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eCommerce Brand in the Men’s Skincare Segment – Strong TikTok Following – $86 AOV – Website Only Sales & Ready for Expansion into Amazon – 50k Visitors/mo

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Website Closers® presents an eCommerce Brand that is riding high on a fast-growing vertical, Men’s Skincare and Grooming Products. Having developed their own proprietary produce line, the company quickly found an audience, resulting in strong, growing sales and glowing customer reviews.

Their rapid success positions this brand for enormous scale opportunities, making this acquisition even more attractive to a buyer. Having operated for nearly three years on their Shopify website, the company is ready to bring their listings to the millions of customers using eCommerce titans such as Amazon and Walmart.

Having mastered the development of products that customers make a part of their daily grooming habits, the company has the savvy and industry know-how to launch new items in a field that ranges from hair and skin care to shaving devices and anti-aging creams. They have a lot to teach other entrepreneurs about how to successfully operate in a niche space and become a leader in it.

For decades, hair and skin care products were designed for and marketed mainly to women consumers, with the assumption that men just wanted the basics, such as a straight razor. However, the field of male grooming has come of age today. There are more men’s salons in the country than ever before, and products are being designed especially for use by men. Ironically, many of these products are still being marketed to women as the ideal gift for the men in their lives.

The global men’s grooming products market was valued at $202.6 billion in 2022 and is projected to continue rising by 8% through 2030, as a rapidly increasing number of men have started spending heavy amounts of disposable income on grooming packages.

Social media has played a key role in this. Male celebrities touting the benefits of the latest hair, skin and shaving products that help them look their best are easy to find on sites such as Instagram and YouTube, which is driving profits for the industry significantly higher.

The global men’s grooming products market, valued at $202.6 billion today, will grow by 8% through 2030 as more men recognize the benefit of sophisticated skincare and haircare items, and more women decide to buy them as gifts.

Launched 2.5 years ago, the company developed its own men’s skincare products, most successfully a facial brush designed to eliminate razor bumps, dark marks and acne. This became a fast-selling product courtesy of their creative social media marketing, enabling them to develop several additional products such as a face wash, quench, and towel.

These products are 100% proprietary and manufactured directly for them, and one of their best scale opportunities moving forward is to expand their product line. They’re well positioned to do that, since the company has formulations ready for producing several new items. That includes two design patents and custom molds, and the ingredients to their formulations are proprietary as well.

With an Average Order Value of $86, their five SKUs deliver steady profits throughout the year, sales that are boosted by the fact that the men’s skincare vertical is growing so dramatically today, as more men become conscious of their personal appearance and seek out products that will enhance it. Their key demographics so far have been African American men between the ages of 25 and 44, who are buying mid-priced to high-end personal goods that also include their clothing and shoes. These skincare products have become another important investment for them.

While their main brush sells for $69.99, upsells from their newest accessories have raised the lifetime value of their business to $115. Another key part of their growth has been the exclusive perks available to those customers who join their membership plan. Offers such as 25% off all future orders, early product access and access to all digital merchandise have sent their profits soaring as well.

Social media has been instrumental in their success, particularly the use of viral video marketing. The company has been most successful on TikTok, where they have 91,000+ followers and where millions have watched their videos showing how their products work, and in a fun and humorous way. These videos continue to attract new viewers and expand their customer base.

They now post up to 7 times a week on TikTok and Instagram, and their video content drives the most organic traffic to their website.

There are other tools in their digital marketing toolbox. PPC ads on Google and Facebook have driven sales higher as well, while their organic traffic comes from postings on sites such as Instagram, where they have 11,000+ followers, and Facebook (2,000+ followers). Their content marketing increases both their visibility and credibility and could be used just as effectively with new products. These posts and a blog on their website have helped to give the company 50,000+ unique monthly visitors to their website.

With an email database containing 37,000+ subscribers, direct mail marketing in the form of automated postcards has helped to increase revenue, and so have their SMS text messaging campaigns, which have resulted in a 50% email-to-phone number conversion rate. SMS automation has brought in 7.5% of their sales recently.

These tactics have started to boost the company’s Repeat Customer Rate, which just shot up to 11%

With contractors available to handle daily operations, the current ownership’s workload is now about 25 hours per week, with a focus on media buying, developing new ideas for videos, ordering inventory, and working on the design of their landing page.

The company uses a fulfillment center for inventory and shipping, and they typically place new inventory orders once a month to keep up with demand. This company is exceptionally well groomed for future success, having demonstrated their skill at finding their target audience, developing products that people want and establishing a clear foothold in a promising and profitable vertical.

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Asking Price
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Cash Flow
$ 137,425
Gross Income
$ 1,400,428
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