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20 Year High-End eCommerce Brand in the Home Furnishings Category – 52% Repeat Order Rate – Experienced Team in Place

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Website Closers® presents an eCommerce provider of High-End Luxury and Designer Home Furnishings, with more than two decades of experience building up trusted relationships with some of the top brand leaders in this industry. This has given the company exclusive supplier deals to provide a vast product portfolio of home furniture and décor products for both direct-to-consumer sales and a fast growing percentage of B2B orders as well.

Their customer base is increasingly diverse and includes a large percentage of people who own multiple properties and have become repeat buyers for furnishing each home. Luxury and designer home furnishings are enormously popular at a time when home prices keep rising as the demand for housing soars. This brand has successfully tapped into that by cultivating exclusive relationships with its suppliers, who are major brand names within this lucrative industry and provide the company with an appealing list of products to sell.

With those in-demand SKUs, the company has built up a highly diverse customer base, with 60% of sales being direct to consumers, and 40% now coming from their B2B trade accounts.

With an Average Order Value of $2,000+, they now enjoy a 52% Repeat Order Rate among their B2B clients and a solid reputation for quality products and strong customer service.

Highly scalable in multiple ways, the company benefits from the impressive growth projections for this profitable industry. The global home furnishings industry is now valued at $415 billion and is projected to reach $455.4 billion by 2025.  While the growth rate in recent years has been at 9%, the e-retail economy has been considerably stronger, with home furnishings rising at a 17% rate and projected to reach $87 billion by 2025, with consistent demand for home furnishing goods being driven by larger homes and apartments, advanced shipping options and new brands coming onto the market with appealing product offerings.

This company has demonstrated exceptional skill at building trusted relationships with its suppliers and using a creative digital marketing strategy to boost engagement with customers. To better appreciate how the company got to this enviable position, a review of their history is in order.

A Long Track Record of Success

Launched 20 years ago, the company started out providing a variety of unique lighting products to their local market, and as sales grew, so did the type of home décor products they sell. For the past two decades the company has formed relationships with some of the industry’s best known designer brands, enabling them to become a leader in the online sale of luxury furniture and lighting products.

Multiple product categories have become best sellers for them, including lighting, rugs, beds, seating for dining chairs and tables, nightstands and dressers and mirrors. As their product line continued to grow, the company launched several private-label products sold under their brand name by companies that trust them.

To date, they now market an impressive 2,440+ SKUs, and their luxury products appeal in particular to women over the age of 30 (60% of their sales) with many owning second homes.

This is a highly cost-effective business, since they Dropship products directly from their vendors and do not shoulder the cost of warehousing.

Marketing Drives Sales Higher

Sales continue rising on their $2,000+ AOV, demonstrating the company’s ongoing dedication to high quality luxury products while keeping their customers engaged through effective digital marketing campaigns.

Social media marketing remains one of their key strengths. The company is active on Instagram, where they maintain a massive 32,000+ followers, Pinterest (27,400+ followers) and on Facebook (22,000+ followers).  They also work with select influencers to exchange products for promotions and advertising.

They have an SEO program on their Shopify website to boost their search engine rankings and run PPC ads on Google to drive sales higher. Their content marketing works exceptionally well to expand the number of visitors coming to their website. As of March 2023, the site had 243,800+ web sessions, and that included 180,420+ new users.

Their marketing is also effective at raising their gross revenue. While 52% of their Repeat Orders are from their B2B clients, they now enjoy a 20% Repeat Order Rate on their DTC sales as well.

Expanding their digital marketing campaigns even further is one of many great scale opportunities available for this company. Having enjoyed success through their influencer campaigns, the company could launch an affiliates campaign with luxury designers, agents and others in this industry to boost their brand recognition even higher.

They could also expand into a video marketing campaign on sites such as TikTok and YouTube, with videos demonstrating how attractive their furniture looks in new homes.

The company could also expand sales on top eCommerce sites such as Amazon and Walmart as another key growth strategy.

An Experienced Team in Place

Daily operations are efficiently handled by the company’s experienced and professional team of 12 employees, including a communications operator, visual merchandiser, general manager, merchandising specialist, two website sales specialists, two full-time salespeople, and others in charge of billing, Human Resources, and SEO and data control.

The current ownership is eager to share information with the buyer about how to effectively sell higher end furnishings and to maintain vital relationships with prominent vendors.

This sale could also include a brick-and-mortar store that the company has maintained to keep the line of communication open with their suppliers. Today, the store continues to contribute about 5% of their overall volume, and a buyer has the option of buying, leasing or closing this property in the future.

The company’s reputation has gotten so strong within this industry that they are three-time ARTS award winning retailer, with a similarly strong reputation when it comes to providing exceptional attention to the needs of their customers and the strongest possible customer service.

A buyer has the opportunity here to take full advantage of the company’s strong industry presence, exclusive supplier relationships, and potential for rapid expansion with the red-hot field of eCommerce home furnishings.

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WC 3063

Asking Price
$ 4,000,000
Cash Flow
$ 1,084,884
Gross Income
$ 5,870,133
Year Established

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