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SBA Pre-Approved American Made Leather Products eCommerce Business – 3 In-House Brands – 25 Trademarks – 8 Years in Business – 28% Repeat Business


Website Closers® presents an American Made Leather Products Company that is growing exceptionally well. They have doubled their earnings over the last 4 years and see nothing but blue skies ahead.

The business presents its American Made line of leather products via 3 in-house brands, which they hold 25 registered trademarks on. The products are sold via 2 stores, 3 eBay stores, and 2 branded websites operating on 3 Shopify stores.

The primary brand plays into nostalgia via its Amish Craftsman production and hand-made feel and encompasses a product mix that runs antithetical to the cutting edge of technology and industry change. These handcrafted exotic and non-exotic leather goods are more affordable than high-end brands, targeting a substantial gap in that market. Most products are offered via a diverse selection of animal species beyond regular cowhide. These include alligator, ostrich, eel, elephant, kangaroo, hippopotamus, and water buffalo hides and others.

A second brand focuses on the personal protection and law enforcement crowd, offering leather belts, holsters and concealed carry products made explicitly for firearms.

The third has a similar target market for gun owners, but differentiates itself through a catalog for more concerned with saving money than having premium hardware.

The company possesses many unique value propositions catering to diverse customers.

Central to its offerings are exclusive partnerships with Amish artisans, providing a unique advantage in the market. For many, procuring genuine Amish-crafted leatherwork necessitates a journey to one of the few Amish communities scattered across the nation. The business has bridged this gap by fostering a special relationship with these skilled craftsmen, allowing it to offer their exquisite handiwork online. This convenience parallels that of mainstream eCommerce stores. An agile business structure, unmatched personal customization options, a nimble approach to product launches, and the availability of rare exotic leathers further sharpen the competitive edge.

When it comes to the personal protection-focused product range, emphasis is placed on premium quality. Each product stands out, not just in craftsmanship but also with its “Made in the USA” badge. In a market flooded with low-priced imports, these offerings underscore a harmonious balance between price and value, reinforcing a commitment to excellence.

Operational efficiency is another hallmark of the business. Economies of scale are achieved by leveraging an integrated supply chain and a streamlined operating model. This not only reduces overhead costs but also simplifies day-to-day operations.

Lastly, the artisanal core of the brands shines through with customization offerings. Customers can further personalize their products, often collaborating on designs that incorporate monograms or using leathers they provide from their personal hunts or unique purchases. This personal touch adds another distinctive layer to the business’s appeal.

The company has taken diligent steps to safeguard its brands and logos, holding 25 trademarks in the US. Most of these trademarks are active, and over half are fortified by Section 15 filings. Additionally, they own 87 domain names. While some of these are protective measures, others have been acquired in anticipation of potential new product launches. The rest are strategic variations on competitors’ names to capture a larger market share.

The product sourcing strategy is streamlined, with each supplier catering to a distinct market segment.

The primary supplier specializes in crafting small and exotic leather goods. This relationship is anchored by a robust agreement that ensures seamless collaboration, especially concerning pricing. Interestingly, even when new products are introduced through other Amish suppliers, this primary partner has always shown adaptability and understanding. Their expertise is evident in their extensive range of exotic leather products, and they stand out as one of the few sources proficient in handling every kind of hide.

A second prominent leather merchant operates predominantly as a high-volume manufacturer. Their offerings include a diverse catalog of belts, which they also private label. While open to individual-specific belt lines, management tends to select standard catalog offerings.

Another trader, functioning as a boutique establishment, has been steadily integrated into the company’s sourcing strategy, primarily as a backup. They have the distinction of creating select small items unavailable through other suppliers.

Lastly, there is a dedicated vendor for all the cut-and-sew protection products. Unique in being the sole non-Amish partner, they extend competitive contract-based pricing, ensuring value at every step.

The business utilizes a multifaceted marketing approach to maximize revenue and returns.

Email marketing yields the highest ROI, with all previous customers receiving updates on product launch announcements, sales, and limited-run hides. A flat fee of only $90 monthly is necessary to use a development tool to manage the templates.

Google AdWords, primarily shopping ads, drive daily traffic and are partially handled by an agency. Although the brands do not market through social media frequently, an application sends Facebook ads to previous website visitors. This has proven fruitful, with a 4-5x ROAS.

Another retargeting approach is used differently through a network of partners. It features eyecatching ads displayed using the third-party company’s layouts and graphical interface rather than being designed in-house.

The websites employs link-building to boost organic search rankings, managed by a content-based SEO company.

Moreover, several affiliate marketers promote products for a 3% sales commission, bringing consistent traffic.

In summary, it is rare to come across an All American Company that sells products online via 3 channels and 3 brands, so this one is special. Sales remain strong year-round, peaking in Q4. The business functions without employees, with the owners working part-time and drawing income from its profits. Two full-time staff could efficiently run and expand the operation, with additional part-time assistance during holiday periods.

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Asking Price
$ 1,825,000
Cash Flow
$ 461,474
Gross Income
$ 1,939,366
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