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Amazon FBA eCommerce Brand in the Gardening & Camping Verticals – Design Patent in Place – $48 AOV – 7% TACOS – US & UK Sales on Amazon – PPC Agency Handles Ads

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Website Closers® presents an eCommerce leader in the Gardening and Outdoor Recreation verticals, whose products have become particularly popular with customers who enjoy the camping lifestyle. This is a huge industry and one where the customer base definitely appreciates the effort to provide them with specialized equipment and gear that they need.

The company operates successfully as an Amazon-based business, using Fulfillment By Amazon for rapid deliveries and strong customer service. With that eCommerce giant handling most of the tasks, the current ownership has only minimal involvement in running daily operations. All their listings are fully optimized, so the chief task for a new owner would be reordering products which are then sent to Amazon, where the company has become a premiere garden and camping brand.

With 54 SKUs at an Average Order Value of $48, their trademarked and branded products are popular with customers and have given the company a steady stream of passive income, particularly in the summer and around the holidays.

With two design patents in hand, the brand has continued to grow without adding new products, although that’s one of many strong scale opportunities for this company.

A strong reason for those growth opportunities is the strength of the verticals this company is operating in. Both the global gardening equipment and camping products markets have enjoyed skyrocketing growth in recent years, with the gardening market valued at $84 billion and the camping equipment market at $46 million. Both markets attract similar customers, including people who love the outdoors and nature, environmentalists, horticulturalists, and Do It Yourself (DIY) enthusiasts. Whether they are working in their own garden at home or out on the road, they are committing a lot of their disposable income to these products.

Within these vibrant fields, the company has an interesting success story to tell that should appeal to a prospective buyer looking for an eCommerce business operating on the solid financial ground and with terrific growth options.

Launched in 2016, the company has continued to grow as its customer base has continued expanding, boosted by their decision to operate on a very popular platform with Amazon, one that has been successful enough to also start selling products on Amazon’s UK platform.

With 25 SKUs sold in the US and 15 in the UK, the company attracts sales from both men and women, and in every age group from 25 to 64. The largest percentage of their sales come from buyers in the 45-54 age group. The company also has an Amazon Climate Friendly Pledge badge on several of their products, which has become an excellent marketing tool for them.

While their products attract buyers year-round, sales peak during the summer months, which is the height of the camping and hiking season. The holidays represent another peak time for their profits. Since the camping markets in both the US and UK continue to see year-over-year growth, the company is well positioned to increase profits in future years.

Once their products are sourced from the manufacturer, they are shipped directly from the manufacturer to Amazon, which handles shipments through FBA.

With FBA handling shopping and customer service, the current ownership now spends about 10 hours per week running the business, focusing on tasks that include ordering materials and inventory from suppliers and monitoring advertising campaigns.

The company employs a manager who oversees daily operations, while all customer support issues are handled by Amazon, while a PPC agency oversees their ad campaign on the platform.
Because of the high demand for their products, the company always maintains four months’ stock. They do not use a warehouse since Amazon FBA stocks their products for them.

Targeted PPC ad spends on Amazon have been their main marketing tool from the beginning. Operating on Amazon’s Seller Central, the platform has enabled the company to quickly find their target audience, and they continue to attract highly enthusiastic 5 Star reviews from their customers.

The company has additional growth opportunities through digital marketing. With 1,500+ subscribers in their email database, the company could use an aggressive email marketing campaign and newsletter as a tool for promotions, discounts, launching new products, and attracting more upsells and cross-sells.

The company could also invest in a social media marketing campaign on sites such as Facebook and Instagram, a video marketing campaign on YouTube and TikTok, and an influencer campaign to further build their brand recognition.

The company could also add new products, which is something the brand hasn’t done in a while, and sell them on new sales channels such as Walmart, eBay and a new Shopify website of their own.

They could also expand the size and color of some of their most popular products, while bundling many of them to attract more repeat customers.

The American passion for camping and gardening is likely to be around for a while long time, and there’s no question this successful business could do the same. An ambitious owner could tap into the multiple opportunities to grow this business and become an exceptional leader in these two thriving niche verticals.

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Asking Price
$ 450,000
Cash Flow
$ 207,293
Gross Income
$ 1,312,859
Year Established

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