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Cruelty-Free, Sustainable Outerwear & Apparel eCommerce Brand for Women, Men, Kids & Dogs – B2B & DTC Sales Channels – $250 AOV

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Website Closers® presents a 13-year-old Outerwear Brand that offers cruelty-free, sustainable outerwear & apparel for women, men, kids & dogs. Stylish, high-quality faux fur, vegan leather, parkas & puffers and much more are offered by this company, which has seen sustained growth over the years.

The business started out initially offering its in-house brand of products via Wholesale, which it still does today, but it has expanded to eCommerce and drop shipping for 3rd party retailers as well. All of this has resulted in continued growth for this well-run machine.

Rather than use animal byproducts for their apparel, the company has a cruelty-free promise with all its customers; it exclusively sources cutting-edge textiles and sustainable, non-animal-based goods. This reassures customers that the company is serious about what their brand promises to do and has caused their products to become very popular within the eco-friendly niche. The enthusiasm of their audience can be seen through their number of social media followers, with the company having just over 32,000 followers on Facebook and nearly 100,000 on Instagram.

The business was founded by a group of animal lovers, where they are well aware of just how important preserving the natural world around us really is to consumers around the globe.

The company offers a wide and diverse range of outerwear products, consisting of knitted and woven outwear, shirts, bottoms, hats, gloves, scarves, bags, and even shoes. As their products are fantastic for keeping warm during the cold season, their sales peak throughout the last six months of the year.

To counteract this seasonality throughout the rest of the year, the buyer could introduce new apparel to better fit the warmer months, pursue global expansion, or focus on advertising certain products through their social media platform. The company has already put in the effort to trademark their brand name and products, which has improved their presence on social media and their profits, as a result.

Ownership sources most of their products’ raw materials from a network of valuable suppliers, with 20% of their products accounting for 80% of total sales. They strive to identify and source only the finest quality materials, which lets them release new, essential long-term products while still sticking to their nature-loving mission.

The company invests in 2 large inventory orders every year, with stock totaling around $4 million during peak season and half of that throughout the slower quarters. They are actively in the process of liquidating inventory in product categories they have decided to scrap.

Their main sales channels are wholesale and D2C, which means that substantial growth can be seen by focusing on these two areas. They fill in an average of 200 wholesale orders daily, and over 100 wholesale accounts are starting to bring in a noteworthy profit. Most of their orders are fulfilled through their own warehouse.

One of the company’s main goals going into the future is increasing their eCommerce sales in the US, especially through the Amazon platform. Their share of US sales grew to 56.7 percent in 2021, doubling their domestic sales across the last five years. Amazon has swiftly become America’s digital market leader in online retail sales, with clothing and accessories being treated with the importance they deserve. Additionally, research has shown that more than six in every ten customers begin their search for a new product through Amazon.

The overwhelming popularity of the company means that global expansion would be a very promising venture. The right buyer could use Amazon for domestic and international sales, skyrocketing their profits. They could also, alternatively, choose to outsource this task to a qualified agency, giving them a great ROI and saving the buyer valuable time.

The fashion industry as a whole is highly promising, with clothing, accessories, and shoes being expected to hit $1,74 trillion globally this year. The digital era has allowed it to surge in size like never before, and it has already grown into the world’s largest eCommerce sector. The online market is predicted to reach $1 trillion over the next five years and register a compound annual growth rate of 8.6% between 2022 and 2030. The women’s sector has also been playing a large part in how vast the industry has grown, as given that it makes up 70% of all revenue in the industry, the rise of the working women population has been highly beneficial. By establishing themselves through wholesale and D2C, this company has been able to easily ride the trend to their current success.

The current owner plays a somewhat passive role within the company, with their responsibilities largely consisting of meetings with the MD and important department heads. Daily operations are handled by the business’ highly capable staff team, and SEO, PPC, and content are outsourced to contractors.

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Asking Price
$ 10,000,000
Cash Flow
$ 2,582,793
Gross Income
$ 15,636,226
Year Established

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