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Amazon FBA Brand in the Baby Products eCommerce Sector – Part of Amazon LaunchPad – Baby & Toddler Nail Clippers, Hair Products, Baby Feeding & More


Website Closers® presents a rapidly scaling eCommerce Brand in the Baby Products Sector, providing specialty nail care, feeding, haircare and a number of other baby subcategory products in the Newborn to Toddler Age Children Audience profile. Carrying an exciting 150% YOY growth rate, this baby focused industry leader actively operates across 7 different countries.

This business leverages multiple, well optimized Amazon storefronts to complete a strong sales portfolio with minimal overhead. Taking full advantage of the competitive edge that Amazon can offer, this private label brand generates more than 99% of its revenue on Amazon, using its FBA Logistics to its advantage. The company also participates in a pilot group for the Amazon Launchpad Program that was started in 2020.

Solidifying their progress on the global stage, this offering has registered its trademark in the US, UK, EU, and Japan. Seeing an incredible adoption rate in the USA, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Netherland, Poland, Sweden, and Japan this company could impactfully capitalize on its reach through SKU development, or swiftly extend its sales efforts into additional countries and sales platforms.

Standing on a multifunctional foundation, this acquisition has 4 main diversified product lines; they differentiate their brand through quality, creativity, and uniquely whimsical designs. This business has 30+ fully developed products in a large and underserved segment of the baby market. Building up these incredible offerings, an incoming owner could build out adjacent SKUs such as baby focused toys, apparel, and accessories. Focusing some of these into the nail and hair care segments through nontoxic nail stickers for infants or no-pull hair clips could prove equally as effective for sales growth and increased awareness.

With strong ties to their manufacturer, this brand has exclusivity on all its offerings. Furthering this angle, an incoming owner could develop additional proprietary SKUs to encourage brand loyalty and to continue to build a moat around the business to drive additional sales and increase the value of the business. All products are sourced in Asia; this could be expanded or diversified for stronger supply lines for high-quality goods.

Creating digital storefronts through eBay, Etsy, Walmart, and Target could dramatically increase sales and brand adoption. In fact, the creation of wholesale options as a whole may deliver strong channel diversification for this brand to further their market penetration internationally as well as domestically.

Currently promoting all products through PPC and an organic presence on both Facebook and Instagram, this company could see tremendous returns with the addition of retargeting campaigns, content marketing through “mommy blogging, and modern SEO enhancements. From optimizing their own site to increasing the keyword power in each and every listing, this business has limitless room to grow through marketing tactics alone. The key for brand adoption and loyalty in the baby sector is often brand visibility and credibility. Leveraging strong SEO and content leadership practices, the new owner could take this brand to a whole other level.

Offering cute, easy to use, baby safe grooming and general care solutions, this company has amassed a strong following that can be utilized for lasting profitability by any capable buyer. And with an investment in product creation, marketing, and reach extensions, an incoming owner could swiftly turn this international business into a world-renowned hub for all care items for infants to toddlers. A trendsetter in the widely underserved baby nail care and hair care categories, this acquisition gives any buyer the potential to corner this internationally lucrative market.

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Listing ID:  WC2256

Asking Price
$ 720,000
Cash Flow
$ 178,064
Gross Income
$ 696,709
Year Established

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