground on Amazon because of their lack of experience, inability to operate cleanly within Amazon’s terms and conditions and the lack of ranking a brand-new entrant onto the platform would undoubtedly have to deal with. As one of Amazon’s first Beauty product stores, this company will give much upside to the new owner as an established and longstanding Seller on the site.

Another factor that plays into the strength of this business includes having strong relationships with its suppliers. Over the years, the business has developed relationships with reliable suppliers that are all U.S. based. If any products are foreign, they come through U.S. distributors that the company works with. Those relationships are very difficult for new entrants to achieve, if not impossible since many brands are now shut off from allowing additional 3rd party sellers to sell its products. Because sourcing is mostly domestic, this allows for optimal supply chain operations from supplier to customer, which benefits all parties involved — the business, the supplier, and the customer. Some of these suppliers are semi-exclusive as well, limiting the products available to competitors. The company has over 2,800 active SKUs that they’re selling with little concentration risk, making the company a great source for available products year-round. Since there are not just one or two top-selling products, this business has a variety of products that are in high demand, appealing to various consumers.

This business performs tremendously on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and holidays. Women aged 25 to 65 with disposable incomes make a majority of the customer base, and they typically buy again within 6-8 weeks. This business offers many of the best products on the market, so they can be a one-stop shop for all things beauty. They offer nearly every possible beauty product needed aspect of hair care, makeup, skincare, nailcare, body, and more. With Private Label products specifically manufactured for the company, those SKUs are branded under the company, which distinctly allows the business to establish trust between its name and quality consumers in the market. This can be greatly expanded upon by a new owner.

Between 5% and 8% of inventory is in FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon – which allows Prime 1 and 2 Day Shipping), and although the company saw fit to dial down that volume down, a new owner can change that dynamic and significantly increase Amazon sales. The business undergoes an effective quality assurance process as every item is inspected upon delivery to the warehouse, then shelved. If the item will be sent to FBA, it’s inspected again before shipment.

The day-to-day operations are managed by a small team, while marketing and content creation is outsourced to a third-party contractor. Daily tasks involve a CSR team that answers phone calls and emails and then places orders. At the back of the house, employees pick and pack orders, and process incoming shipments and customer orders throughout the day.
The business runs a turnkey operation that is optimized for customer satisfaction. Between 40 and 75 orders are shipped daily, and $80k to $125K worth of inventory is stocked throughout the year, ensuring a strong presence of product availability.

The business only needs 2,000 to 2,500 sq. ft. to fully function, and already has a clean and safe warehouse in Texas for its operations.
Trust Pilot has rated this business with 4.7 stars and the company is vouched by as a verified merchant. Payment processing security is managed by GeoTrust, a digital certificate provider with a well-known reputation to assure safety for payment information that’s shared on the platform.

This business is worthy of an ambitious new owner not only for its profitability, but also because of its long history of great customer service, business strategy, and great opportunities to scale the business.

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Asking Price
$ 500,000
Cash Flow
$ 136,758
Gross Income
$ 2,212,014
Year Established