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28 Year Internet Technology Firm – Web Hosting, Domain Registration, Newsletter Generation, SSL Certificates & More – 130 Clients – Annual & Monthly Contracts

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Website Closers® presents a Multi-Service Internet Solutions Company that has been in business for 28 years. Those services include data center and server administration, web hosting, email hosting, web design and maintenance, and internet visibility—all with a personal touch. Additionally, the business provides an all-in-one solution when it comes to a client’s online presence, from provisioning, registering, and hosting a domain to SEO, SMO, PPC, and social media management. Clients can rely on the full-service model, knowing that they don’t have to think about their web presence, but can reap the benefits of an attractive, secure site that converts on the traffic generated for them.

Services fall into four buckets—marketing, design, hosting, and eCommerce. Depending on the required services, billing is structured annually, monthly, once-off, or ad-hoc. Web hosting, domain names, and SSL certificates are billed annually and provide stable cash flow to the business, while email server and spam filter maintenance bring in consistent monthly revenue. One-time services include web design, DNS setup, website transfers, and logo creation. SEO, social media, and Google AdWords consultation is typically an ongoing service done as needed for clients.

A quarter of the 130 active clients are also marketing clients, resulting in a minimum spend of $285 monthly over and above other services rendered.

With a quarter of century of business behind it, clients have a dependable and trusted name that will be there for them in the future. All sales, marketing, and design are provided to customers’ companies in-house. An example of why clients trust the company is its money-saving services, such as online training for staff to add and change website content. Another is its expedient service— transferring an existing website to its hosting is achieved in only 48 to 72 hours, while building a new website is executed in less than a month.

Clients are invited to call or sit with their designer to have their needs understood and ensure that service and design expectations are met. The team is willing to travel, as necessary, to any client’s site depending on their requests and specific needs.

Several methods drive revenue. Referrals are a rich source of new business owing to the longevity of the company and the consistently excellent service it has provided customers over the years. Management is also active in local business groups. It uses networking efficiently by teaching seminars on digital marketing, social media, Google Analytics, and data mining.

The typical customer is a business of any size, budget, and industry. If they need web hosting, this company will provide it. The company has clients all around the USA. Being headquartered in New Jersey, about 70% of revenue is realized from the surrounding area, with the remainder spread nationwide. The business is easily relocatable.

The two owners work around 45 hours combined weekly. One manages all services and PPC advertising. The other handles administration such as bookkeeping, payroll, and personnel, as well as client activities such as managing Facebook groups, creating newsletters, and enhancing SEO.

Additional staff includes a full-time SEO Specialist, web designer, and writer, and a part-time social media specialist. The business is fully remote and experiences no seasonality, allowing for logistical simplicity and maximum efficiency of operations.

The company likes to think of itself as a firm that offers nearly everything anyone could need regarding its internet presence. Management has not been interested in growing the company for years as it has become a comfortable lifestyle for them, offering instantaneous augmentation possibilities for an ambitious buyer. The owners regularly turn away business and intentionally refrain from soliciting additional business because of bandwidth. They would, however, be thrilled to turn that faucet on for a buyer.

In February 2023, the seller will resume doing Google seminars on data analysis and AdWords in Southern and Central New Jersey and five surrounding counties. Leads from these seminars for Google have historically been incredibly solid, with a high conversion rate and will be passed along to the new owner.

The owners are motivated to assist a buyer with a seamless transition. They are willing to stay on for three to six months to ensure continued success.

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Asking Price
$ 500,000
Cash Flow
$ 134,215
Gross Income
$ 243,323
Year Established

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