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B2B eCommerce Company in the Stone Countertops Sector – 13 Years in Business – National Business – 85% Repeat Order Rate

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Website Closers® presents an eCommerce brand that markets and is a leading supplier of custom granite, marble, and quartz countertops, tub decks, sinks, shower seats, fireplaces, wall cladding, exterior pavers, and more. With US headquarters in Boulder, Colorado, and production plants in Xiamen, China, the business has the unique ability to meet the design needs of any project on any budget anywhere in the nation. Customers all over the US have trusted this company as a preferred supplier, predominantly of quality stone countertops for multi-family and hospitality projects. The impressively high 20%+ year over year growth and average contract length of 18 months is a testament to this trust. Since 2008, they have completed hundreds of multifamily and hotel projects throughout the U.S. Their experienced team provides superior service with a focus on outstanding project management, timely deliveries, top-notch product quality, and unmatched attention to detail.

The business is a full-service operation that eliminates the headache of working with multiple providers to complete a project. They have become an industry leader by creating custom production documentation based on client specifications and seeing orders through to project completion.

The business operates well all year long. Although many competitors in this niche have inconsistent revenue, seasonality is not a factor for this company. The expanding demand and popular product line is a crucial reason for that. The furnishing and installation of quartz countertops make up 60% of sales, while other lines complement. Quartz is resistant to scratches and chips, and since it’s waterproof, it also resists stains and water damage. In fact, this is one of the biggest reasons people choose quartz countertops. Other prominent sellers include granite and marble. Granite offers excellent durability, heat resistance, and affordability, while marble’s popularity lies in its reputation as one of the most long-lasting types of countertops available. If a marble countertop is cared for properly, it can easily last a hundred years in the same condition it was first fabricated. The brand’s range is available in various hues and colors, suitable for many developers.

Fabrication & Shipping. After fabrication at the overseas plant, products are carefully packed in custom crates and loaded in containers for shipping to a U.S. port. Lead times vary from 70 to 90 days from the beginning of production to delivery at the job site. All shipments are handled by a veteran company in worldwide freight forwarding and are fully insured.

Warehouse Storage & Flat Bed Truck Delivery. Once the shipments arrive in the U.S., the company ensures the crates are safely stored in their local warehouses or sent to the job sites via flatbed trucks for easy unloading.

Professional Installation. When the stone arrives at the site, an experienced team is contracted to handle the installation. Because the countertops are fully prefabricated overseas, installers can complete the job quickly and efficiently, surpassing customers’ expectations.

The company has enormous scalability by establishing relationships with additional general contractors and developers around the nation. The typical customer is a general contractor specializing in multi-family construction, and their employees often move from one company to another. This company’s goal in every job is to build strong relationships with project managers, who are customer representatives, so they always reach out for their next project. Furthermore, if they start working for a different company, they regularly still reach out and establish the brand with a new client. This company has achieved this goal, evidenced by an 85% repeat customer rate.

The owner has built an incredible team of full-time employees and contractors and primarily spends his time on communicating with the management team, current and potential customers, business administration, accountants payable and receivable and bookkeeping.

Since the only advertising to date has been word of mouth, scalability from marketing is a highly profitable prospect. A few structured ad campaigns would likely show an enormous ROI, including: launching the company’s first PPC Ad campaign on Google, creating new social media and email marketing campaigns to boost organic traffic, establish an educational blog on the company’s website focusing on SEO, and launching a video marketing campaign with videos of top projects

This acquisition is ideal for a buyer with general knowledge of multi-family construction management, the ability to lead and expand an existing team, and an understanding of interior finish construction. Contact Website Closers to learn more about how this business.

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Asking Price
$ 4,400,000
Cash Flow
$ 1,095,849
Gross Income
$ 6,695,179
Year Established

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