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eCommerce Brand of Freemasonry Products | Subscription Revenue | 7 Years in Business | 46,000+ Active Products | $89 AOV | Strong Social Following

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Website Closers® presents an established market leader with the largest Masonic store online. The eCommerce Brand boasts a 7-year track record of growth and profitability, specializing in a niche yet globally expansive market.

At the company’s heart lies a profound connection to the Freemasonry community, comprised of a dedicated and engaged customer base. This business is not just about selling Masonic products; it’s about understanding and catering to Freemasons’ unique needs and values worldwide. Since its inception, management has been devoted to providing high-quality, exclusive regalia and novelty items that resonate with the traditions and brotherhood of Freemasonry. Through years of dedicated service, the brand has built a reputation as their go-to online store. It offers an unparalleled product range that includes everything from handembroidered aprons made by its official supplier in Pakistan to personalized items that carry the Masonic logo.

Business Broker Takeaway

Our analysis of this business shows that the value propositions present are strong for a buyer looking to get into a niche online space. We are excited about this business for three important reasons:

  1. The most significant selling point of the brand is undoubtedly its position as the largest Masonic store online, achieved through a strategic blend of in-house manufacturing, global sourcing, and a comprehensive DropShipping model. This unique operational framework allows them to offer an extensive catalog, ensuring that customers can find precisely what they need for their rituals and daily lives. The access to exclusive products combined with a trademarked brand that stands out on platforms like Amazon provides a competitive edge that is hard to replicate. Furthermore, the recently launched Lodge Membership Program demonstrates the business’s innovative approach to deepening customer relationships and fostering community engagement, offering significant growth potential through recurring revenue streams and increased brand loyalty.
  2. Its robust digital presence and marketing strategy is another critical aspect that makes this acquisition opportunity attractive to buyers. With a strong following on social media, a successful affiliate program, and high rankings in Google searches for key Masonic terms, the business has established a powerful online footprint. This digital prowess and the potential for international market expansion present buyers with multiple avenues for growth. The company’s scalable operational model, requiring minimal owner involvement in day-to-day operations, allows for a focus on strategic initiatives to drive further expansion and profitability.
  3. The business has demonstrated strong financial performance with a projected CAGR of 23% in revenue and 42% in SDE over the next five years. It operates with a high inventory turnover rate and a diversified product line that mitigates the risk of dependency on specific items or suppliers.

Product Range & Sourcing

The diverse and extensive product catalog comprises over 46,500 SKUs, including exclusive regalia manufactured in-house, sourced from vendors in Pakistan, and DropShipped from China, catering to a wide range of Freemasonry needs. The breakdown is as follows:

  • 12% Manufactured exclusively for them at a Factory in Pakistan
  • 29% Purchased from Vendors in Pakistan
  • 53% DropShipped from China
  • 3% Sold by Independent Sellers & Suppliers
  • 3% POD Products

The brand is a registered trademark providing a competitive edge on platforms like Amazon by preventing competitors from bidding against its products. Additionally, the company has a global customer base. While 88% of sales are derived from the US, given the company’s marketing approach, there’s significant untapped potential in international markets.

The typical customer is a Freemason male around 45 years of age. They greatly value the products they purchase, with some sported on special occasions, at rituals, and at Masonic events. Other products are worn daily to show off their belonging to the fraternity. They cherish their items and are sentimentally attached to the symbols these products represent. They are always on the lookout for new novelty items to show off to their brothers at gatherings, and as a result, the business receives a substantial volume of referrals through word of mouth.


Operational efficiency is a hallmark, with streamlined systems requiring minimal owner involvement in day-to-day operations, facilitating scalability.

Moreover, the company sees itself as uniquely positioned to explore new market niches. Plans include finalizing a proprietary app and expanding the marketplace model to cater to other organizations and interests beyond Freemasonry. This strategic approach leverages the brand’s strong foundation in the niche to drive broader ventures.

The business represents a compelling investment opportunity. With its established brand, diverse product range, and significant growth opportunities, it is well-positioned for continued success. The strategic sale offers potential buyers a chance to enter or expand within this unique market segment, leveraging the existing operational strengths and market position for future growth and profitability.

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WC 3307

Asking Price
$ 1,200,000
Cash Flow
$ 307,595
Gross Income
$ 1,447,560
Year Established

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