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20 Year eCommerce Company in the Home Goods Vertical – 21,000 SKUs – Largely Organic Traffic


Website Closers® presents an astonishing opportunity to acquire a multichannel eCommerce Giant with two thriving and successful brands. Both brands have a strong presence along with more than two decades of experience in marketing a diverse number of high demand products in the home goods space. Combined, these brands have brought in an extraordinary level of sales over the course of 20 successful years cultivating a strong customer base for their offerings.

This profitability has been driven by a powerful, strategic mix of diversified products and dynamic growth: they now market a stunning line of 21,000+ SKUs, with robust sales across two websites, two separate Amazon seller central accounts, and a host of other online marketplaces.

There are unique ways to bolster this success further, including by introducing new Private Label Brands to sales mix, developing a more aggressive social media marketing campaign to boost organic traffic, and using multi-warehousing to increase the efficiency of the company’s logistics and to reduce shipping costs an incoming owner could dramatically increase their bottom line.

As the company now operates, their decades of experience offer the promise of stepping into a high flying business that has a 2 decade long foundation upon which to build. Given all the cash flow being thrown off at the moment, a new owner will have the luxury of taking plenty of time to consider the wisest strategies for scaling this amazing eCommerce operation. Owning a company that’s been in business for 20 years provides a lot of terrific benefits, and this offering is no exception. Their first website successfully markets home goods, tabletop and small appliances, wine accessories and more. The company has developed uniquely strong relationships with the largest and top-rated companies in the industry to supply a strong SKU spread that delivers reliable and ever-growing revenues.

A great deal of the company’s success has stemmed from their unmatched ability to expand SKUs to offer customers virtually anything they might be looking for in this niche field. While their average order value is a modest $60, having 21,000+ items available has enabled revenue to pour in.

The market for home goods is a lucrative one; particularly for products used for cooking and entertaining. These are items that have gained enormous traction across online purchasing sites to build up a loyal following among their key demographic group: women aged 30-55 who are well educated, and have incomes of $75,000 and higher, who enjoy entertaining and cooking in their home.

Their sales remain brisk throughout the year, although the company enjoys a dramatic increase in sales over the holiday months of November and December. Gift purchases at this time make up 40% of their annual gross revenue, an envious revenue stream many other retailers never achieve.

The company’s second business centers on selling men’s gifts. Both sites operate independent of one another with their own Amazon accounts and rankings. These businesses provide each and every one of their products on both their websites and the Amazon accounts.

They have also expanded their sales platforms to include popular secondary eCommerce sites such as Houzz, Walmart, Target+ and NewEgg. They have recently acquired a coveted account with Target+ that is showing tremendous growth. The businesses utilizes a highly profitable stock method for shipments done inside a 52,000 square foot warehouse. They use Fulfillment by Amazon for deliveries, and stock up to $2.5 million in inventory at all times, a healthy sign of how durable sales remain throughout the year. New orders are placed weekly to bi-monthly.

Operating on a well-grounded foundation and a proprietary inventory management system this company coordinates a multitude of shipments and products. The current owners now spend between 20 and 40 hours each week running the company, which includes tasks such as purchasing, accounts payable, and customer service. They are ably assisted by a large team. This experienced and knowledgeable management team is available to stay on after the transition.

The team not only handles the company’s high volume of sales and shipments that go out daily, but also handles all customer service contacts that include an average of 10 calls per day and 60+ emails to address.

The company’s marketing plan has largely relied on boosting organic traffic through social media where they have accrued a large following on Facebook and Pinterest. Email marketing is also performed through a monthly email blast. While the company does run PPC ads on Google and Amazon, most of their marketing strategies are accomplished with minimal cost. These campaigns are helping to drive traffic to the websites, which now see 17,000+ visits each month. The business could begin content marketing through blogs on their websites to boost their SEO program and create a more aggressive organic marketing campaign. Participating on more social media platforms may also prove beneficial, such as Instagram and TikTok.

This is an immensely profitable business that needs no fine tuning, it is a solid framework with terrific growth potential. This company is an unrivaled combination of spanning brand recognition along with 2 unmatched company reputations for quality offerings and superior customer service developed over two decades of extraordinary growth.

With the demand for cooking and home entertainment products now soaring, it is clear given it’s long history, this is a business that is recession proof and has decades of durability ahead of it. A new owner has the opportunity to take control of the company’s impressive year over year growth and make some careful decisions on how best to scale it even further.

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