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30 Year Tech Company – Data Storage & Management, SaaS, Networking, & other Products & Services – 60% Repeat Order Rate – 4,000+ B2B Clients – $50k AOV


Website Closers® presents an SBA-Prequalified B2B Technology Business that is a veteran in the industry, having a wide variety of customers that have spanned virtually every industry and range from Fortune 500 Enterprises Companies to SMB Firms, supporting environments from data centers and clouds to branch offices and remote sites. This Tech Company has been in business for almost 30 years, and to back up just how solid this brand is in the industry, they achieve a 60% Repeat Customer Rate … without question, a loyal customer base.

With SBA Prequalification, the business has already gone through an initial review with our lending partners. To this end, the company looks good and our lenders believe it is a good business for bank lending. Qualified Buyers can purchase this business for as little as 10% down, while amortizing the balance of the bank loan for 10 years. And while interest rates are a little elevated at the moment, the loan can always be refinanced in 2024 or 2025 to lower the rate accordingly. And in any event, SBA Loan offer the lowest interest rates on the market and the quickest ROI on initial investment.

The firm provides high-performance storage appliances and networking solutions. Their offerings, among other things, are the perfect solution for AI, ML, Edge, and Cloud computing. In addition, offering things like NAS storage systems with dual active controllers, high availability design, and no single point of failure have allowed this firm to rise to the top of its industry. The unified storage supports block and file with protocols including CIFS, NFS, AFP, iSCSI, and Fiber Channel.

The importance of efficient data storage has increased as companies modernize and increasingly use in-demand high technology. Mismanagement of data, particularly those held by companies with a lengthy collection history, can severely affect the business and potential partners. The solutions offered by this organization are highly adaptable, making it simple for them to collaborate with clients from various backgrounds and industries. Some of those industries include:

  • Education Government
  • Health Care
  • Video Surveillance
  • Video Entertainment
  • Cloud Providers

Products are sold under the company name, complete with a federal trademark. The business also has two OEM suppliers.

A minimal inventory of between $30,000 and $50,000 is maintained. Most products are fulfilled through a “build to order” model. When a purchase order is received, parts are ordered, configured for the customer, and shipped to them.

Products are received at the company warehouse and undergo a rigorous quality testing protocol with engineer reviews before delivery.

Pricing is specific to the configuration of the chassis, drive, memory, warranty, and additional or remote services. This highly customizable enterprise product uses HDDs, SSDs, and NVMe drives.

Top-selling products include 824ixd and 826ixd flash drives, accounting for 80% of sales.

The typical customer for the company is diverse, but some of them include:

  • Publishing
  • Imaging
  • Entertainment and Video Industries
  • Investment
  • Banking and Financial Industries
  • Government
  • Educational and Health Organizations

60-70% of customers repeatedly purchase over time. Many private cloud providers are buying storage, and the need for data storage keeps growing. The business has over 4,000 customers across multiple industries, including Fortune 500 companies.

Furthermore, it has a strong authorized distributor in the UK, with whom the owner has worked for 15 years. 55% of the entire UK police force uses the brand. Additional resellers are based throughout the US and Canada. The resellers buy directly from the company and sell to other 3rd parties. The company acts as a value-added distributor for the network.

The business achieves an average order value of between $10,000 and $100,000. 80% to 90% of hardware sales are the brand’s own, with a 30% contribution margin and 20% net profit.

The business experiences minimal seasonality, with slight peaks in summer due to government and school purchases.

Ten products and models are offered, and 90% of revenue is generated from hardware storage solutions. The remaining 10% is project-based infrastructure, racks, cables, and storage. For example, if the buyer is a server business, they could add storage to their services.

Quantity markdowns are offered for bulk purchases, and discounts are provided on the warranty when purchased during a sale. The extended warranty produces a healthy and straightforward revenue stream, with a 95% contribution margin to the bottom line of up to $300,000 each year.

As successful as the business is, the owner has identified a number of growth opportunities readily at hand. Cloud storage and infrastructure are such areas. The business has grown organically and has never taken any debt. Partnering with MSP and Cloud providers could prove a highly lucrative pursuit.

Given its tenure and reputation in the vertical, launching additional product lines under the brand’s catalog and selling other brands as bundled solutions are low-hanging fruit. Offering infrastructure as a service would likely receive substantial demand.

A new owner may consider bringing additional technical engineers to the team. The “Prosumer” market is another promising expansion opportunity since 98% of current business is B2B. Additional capital could be spent on advertising and product development, while PPC advertising has yet to be explored.

The owner is willing to stay involved and available to help the new owner. He is interested in staying on board for several years to ensure the business thrives. Depending on a buyer’s interests, he would also help scale the enterprise and continue operational management.

This hot listing is a rare acquisition opportunity and ideal for a sales and marketing-oriented buyer or one with technical expertise.

This Company is Represented by:

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WC 2973

Asking Price
$ 4,568,000
Cash Flow
$ 999,594
Gross Income
$ 2,784,412
Year Established