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B2B Online Service Company – Provides Turnkey eCommerce Businesses for Clients – Recurring Revenue Model – 80% Profit Margin – Strong Social Following


Website Closers® presents a dynamic and profitable B2B service business that offers different levels of services for individuals seeking to build, launch and scale a sustainable Amazon or e-Commerce business. This company offers 3 levels of service from which a client can choose. A DIY digital training for drop-shipping, a DWY training to build, launch and scale an e-commerce store and the offer a DFY Amazon and Walmart Stores.

Client contracts typically range between 3 months to 1 year and are billed upfront, after which the company retains a 40% profit share.

Key Valuation Points

The business presents several key valuation points that underpin its success. Firstly, the high dollar client value is particularly compelling. With an average contract of $6,000 to $20,000, management gains multiple revenue streams and attracts motivated customers.

In addition, the company has impressive profit margin, of 80%. One of the standout features contributing to this profitability is the low monthly overhead. A significant portion of revenue can be allocated towards further expansion by keeping operational costs minimal. The intentionally lean approach bolsters the company’s overall financial health.

Furthermore, key contractors with whom the owners have built excellent relationships are vital assets. Their presence will ensure a seamless business transition, assuring continuity and maintaining the high quality of services provided to clients. This stability is crucial to long-term success and growth and will facilitate a buyer in assuming a management role with minimal effort.

Lastly, the company boasts a solid online presence, with a substantial following of 5,000 email subscribers and over 12,000 social media followers. These metrics demonstrate the brand’s popularity and provide a reliable platform for marketing and future development, reinforcing the potential for increased reach and revenue.

Lead Generation

A multifaceted lead generation approach provides a steady influx of potential clients.

One core element involves Facebook and Instagram ads. They feature both image and video-based content and have been instrumental in capturing the target audience’s attention. The business has accumulated a wealth of testimonial videos, which serve as persuasive ads and provide social proof of their services’ effectiveness. They have been a driving force in drawing prospects and converting them into clients.

Additionally, micro-influencers and affiliate marketers have been embraced. The team has successfully formed affiliate partnerships with YouTube influencers who have showcased the company’s services on their channels. This collaborative effort has proven to be highly fruitful in expanding their reach and attracting a broader client base. To guarantee consistency in building such partnerships, the founders have established SOPs, making it a repeatable and replicable process.

A substantial contacts database, with nearly 5,000 email addresses, is also maintained. This extensive list has been valuable for executing mass email and text campaigns. The business has effectively generated meetings and sales by sending targeted messages.

Customer Base & Operations

The typical customer falls within the age range of 30 to 50 and possesses discretionary income. This demographic is characterized by a strong desire to diversify their income streams beyond their traditional 9-5 employment. The company also appeals to seasoned entrepreneurs with high net worth seeking fresh and exciting investment opportunities to add to their portfolios.

The two owners each commit 5 to 10 hours weekly to the business, primarily focusing on high-level oversight. Tasks include managing key aspects such as the virtual assistant manager, customer service manager, ad agency, CRM, and sales team.

Within the employee structure, a virtual assistant manager takes the lead in supervising a team of 10. This team is responsible for tasks related to client stores, including product sourcing and listing, handling customer service, order fulfillment, and tracking profit and loss.

Furthermore, the customer service department plays a pivotal role in the operation. They are responsible for conveying crucial information and promptly responding to client inquiries via live chat.

To maximize the reach and impact of their marketing efforts, the owners have outsourced specific advertising needs to a specialized agency. They handle Facebook and Instagram campaigns, channeling generated leads into a CRM system. Subsequently, the sales team takes charge of these leads, guiding them through the sales process and onboarding new clients.

This lucrative and scalable Amazon FBA automation sector business presents an enticing acquisition opportunity. With strong valuation points, low overheads, and a solid online presence, it offers an excellent opportunity for investors and entrepreneurs seeking to capitalize on the eCommerce boom. The company is poised for continued success and expansion by implementing several growth strategies.

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Asking Price
$ 375,000
Cash Flow
$ 126,232
Gross Income
$ 425,819
Year Established