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eCommerce Brand in Ireland – Sells many products on the Platform so Irish Customers can avoid Hidden Fees – 100% Dropship

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Website Closers® presents a successful eCommerce business based in Ireland. The company identifies popular products and works closely with their trusted supplier to bring them to customers in the country, with no hidden fees or taxes. Their mission is simple: Provide the highest quality products to local Irish buyers, directly from the supplier, and allow customers to buy home essentials products online free of import taxes and nonsensically expensive shipping fees, both of which are a big problem for many online shoppers in Ireland.

The business comes packed with 300+ SKUs and enjoys a healthy average order value of $42, with sales peaking in Q4. Management is astutely building systems where they can maintain year-long sales, which will boost numbers significantly.  The website is modern and full of well-shot product photos. Built on Shopify, it is easy to navigate and very user-friendly. The images clearly show the designs, and product descriptions are detailed and insightful. The company strategically attracts visitors through its first-rate SEO content and advertising, and as a result, the website gets robust organic traffic and sees 90,000+ unique visitors each month. In addition, management understands the importance of SEO and takes the necessary steps to increase both rank and conversion rates.

The business uses a dropshipping agent who searches for and sources suppliers and factories for a specific product and negotiates the best prices. They have a great relationship with their agent, who is lenient with billing and is always on standby.  The products are shipped directly to the customer by the supplier. The agent arranges for the company logo to be added to the product, and a Thank You card is included inside each order, with a discount code and customer contact details. This service adds a branded feel to the business and enhances the customer experience.

The supplier places orders based on sales patterns and mitigates risk normally associated with holding inventory, including warehouse expenses, additional employees, etc. The company gets an invoice from their suppliers approximately every 7-10 days. Their shipping agent is the one that handles product sourcing, fulfillment, and the logistics side of the store, charging a small fee per order.

This company’s operation is so simple and easy to learn. Because of its dropshipping model, processes are streamlined to be effective and manageable. The company’s reliable suppliers ship all the orders to the customers directly. In addition, the owners have systemized the business to the point where day-to-day tasks are taken care of by the two employees.

A Customer Support Agent handles all customer contacts (email and social media only). The company uses Zendesk as their ticketing system, which contains macros for 95% of all queries, lowering the staff’s workload. In addition, there is a concrete customer support system that consists of processes and flow charts that any new hire can be trained on and work at scale. A Shopify VA handles upkeep, improvements, changes, and everything website related. This includes preparing new products and importing them into Shopify, to then be tested with Facebook and Instagram advertising.

This social media advertising is managed based on performance metrics, and new products are scheduled. The company uses this technique to test all products until they are not profitable to advertise, and then the campaign is killed on that given product. All their other channels benefit from this primary strategy. For example, Google ads show an impressive 4.92 ROAS, while email marketing, which the company outsourced in May, now accounts for 30% of total revenue. In addition, the company has amassed an impressive list of email subscribers. More than 50,000 email addresses are in their massive database, and those customers faithfully receive newsletters that drive sales and boost web traffic.

The owner spends around 20 hours weekly on the business with a focus on:

  • Paying Bills
  • Administrative Tasks
  • Communicating with Suppliers
  • Overseeing VAs

There is a huge opportunity to increase revenue dramatically by adding inventory in Europe and Ireland to reduce product costs and improve the delivery times. This is a limitation for the business currently due to limited capital. However, if more products were tested, there is great potential to scale the business exponentially.

The company advertises on social media as a metric to determine product popularity but could easily hire a social media manager to drastically improve their presence on the platforms and use them as a conversion tool as well. The same methodology can be applied to Instagram, TikTok, and other social media channels.

This business has the numbers, the financial momentum, the customer base, and the niche products and services that consumers gravitate toward. With eCommerce expertise, this business is a moneymaking machine. The new owner will enjoy tremendous success with this multi-million-dollar opportunity.

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WC 2739

Asking Price
$ 1,000,000
Cash Flow
$ 274,853
Gross Income
$ 1,343,535
Year Established

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