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B2B eCommerce Brand in the Outdoor Living Products Vertical – Big Box Clients include Wayfair, Home Depot, Target, Lowes, Walmart & More

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Website Closers® presents a B2B eCommerce Brand in the Outdoor Living Vertical. The company manufactures and imports one-of-a-kind Outdoor Living & small-format Outdoor Storage & Gardening products made of decay-resistant solid wood. Products are developed in-house and are manufactured based on in-house specifications by various factories overseas. All products are branded with the Company’s Trademarked Brand. The company sets the standard for high-quality, original items at a great value for their customers — allowing their retail partners to benefit through higher margins.

All products are functional, well-designed, and attractive, and are proven, sellers. They are packed unassembled (RTA), with easy-to-follow assembly instructions inside the package, and ready to drop ship anywhere in North America using a network
of 3PLs. The current product selection consists of 120 SKUs with new SKUs being developed and launched every year.

This brand has significant accomplishments in this niche space. As a thriving B2B company, they have taken on some major clients, including Big Box giants such as Target, Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, and The Shopping Channel. The enterprise has spent more than a decade cultivating the support and appreciation of these major retailers, who know their customers love the brand’s outdoor and gardening products made of decay-resistant wood. In fact, their products sell in such high volume for their B2B clients that the company enjoys a 100% Repeat Order Rate. This customer loyalty has enabled the company to push more aggressively for DTC sales through their Amazon platform, where they now offer 120+ SKUs giving
customers plenty of variety when it comes to selecting the right items for their homes. They have additional advantages … their sales are popular across North America in both the United States and Canada, and new clients are being added regularly as their reputation for excellence grows.

The Outdoor Living industry is an enormously profitable one, projected to reach $2.9 billion by 2028. A survey by the National Kitchen & Bath Association for 2020-21 showed that interest in outdoor living projects had grown by 65% in the U.S., with high demand for outdoor kitchen setups, patios & decks, and screened porches & three season rooms. The days of patios with two lawn chairs and a small table are over as people now want their backyards to be an extension of their homes, a place to relax and escape from daily pressures. A review of this brand’s history will demonstrate that they were well ahead of the curve in this vertical.

They specialize in one-of-a-kind SKUs. Launched 12 years ago, this business was ideally positioned to benefit from not just the rise in demand for Outdoor Living Products, but the rise in the use of online means to buy these heavy products. From the start, their products were manufactured to offer homeowners a major advantage by creating outdoor living and small format storage and gardening products because they’re made of decay-resistant wood.

Manufactured for this company in various factories and based on their specifications, they offer a number of high-volume movers with an Average Order Size of $350. Sales are strong throughout the year, picking up considerably from March through July and then again during the holidays. With new SKUs being added every year, the company has ample opportunity to continue expanding their customer base, as their products have become highly appealing to consumers shopping online for mid-range and stylish natural wood products for the home.

Their B2B Base is growing fast. The company’s many retail partners list the company’s products on their website, and most orders are drop-shipped one unit at a time to individual customers on behalf of those partners. Among the 20+ clients they work with, they now include Wayfair, Hayneedle, Overstock, Houzz, Cymax, Macy’s, and HBC.

Those retailers are very successful in selling their products and the sky is the limit on the number of products that can be sold through these retailers. Once you are in the door and have proven the quality of your product, adding new products is much easier. The company has recently had additional retailers (Ashley Furniture, Pottery Barn, Belk Stores, etc.) reach out to them expressing interest in a new partnership.

The company has retained 100% of their clients as they focus on original outdoor products. A major scale opportunity for this company would be to create additional products in new categories, including outdoor deep seating, outdoor dining, outdoor cooking (BBQs and firepits), larger format outdoor products, and indoor products. The Leisure Season business model is a very stable one and offers plenty of room for growth through innovation.

Sales are rising on limited marketing. The company has started running PPC ads to expand their customer base, but they have traditionally not had to rely on a major marketing plan to attract new customers. Their reputation for high-quality products has done that work for them. They have sold products on Amazon without applying any marketing efforts, which gives the brand a major scale option by adding on traditional digital marketing plans such as social media marketing (they now post regularly on sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram), enhanced SEO (they do have a blog on their website) and email marketing to get their products in front of customers.

The company has a smooth operation, with current ownership employing 3 full-time workers who handle daily tasks, processing 100+ orders per day during peak season. With the 3PLs in place, the company does not need a lot of employees to operate at high capacity.

The current owner is flexible and willing to remain with the right buyer after close, either through a transition or through a longer role, including communications with suppliers and new product development.

Operating in a fast-growing niche space and with original products to offer, this company is in the perfect place to achieve quick growth and sharply increase sales. Contact Website Closers today to find out how this company’s reputation for enhancing quality living can do the same for enhancing your business portfolio.

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WC 2824

Asking Price
$ 6,900,000
Cash Flow
$ 1,478,479
Gross Income
$ 5,343,258
Year Established

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