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eCommerce Brand in the Health & Beauty Device Category – 500+ Influencers – 263% YOY Growth – Less than 1% Return Rate – 38% Net Margins


Website Closers® presents a High Growth eCommerce Beauty Brand that serves as a reminder that people across the globe love luxury products, particularly in the beauty and skincare verticals. Products that cleanse and beautify the skin are enormously popular with influencers, who inspire their followers to purchase them as well.

This company has enjoyed skyrocketing profitability with their at-home, high-end device used for facial cleansing and removing blackheads. It’s a product used by doctors, beauticians and, perhaps most significantly, celebrities in the company’s native Italy.

Another factor in the company’s booming sales is that their blackhead removal device is the highest priced in its category, with a retail tag of $189, which has convinced many consumers that this is the most effective and authentic luxury solution available. Their sales continue to rise and they now enjoy 81% gross profit margins.

Most impressively, this company’s profits are coming primarily through their influencer marketing campaign. The company has 500+ influencers across sites such as Instagram and YouTube who are promoting their beauty care products very profitably.

The global skin care products market reached $152 billion in 2022, with projections that it will reach $200 billion by 2028. Skincare products have been tremendously popular with both women and men of all ages for their ability to treat and enhance the overall health and appearance of their skin and provide nourishment.

Today there is a growing consciousness among people about their physical appearance, encouraging more and more consumers to seek out products that can beautify their skin. This is one field where celebrity endorsements and advertisements on social media platforms are dramatically expanding their profits.

In fact, there are plenty of celebrities who have their own skincare line, and millions of consumers eager to learn all they can about celebrity skincare routines. People are ready to discover the skincare products that celebrities are using and follow suit.

Skincare products are also popular to find and purchase online, where consumers can discover a much wider selection of products than at their local convenience stores. This is a highly profitable field, and influencers play a significant role in the industry’s growth.

Launched about 2 years ago, the company’s influencer marketing strategy quickly paid handsome dividends. The company enjoys huge margins, since their devices cost just $8 each and can be sold for between $89 and $189. The device is sold at $89 through their influencer marketing, since the influencers provide their followers with a $100 discount code.

The company has also run ads on Facebook which have produced a significant boost in their organic traffic.

The company has created a strong relationship with their influencers, who repost promos for them on a monthly basis. In fact, to maintain their high level of recurring revenue, the company doesn’t even need to attract more influencers since they already have so many who are loyal to them.

Their device has drawn plenty of excellent reviews on Amazon from customers who have found this to be the one blackhead removal device that doesn’t hurt the face when used and that provides quick results. Like the influencers, their customers are happy to praise this product and what it accomplishes for them.

The company has also benefitted from testimonial videos by physicians, beauticians and face surgeons who use the product, which has been invaluable in giving them authenticity.

Sales have been strong enough that the company has been able to expand to include numerous complimentary products, including a peeling gel for enzymes, clay masks, a callus remover, and a new product designed to treat dark circles and bags under the eyes.

When the company launched the callus remover, their influencer strategy quickly resulted in 15,800 in sales, and they continue to promote it through email marketing and retargeting ads. The company has also expanded into digital products, which include two eBooks on skin care, and a digital warranty.

Their products are all sold with their brand logo on both the items and the packaging, and there’s no seasonality to their sales. People use skin care devices all year long. They now ship up to 20 orders per day, using a 3PL that ships their inventory worldwide from Italy.

They typically maintain around 3,000 pieces of the blackhead device and up to 300 each for their cosmetics items. New inventory is ordered every two months to keep up with sales.

In addition to influencers, the company has invested in other marketing tools to drive sales, including PPC ads on Facebook, email and SMS text messaging to their subscribers, and an SEO program that includes the use of popular keywords to boost their search engine rankings.

There are 14,000 subscribers in their email database, and their marketing is boosting their organic traffic significantly. They now average a whopping 60,000+ unique monthly visitors.

The company has an experienced team including a general manager, influencer manager, customer service representative, and office manager, who handle all daily functions. Operations run so smoothly that the current ownership spends as little as 10 hours per week on this business, often focusing on strategizing about growth options and supervising the team.

As long as people have the desire to look good and maintain their natural beauty, companies like this one will continue to prosper. The fact that this one built sales and profitability on a tremendously successful influencer campaign shows it will continue to stand out among competitors.

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