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Award Winning Full Service Digital Marketing Firm | 16 Years in Business | 46% Net Margins | Steady Lead Flow | 5 Star Average Reviews | 40 Employees

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Website Closers® presents a rare opportunity to acquire a 16-year-old veteran of the Digital Marketing Space. This Digital Marketing Agency for Sale has been at this longer than most, which has helped it build strong reviews and a reputation for excellence.

They are well known for their SEO, PPC, Reputation Management, Public Relations, Web Design, Lead Generation and more. Plus, since they have a full team of 40 employees, including a highly seasoned management team, they provide a high level of customer service to their clients that many others in this sector cannot. This helps make them sticky, which helps to improve their retention rates and recurring revenue KPIs.

The company has a long list of awards and accolades, with many agencies and companies promoting them as the best in class for online Reputation Management, which is their specialty.

While radio and television commercials and print advertisements did the job of putting brands out there in the past, with the transition to the digital age, countless businesses are finding themselves having to adapt to keep up with the times. Digital marketing offers several benefits over its older relative, such as affordability, intractability, molding a brand’s reputation, and the ability to reach more tech-savvy consumers. This has caused the digital marketing industry to thrive, and, in turn, propelled this company to their current size.

The agency’s clients pay a monthly retainer on a recurring basis for services rendered. All their participating partners have contractual obligations and are billed before services are rendered. This has led to high retention rates and long-standing customers. Most of their leads are generated via click-through traffic from the company website.

Business Broker Takeaways

  1. Experienced Team. The agency’s team of over 40 employees is highly skilled at what they do and, while fully remote in the US, are primarily focused in NJ and PA. Their employees act in various capacities, which include CEO, COO, CTO, CFO, Director of HR, VP of Sales, Director of Lead Generation, Director of Operations, Director of Paid Search, and Director of Client Services. Their project managers are the liaison with clients, coordinating with them, overseeing strategies, and providing monthly reporting.
  1. Stable Revenue. The agency enjoys consistent revenue throughout the year, with little to no seasonality to speak of. Additionally, the partnerships that they have formed throughout the years have allowed them to generate steady leads and prioritize organic traffic, strengthening their recurring revenue and the 46% net margins that their services bring in.
  1. Few Special Skills Needed by Owner. The owner is largely responsible for overseeing day-to-day operations, coordinating internal marketing to boost sales, and working with the management team. A buyer will require few special skills to step into this role, though it is suggested that they have a grasp of digital marketing, paid search, SEO, and content development. The current owner is also interested in staying on with the brand post-purchase in different capacities, depending on the buyer’s preferences.

Scale Opportunities

There are several notable growth opportunities an ambitious buyer might take an interest in, with the agency having already taken notice of and begun to implement a few. Strengthening and expanding upon their partnership networks, for instance, would improve their lead generation, and the agency has already established new partners this year.

They have also begun increasing their focus on organic traffic strategies to take advantage of the latest digital marketing trends, with the brand believing they can further increase their lead flow, future revenue, and overall profitability by continuing to invest in these ventures.

A buyer may also find success by expanding their service portfolio to include cutting-edge technologies and platforms, which will let the company continue to adapt to rising industry trends. They could also do some advertising of their own by deploying aggressive marketing campaigns, which would allow them to capture a larger share of the market. Once this has been put into place, they could expand the agency into new geographic regions, giving them access to a larger pool of potential clients and expanding their market reach.


This company is based in a thriving industry, which is expected to continue to climb as more businesses look to build their digital footprint and improve their online reputations, which have become invaluable in such a tech-driven age. The agency is in a great position with their high-demand services, established brand, and glowing reviews across several platforms, giving them no shortage of scale opportunities that the right buyer can use to further strengthen this accomplished deal.

This Digital Marketing Agency is Represented by:

Website Closers

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WC 3394

Asking Price
$ 12,000,000
Cash Flow
$ 2,402,676
Gross Income
$ 13,140,182
Year Established

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