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Comprehensive Digital Marketing Service Provider – #1 in Miami Region


This opportunity is a Comprehensive Digital Marketing, Content Development and Web Design Services Provider that offers leading edge services ranging from straightforward ranking and marketing, to complete web design. This digital solutions company offers clients a comprehensive, user-friendly traffic driving product array that is cloud-based, user friendly and easy to understand, regardless of client type, catering to both the small business owner as well as enterprise-level companies.

With well-laid-out processes and procedures already developed by its founders, this SEO Company has been ranked #1 in its region for the last 5 years, establishing itself as an industry leader. These processes have yielded positive results with the successful shortlisting of the company in the US Search Awards in Association with Pubcon in both 2014 & 2015.

Ownership has developed and grown a truly talented team of professionals that constitute the core of this digital innovation house – as a result, ownership invests only 10 hours weekly in oversight of this portable profit center.

This in-house talent approach has allowed the business to gain traction with clients running the gamut in the online advertising and publishing space, and all generating revenue through a subscription-based model, meaning reliable, sustainable revenue streams.

This digital solutions leader sees 1,100 unique visitors per month and all with almost zero social media or email marketing implemented – this business has realized consistent growth since inception, and scale opportunities for this highly organic business are immediately available in great quantity – Increase exposure in terms of paid marketing, SEM/SMO efforts to promote the brand in new markets, hire and create a dedicated account sales team to generate leads and increase sales by adding B2B accounts, and product expansion in adding monthly plans and creating a premium, tiered lineup of services. Key independent contractors are in place to ensure a smooth transition for a buyer in any capacity, by almost anyone of any skill level in the online advertising space – this is a highly attractive digital solutions provider that is sure to sell quickly.

Around the world, literally every market and vertical in both services and goods has turned to the digital space over the course of the last two decades, facing the reality that the online marketplace is now the primary storefront for any customer, regardless of product/service, price range, demographic or geolocation – and to compete, one must rank in search results, period.

Driving web traffic then is a core necessity for absolutely any business online – as customers through the front door to a brick & mortar business, so are live, real clicks to the eCom of every flavor. For any given shopper online today, 93% of all online experiences (of any kind) begin with a search engine, with Google owning 65-70% of all search traffic across the board. Within the Google search results world, 70% of all links clicked by a user are organic in nature, as statistics show all users around the world will ignore roughly 70-80% of all paid ads on a SERP, sticking primarily to organic results by a massive margin. Additionally, 75% of all search users will never scroll past the first page of search results, making the top five and top ten the target space by far.

Considering that according to Google data, 18% of all organic clicks go to the #1 ranked position and SEO-generated leads typically see a 14.6% close rate – the picture painted here is painfully clear: The key to success in the digital space will continue to be organic ranking with real, live traffic clicks.

The SEO services and software market continue to expand with demand growing thanks to mobile expansion of existing dot com storefronts, seeing Google generate over $63.11 Billion USD for 2016, an increase of 19% over the previous year – this is a growing and trending market that will continue to scale with demand for years to come.


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Asking Price
$ 750,000
Cash Flow
$ 379,158
Gross Income
$ 518,203
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